A focused mind cannot be distracted.

Interrupting influences appear only when one's inner landscape is already in chaos. Look at that inner chaos to shift the Outside. Everything starts and ends with self.

In reality, there is no Outside.

At the core of you sits Atman which is identical to the highest metaphysical reality of the universe - Brahman. You can also call it the Divine, God, Source, The Universe, Tao, Higher Self, All That Is, Christ Consciousness - whatever feels right to you. This wise “it” is peaceful, infinitely loving and compassionate. This “it” directs your life away from immediate gratification, cheap thrills, petty arguments, ego battles, addictions, sick infatuations, unavailable “love”, oblivion, politics, ideologies, religions and self-destruction. It moves you away from un-truth and surface-level manifestations; from what’s superfluous, anxiety-provoking and transient. This wise part of you is patient, self-trusting, calm, reliable and steady like a deep ocean. It is never wrong and it will never lead you astray. It is pure knowing which supersedes the mind. It’s a molecular knowing - energetic knowing.


This part of you is eternal and incorruptible - it cannot be altered or influenced by fleeting fashions. It’s not ‘cool’. To hell with cool (as the saying goes - you’ll be cool when dead). This part of you is WARM. It’s your cozy home. It’s a safe place of happiness, playfulness and sunshine - but also - complete neutrality and non-judgment. This part of you is vast; it’s infinite. It’s beyond good and evil, right and wrong. This is the only source of truth and calm in your life and until you have rooted yourself in that calm knowing, you may run around like a headless chicken chasing people, fashions and trends; obsessing about your ‘life purpose’, mental health issues that stem from suppressed trauma or artificial comparisons to what’s deemed normal or some other collective neurosis; you may also engage in fighting all the wrong battles and feeling victimized by your own poor choices.


That inner self, that “it” thing within you - your Inner Voice - knows the Truth. This Truth is undebatable. It is Universal. Why? Because numerous people across time and space have arrived at the very same conclusions without ever knowing about one another or being influenced by each other’s teachings. What do you feel when reading Tao Te Ching? Perhaps it feels like home-coming? You’ve been utilizing this knowing in your own life for many years! Perhaps due to all kinds of trials and hardships you were ‘forced’ by life to feel the same emotions and hit the same walls which ultimately led you to the same realizations. What about music? How come music and rhythm are capable of uniting us in spite of politics, history, ancestral grievances and race? We are truly all one.


Now, some of us have been born feeling deeply in tune with this inner knowing others less so. The primary and most important part of one’s character that helps one abide in Truth (which is equal to LOVE) is courage. By this, I don’t mean taking some crazy heroic acts or playing the martyr and carrying the cross of mankind. What I mean is the courage to stay true to Self (LOVE) and not succumb to the collective paranoia of fear which results in constant vacillation, indecision, competition, distrust of the ‘other’ and the like. Those who are not rooted in the Inner Being aka Truth aka LOVE, may be very prone to following others, glorifying gurus, celebrities or even not being able to stand up to their own parents/escape the influence of their conditioning. This will land you in the EGO-land of reactive behaviors, obsessive attachments, longing, needing, lacking, dreaming, hoping, wishing, always chasing, never having, competing AND being drawn to other people who are just like that. Inner deception and avoidance of Truth (LOVE) is always matched by outer deception, lies and lackluster life. This needn’t mean that one is going to be matched with “bad” people (nothing is good or bad - there are only different levels of awareness), but it may mean that the connection with the outer world will never reach the level of depth and divinity that is possible for one to experience. When you have finally recognized the Universe within, you will be matched with similar people - people who also see the beauty of this infinite space. It always made me laugh on YouTube when someone would say that I’m so negative about relationships! I found that perplexing. To me love is divine and sacred. It’s worth the wait. I don’t look sideways. What I saw most of the time in many of my viewers was dysfunctional longing, pain and detachment from Self. All of which is perfectly okay, we are all human..but to live in the painful paradigm according to which ‘that's the reality of love and partnerships’ is just an error of ignorance. 


We look sideways only when we have been already disturbed and imbalanced within. We look sideways because we have no trust in perfect timing and wisdom of life. We look sideways out of impatience - when we do not believe in the abundance of the universe. We look sideways out of judgment and comparison after all everyone else is already succeeding, getting married or perhaps making waves in some industry, overachieving or God knows what. We look sideways when we are distracted and unfocused; when the mind is anxious, undisciplined and erratic. In that state we can no longer hear the inner voice. We enter the domain of survival and scarce resources. We are detached from our inner wealth and thus everything that we produce is but a copy of something else that we have seen elsewhere. We become inauthentic. We experience no intimacy with self and thus no real intimacy with friends and especially, our life partner. 


We look sideways out of fear. Why? Because to live in LOVE means to trust Self and recognize Self as the FINAL AUTHORITY (Atman = Brahman). What it really means is to be willing to face one’s own death (perhaps realizing that there is none, but that realization won’t come unless one has looked within). To self-avoid is to look outside for answers, instructions, guidance and reassurance - I call it addiction to prediction. The minute we seek confirmation in signs, we are already mistrusting and challenging the Great Knowing. Why do we do that? Because the Ego can’t stand uncertainty and those who are disconnected from Truth (God/LOVE) are left with no stable foundation. Something simply must fill this unbearable void and so we look sideways! 


Ego is a marvelous vessel, a brilliant operating system, so don’t think for a moment that you do not need it. It helps you execute all of your magnificent visions, set healthy boundaries and achieve goals. Problems begin when we forget that it is the Soul that provides the content. If you are not in tune with your content, if your mind is disturbed and preoccupied by other people’s neurosis (for whatever reason - and these can be many including your childhood conditioning)

Ego will hold onto that and you will keep looking sideways. Ego is but a servant to your Soul. Ego ought to be  understood as an indispensable aide, but NEVER an authority! 


Stop obsessing about the waves - they are cyclical and weather-dependent. 

Deep waters are calm and steady.





At the core of your Soul you have the perfect knowing of who you are and what your life is about. At the core of your soul, you know exactly whom to trust and whom to avoid. At this level you know exactly what love is all about. There is no ambiguity, there is no pain. You know which way to go to find your true friends - your ‘tribe’. More than that, at this level you know that everyone is, in fact, a friend and a guide on your journey to greater self-awareness and spiritual awakening. You know who your partner is going to be - you can sense them on an energetic level. You know your ‘vocation’ and your path in life. You also understand your karmic influences and trajectory.


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Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.