He who is centred in the Tao

can go where he wishes, without danger.

He perceives the universal harmony, even amid great pain, because he has found peace in his heart.


Lao Tzu

Other people are excited,

as though they were at a parade.

I alone don't care,

I alone am expressionless,

like an infant before it can smile.

Other people have what they need;

I alone possess nothing.

I alone drift about,

like someone without a home.

I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

Other people are bright;

I alone am dark.

Other people are sharp;

I alone am dull.

Other people have purpose;

I alone don't know.

I drift like a wave on the ocean,

I blow as aimless as the wind.

I am different from ordinary people.

I drink from the Great Mother's breasts.

Lao Tzu [20]

In the beginning was the Tao.

All things issue from it;

all things return to it.

To find origins,

trace back the manifestations.

When you recognize the children

and find the mother,

you will be free of sorrow.

If you close your mind in judgments

and traffic with desires,

your heart will be troubled.

If you keep your mind from judging

and aren't led by the senses,

your heart will find peace.

Seeing into darkness is clarity.

Knowing how to yield is strength.

Use your own light

and return to the source of light.

This is called practicing eternity.

Lao Tzu [52]

What is WEALTH?

You cannot be rich, if you are a pauper.

For REAL. :)

Wealth is accessible only to those who are wealthy in spirit and lucid in mind. To be wealthy is to be unfazed by the financial highs and lows of life. One's life and lifestyle remain almost unaffected by the increased amount of financial resources. Conversely  one's spirit and level of happiness remain almost unaffected by the decreased amount of financial resources. One would like to say that stress increases with low income HOWEVER.. is it really the income or is it the number of things one has failed to take responsibility for on the long path toward present predicament. No one ends with 4 kids and no job overnight. Those 4 pregnancies alone took 36 months - half of that time might have been spent on pondering whether one still needs more children...or whether having kids is a cover-up for a failed marriage and lack of any meaning in life. The latter is directly linked to the feeling of inner wealth - joyful child-like bright ball of inner light that directs your life from the center of your chest.

Those who are poor in spirit will never achieve a sense of inner contentment, no matter the amount of financial privilege. Such people are perpetual seekers, lovers, chasers trying to remedy the discomfort of inner void which they refuse to look at. These are the people who, after achieving prominence or their 5 minutes of 'glory', end up on daytime TV saying that money and fame don't give happiness. They appear as the wise ones, all the while being perhaps the most delusional of us all. This is common in Rahu in Water rashi people, who neglected their spirit for lifetimes only to arrogantly preach whatever breadcrumbs of insight they managed to come up with by the age 45. Such people are ore likely to see discord in Reality instead of Oneness and Perfection. One may preach 'love and harmony', but one's conduct points to a different set of values.

What were you thinking in the first place? That becoming famous will heal the daddy wound? That having people desire you will actually make you feel SEEN and deeply cherished?

Wealth is an internal state. It is found in the Heart. Wealth can be found anywhere. It can even be found in a sewer, for only a wealthy person sees art in the evening sky in spite of not having much food or place to go.

Fortunes shift. Mahadasas bring forth different experiences. Yet, you will always see that the Wealthy ones will be able to come out of any predicament enriched. Conversely, the one who is poor will succumb to decadence and rottenness of spirit, preaching about the Evils of this World. Never rush into pitying anyone's 'fate'. Those who lived poorly, die poorly. Those who took no responsibility, leave this plane bitter and angry. How we end this life is a testament to how we lived it. Karma makes no mistakes. It is dispassionate. We receive ONLY the fruit of our own past actions and thinking.

No matter what your journey has in store, the choice of how to approach it is yours. You may be a bitter homeless person who blames the 'unjust' system, or one who greets bypasses with a smile wishing them well. Have you noticed how many drug addicts and homeless people honestly admit that they made mistakes in life and take full responsibility for where they are today? Yes, there was abuse, there was sorrow, there was a rapist surrogate dad who demolished them with an extension cord...but the knowledge of all this adds no credit when you have a massive infected wound oozing puss and you're on Skid Row. There comes a point when the past must be released (ideally with gratitude as it is more empowering) and one decides to take responsibility.  

Conversely, have you noticed how many drug addicts and homeless people feel that someone should do something about them and that it is outrageous that no one cares? Really? No one? What about all the people who devote their time and money to help. The poorest in spirit always act from a place of entitlement. The World owes me BIG because I had it the toughest. My suffering is the most unique suffering. Or something like:  I have two degrees and am homeless! The world is unjust. 

Funny, have you ever seen a person from an Ivy League or Oxbridge feeling like the employers should fight for them as they sit and do nothing? No, the higher you go, the more you need to do and invest to become employable and that's AFTER you have already worked your ass off for years with zero pay and a big uni debt. Only those driven by dharma can be truly rich because their sense of reward and fulfillment comes from the process itself and meaningful duty. Debauchery always leads to erosion of values.

You may be a bitter refugee or the one who thanks God for a safe haven.You may be a bitter survivor of childhood abuse or someone who sees it as a building block toward something else - perhaps, an insider perspective into dysfunction that may help others overcome trauma. You may feel victimized by an abusive partner or take life into your own hands. Have you seen any animal in nature - just sitting there for years and sobbing after a tiger ate their mother? No. You need to live, toughen up and be smart about life. 

Not everyone is born with strength of character, courage and consciousness that allow them to turn ignorance into wisdom. To transcend pain and that gnawing sense of injustice is the single most monumental thing a human being will ever do. The decision is INTERNAL and UNILATERAL. This ends with me. I am grateful for my story. To understand that one's suffering is not unique, that it is universal, is gnosis

There is so much to be said on the subject of responsibility, initiative and right action. Raging socialism is blind - it always shows lack of understanding of human nature. Those who never needed to build themselves up, whose accomplishments and wealth were not earned tend to encourage excessive charity and thus dependency in others rather than empowering education. They do not know the sweet taste of the reward that comes with "having traveled the path" therefore they only see the immediate aspect of suffering. One tries to 'save' others from their lessons - lessons which are the pathway to their authentic power. Not facing them means continued dependency. Pity is the highest form of disdain NOT respect. But how can you know the sense of power that comes from building yourself up if everything was given to you on a silver platter? The only thing you can do is to pass such charity on. You don't know how to SHOW how it's done.


People do not like to be told that they need to put in the effort. People do not like to be confronted with truth, reality and consequences of their own actions. Shoving it all into their face will make one unpopular. Can you see any similarity with the much dreaded planet Saturn? Yet, who dreads Shani? Only those who in fact dread their own freedom and greatness. Those who refuse to be at the helm of their own boat, must succumb to the role of a passenger. Being a passenger may be much more relaxing and pleasant at times - you have no responsibility whatsoever - but rest assured that someone else will be deciding your direction and you may not even know until it's too late that the ship is sinking. Apply it to your average 9-5 situation. How many times have you heard outraged people who dislike their jobs, yet hey! All you need to do is to show up in exchange for a sure pay-cheque. No risks, no business plan, no creative effort, no genius. Yes, it's dull as fuck but it is a CHOICE. Until you see that everything in life is a choice and it is up to you how much you will put into it - you will continue getting your rightful share. 

If you're not catching your own food or at least using your ingenuity to enter trade agreements with hunters, you shall go hungry. Can you imagine entitlement in a hunter-gatherer community centuries go where one member simply does not feel like putting in any effort in whatever form yet asks that the whole tribe pampers him? They would be ousted. But I've got a degree! Well, yeah and? There is no demand for it. We need you to help carry the freaking bison meet and the weapons.

Entitlement occurs when an individual ignores the demand aspect - the How may I serve effectively? question.

Instead the focus is on What can I get out of it for myself with as little effort as possible? It's a thief mentality which many people across all generations, walks of life, social strata, geographic locations and historical times share in common. It's safe to split humans into two groups in this regard - contributors and leeches. You will find both types on every street, in every office, every shop, school, team and family. The one who takes is the pauper. The one who contributes is the Wealthy. 

Wealthy people are extremely generous and feel excited about paying for things. Paying for things, services and experiences is a way of honoring other people's work. It is a way of honoring their time. It is a way of honoring their LIFE. Wealthy people purchase with gladness - even if you're a "poor student". It's joy. You know that money is infinite and you will always be able to generate some more. Your time will come. Wealthy-minded people invest into themselves generously, because they know that they alone are their best asset. You only need to have SELF, in order to generate wealth.  Money is an energy of exchange and exchange is something that involves MOTION, flux, turnaround, circulation. Money and generosity must circulate. They are associated with energy of openness and unconditional giving. When one's cup is overflowing there is plenty for everyone around. One is generous with kindness, affection, smiles, time. Wealthy in spirit are never in a rush because they don't chase after things or approval of others. Wealthy in spirit work according to their own clock and remain unfazed in face of external pressures, trends and social movements. Wealth is the Kingdom of Heaven, the Eternal Tao - it is eternal and never affected by fleeting fashions. All truly wealthy people are very calm.

Poverty is associated with an act of withholding. It is fearful, rigid, closed off, stingy and bitter. It comes from a mindset that operates within a limited framework of scarce resources and urgency. An impoverished mind withholds affection, sweetness, smiles, kindness, hugs, time, encouraging words because it sees these as limited resources. Paupers fear that others will steal their light. Others are here to get them, steal from them, take advantage. One is eternally enslaved to the outcome. Every action is performed with a particular result in mind. Now of course, it's a normal thing to have a plan. In some situations it's a must, but I'm talking about the result that is linked to gaining approval, resources, advantage NOT contributing something out of pure joy. Impoverished people never invest into themselves, they also feel "cheated" by everyone - every business, airline, shop is there to rip them off. And whilst there are plenty of con-artists and anyone may fall pray to their schemes, the wealthy one will just shrug it off with laughter! The pauper will nurse the grudge for months, if not years, to come.


Poverty has one important characteristic - the person tries to source abundance, money, love, affection, joy, respect EXTERNALLY. One expects to be given by others the things/qualities/states that he fails to generate from within. Have you noticed how many women who fall for narcissists live their lives with an expectation that it is someone else's job to give them happiness? If only he would listen! My question is: Why are you there? Why are YOU not listening to what life is showing you ABOUT your choices.


We live in a culture that encourages victimhood and glorifies women like Marylin Monroe or Lady Diana - misunderstood, troubled 'saints'. How about finishing your A-levels and not marrying at age 19?

NO matter what way we look at it, ultimately the result of true abundance and wealth is felt within. It's not difficult to know. Either one feels at peace and fully content or not. The sole pre-requisite is self-honesty and a follow through.

You Rashi Chart will show all of this through the condition of the relevant house lords (especially Dharma lord), your Rahu-Ketu axis and any conjunctions to the Nodes, Shani and the condition of Bṛhaspati.

There is no outside.

(...) Do you have the patience to wait

till your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving

till the right action arises by itself? (...)


Lao Tzu [15]


For what is man,

what has he got?
If not himself,

then he has naught
To say the things he truly feels
And not the words of one who kneels
The record shows

I took the blows 

And did it my way. [...]

My Way

Paul Anka

I am excited at the prospect of working with you and feel privileged to be of assistance in your search for greater self-awareness. Your trust in my skill is your gift to me. In return, I will stir your beliefs about what's possible in life by highlighting that, which you may not like to look at and thus inspiring an empowering change. 

All sessions are conducted in congruence with my core values. They are also expression of the energy I continuously embrace in myself and wish to introduce to others. For this reason, please kindly review the text below (and the rest of the Services Section) to get a better sense of what to expect from my readings and how to prepare for them. I also encourage you to read the 'about' section to familiarize yourself with my approach to life and discern whether I'm the most suitable individual to approach at this time. This pertains especially to my Jyotish Readings. Finally, when you are ready, choose one of the sessions here. 

I work on two levels: 

1. Psychological - Intuitive

I look at your Shadow Self + Subconscious Motivations and how these get in the way of Common Sense and where you want to be. This part relates to all the ways in which you refuse to see Reality for what it is. Your questions, your speech, your body and your actions contain all answers to your current predicament.

2. Detached Observation of Patterns 


Unbiased technical analysis of Jyotish nativity stripped of value judgments. Jyotish shows what is  - it is a simple act of scientific observation of patterns.  Your Rashi Chart (D1) shows us your ripened karma also called Prarabdha. Your Mahadasa timeline shows how that  karma is about to unfold. Mahadasha timeline along with Rahu-Ketu axis tell us about your general trajectory in life as well as the timing of key lessons and experiences.


How you choose to respond to those circumstances is theoretically within the scope of your free will. Ironically, even that is seen in the horoscope. Have you ever wondered why some people embrace any reality with courage and optimism, no matter how gruesome or heart-shattering, whilst others succumb to victim state, blaming or suicide? Just look to Oprah, JK Rowling, Mandela, Ghandi, Ray Charles, Wu Tang Clan members or ASAP Rocky. Examples of resourceful men and women abound. This is not to say that these people are perfect and have no personal vices. No one is a saint, but there is a difference between making something out of oneself and staying idle. Fame and great financial success are NOT always a mark of contentment, but hopefully you got the gist.  


Those who are destined for greatness in life, make full use of their free will instinctively. They cross mountains and seas. They put in the effort without being asked to, because their primary allegiance is with God and therefore Self, Dharma (destiny) and Karma (duty to take action - Karma Yoga). They work without any expectation of results, applause or societal/familial approval. They do what needs to be done in spite of discomfort, poverty or depression. Kings don't sit around moaning about the amount of work on their hands. A true king feels honored to be responsible for the kingdom. It is the highest privilege to be born with consciousness that allows one to see the entire world as a place to serve.  True King adds value instead of looking for ways in which to steal from his own orchards. 


People who exercise lack of bravery and laziness of thought, attitude and action will never experience grace or glory. These are your entitled, forever hungry, envious thievs who look for self betterment only. How rare it is to find people who are driven by contribution - who revel in work instead of seeing it as an annoying chore. Most minds are solely concerned with personal gratification: When will I find love, job, purpose? Will I be famous? Honestly? Most likely never. What is it that you would like to be famous for and why do you think God would grant you the mass following and all the riches? What would you do with them? Your mind is too polluted to see the Reality, if the only thing that drives you is greed and personal advancement.

Upon incarnating you entered a mirroring game where all protagonists (from your family members through socio-economic class to the larger cultural/historical milieu) reflect back to you the state of your subconscious. There are no mistakes and everything has its very precise purpose. Ideally, you will get it real quick and start making progress in the direction of greater comfort and happiness. However, if awareness is limited responses may become knee-jerk reactions and the native may adopt resentful WHY ME? attitude. Jyotish nativity will tell which one is more likely. 


Keep in mind that a rough dasa or a long and difficult transit may ruffle anyone's feathers. We are meant to feel our feelings. Many of us carry a lot of righteous anger - a perfectly appropriate emotion at people who hurt us deeply and who might have punished us for expressing our "nasty" feelings. The key is to process such emotions by feeling them instead of suppressing the damn thing and living from a place of disgruntled victimhood and subconscious desire for revenge. Nowhere does our emotional baggage become more obvious than in our romantic relationships and economic standing. The real reason for all those arguments with your spouse is rarely the dishes.

So far, I could divide my clients into two pools:


A. Those who need to sober-up and begin to use logic and common sense in their lives

No 1. Issue: Rahu-Ketu axis (lack of initiative, delusion, emotional by-passing, lack of attention to spirit etc)

No 2. Shani and one's ability to endure difficulties in life + one's level of humility/entitlement 

No.3. Mercury and one's ability to comprehend and discern whether what one is facing is any real difficulty to begin with.


Being forced to perform sexual acts at age 11 and needing to keep oneself safe does not equal bored-emo Weltschmerz + I feel lost in life which comes as a result of never listening to one's own intuition and being disconnected from one's own Spirit/God. This pool has very little awareness of real hardships in life and shows high level of entitlement with minimal self-awareness. This is not to 'judge' it as 'bad'. You are where you are, but this pool needs to develop more awareness of others, human suffering, real trauma and perhaps start giving instead of focusing on one's own nose. 


B. Those who need to overcome limiting beliefs as acquired in childhood via extremely empowered Saturn-lessons and/or Rahu-Ketu axis. Those natives were usually tested to their limits. This pool needs to lighten up and start enjoying life. They may have a lot of emotional baggage, childhood wounds and unprocessed emotions. Issues with self-esteem and personal legitimacy are likely. One may be too giving, too scared to take space and assert oneself in life. Grief, guilt, denial of one's own needs in favor of justifying other people's bad behavior are common.


Thus to some clients the reading may be quite sobering. Let's say you're an insecure relationship hopper who uses partners for financial well-being and general sense of security in life. You're afraid to leave someone who is deeply loving and devoted, whom you do not leave because they offer you financial stability, but deep down you know you are trading your values for money. The reading may not be to your liking, because I WILL BE REAL WITH YOU and in order to change you WILL NEED TO TAKE ACTION. In such situation, neither party is in fact true to themselves. The "giver" is detached from their intuition for they are ignoring the red-flags/choosing to see what they want to see and the taker (my client) is complacent/settling and self-deceptive (+deceptive toward another). In fact, neither is honest. Neither lives from a place of courage and strong sense of self-worth. Both are settling for less - a lukewarm security bond. 

I may tell you what I see. However, no one can change your life for you. No one can be courageous for you. No one can lose weight for you. It's entirely up to you regardless of what you've gone through in the past. If you can't see this, you're not yet ready for freedom, success, true love and good life.

My perspective

It is critical that all clients understand my approach, which is ultimately rooted in detached observation of reality. Both you and I as well as everyone and everything we see, are the embodiment of the same energy and my personal interest, as a researcher, is to identify patterns and determine what is the most likely route for your incarnation to take. To be honest, this is easy to discern without astrology and solely basing on what the client is showing through their questions and attitude, but let's leave that aside for a while. On this level, there is no space to accommodate further ego grievances and self-explanations that come in the form of 'shoulds' or 'musts' or qualifiers such as 'good', 'successful', 'evil', 'painful', 'unfair' or 'rich'. These epithets cease to apply giving way to clarity, profound peace and contentment with the world as it is. It does not need to be fixed, remedied or changed. We may simply adjust to the flow of life instead of banging our heads against the same old wall.


At this level, there is no overarching authority or structure to which an individual makes themselves inferior or subservient. If everything is an expression of God - so am I, so are you - and thus we bare individual responsibility for our creative powers. There is noone and no-thing  'out there' better qualified to live your life. This perspective is available to any serious student, who has taken the time to address their basic psychological issues and took steps toward what Jung called: individuation. It is a stance of full responsibility and openness to the unfiltered information about the Self without any need for external approval or permission.  

Most of the traditional Western 'talk'-therapy as well as counseling astrology work at the level of ego structure, i.e. attempting to assist the client in healing her/his fractured sense of self; guiding and mentoring them through the 'difficulties' in life, working through trauma, inspiring confidence and so on. The much misused term 'EGO' (which has become synonymous with an emotionally charged and pejorative selfishness as opposed to 'good' selflessness) is in fact something that is imperative to the functioning of any individual and a fundamental pre-requisite to any 'spiritual' exploration. 

No transcendental understanding can take place when ego is imbalanced (i.e. over-inflated or under-developed). Like a compromised leaking vessel, weak ego points to a personality with an unstable core and no boundaries that can protect it. It will start taking on other peoples' 'shoulds', 'musts', standards of conduct and desires. One will be less likely to stay true to his values and courageously stand in his integrity when approval is at stake. Such person will feel threatened by the external world feeling that life happens to them. One is also likely to project their power and agency onto external influences feeling victimized by the consequences of one's own (in)action. Most importantly such individual will be stuck in a cycle of REACTIVITY. A person with an unstable ego usually feels that they need to earn other people's validation and love and thus may act from a place of misguided selflessness or ego-lessness by giving/appeasing with an intention of getting something in return. Such people often abide in a state of moral-highground which perhaps is at the very root of all conflict we see in the world.


Weak ego combined with heaps of unprocessed shadow material produces a personality that keeps attracting painful experiences from the outside world and is unable to produce what it needs at will. Someone or something external is forever a gatekeeper to one's freedom, success and joy. YouTube is superficial; media lie to us - poor people; powerful organizations keep information from us - victims of the system; food companies feed us junk; the World doesn't allow me to be authentic! Everything seems to be happening to these poor helpless babies who apparently were given no brains or will of their own. (Have you noticed that this is the language of many "spiritual people"). All of that lament is but a disguise for one's own lack of initiative, laziness and lack of resolve. We see this everywhere  - even at best universities.. There is always this one student who comes unprepared, because they didn't know where to search for books. There is always this one person who doesn't know what to eat any more because all media are lying and nutritionists seem to offer contradicting guidelines. Or this woman who had nothing better to do than jump into another marriage. I'm unlucky in love. I keep meeting selfish men! This utter lack of resourcefulness and common sense suggests that a large part of mankind has already turned into vegetables and polipods. Such natives refuse to look within for their own source of emotional, material, intellectual, creative and spiritual sustenance. They moan about Power, yet act like volunteer slaves.


Let me make it very clear - in order to feel powerful, you will need to be in the driver seat of your life - taking all kinds of risks and decisions with FULL awareness of their consequences - positive or challenging. At times, you will need to take a leap of faith relying entirely on your own intuition and you will need to deal with whatever outcome awaits you on the other side. Sometimes it may take a while to overcome a crisis, you may be in dire poverty and with no home, but you need to learn to build things yourself and be okay with the fact that some of your decisions (often based on limited awareness) led you into difficulty. I'll speak about it in more detail elsewhere. In my own life, no other action had as profound effect on my learning the lesson than my psychedelics overdose at age 15. The effects were irreversible, so my only option was to instantly switch into progressive outlook and full acceptance of my new reality. We are born alone and die alone, but we can also be very alone is other situations. No one can enter your mind or body to accompany you during times of disease, natural disaster or, indeed, overdose. So long as you rely on others, you will never feel truly empowered. Someone else will forever be a gatekeeper to something you want. I'd say that the most crucial capacity to develop is the ability to be with self. In times of distress, we need to be able to calm ourselves down on our own. Your physical survival is highly dependent on this skill. If you can stay calm, you can apply your logical thinking. Human mind is incredible and you may even will yourself into surviving a major disaster.  The minute you panic and enter herd hysteria, you're done. Total calm, courage and patience are the most powerful skills.


Unless you are aware of your psychological material and take full responsibility (not blame) for everything that shows up in your life, you can't be truly free. Bits and bobs of your denied Self - the Shadow Self - will keep popping up disguised as Others (partners, family, co-workers, annoying situations that keep coming back). This is in essence the process best captured by C. G. Jung in his famous statement:




Thus, a person who feels powerless is likely to seek powerful others who will in some way play out their shadow aspect for them. Such person may succumb to abuse and martyrdom, yet the mirroring reality is screaming: Find your own power! Stand on your own two feet, develop strength! Take responsibility for your life, learn to say NO, stop people pleasing and do not seek others to fill the void inside of you.

A person who fears commitment and intimacy on a deep subconscious level (for whatever reason) tends to attract friends and lovers who are unreliable, untrustworthy, unavailable, non-committal, flighty and who have propensity for cheating. The key is to develop an intimate relationship with oneself and commit to one's own path in life. Stop seeking in others what you are not giving to Self. Others treat you in the exact same way as you are treating yourself.

A person who struggles with money and does not stand on their own two feet often looks for people who could take care of them quickly becoming trapped in unhealthy co-dependent dynamics. From there uncomfortable feelings of dependency and enslavement to another begin to grow. One may feel constrained, controlled and unfree to pursue their goals. This quickly turns into resentment, yet there is no point directing it all at the "controlling partner". The issue is deeper and has its root in the situation - state of being - from which the original choice of a partner took place. The native was evading responsibility and kept looking for a savior/magic pill. Well, a new relationship is never an answer. In fact, the last thing to do, when one's life is falling apart, is to seek love! When we are low, we attract low and here one is coming to the table with absolutely nothing. When your army is famished, retreat and recuperate. Don't try to conquer Moscow! The only likely outcome is a deeply imbalanced bond with strong private-public split, where one partner is highly empowered and controls all resources while the other is offering emotional support. There is no equality here. Women who enter such dynamics end on Narcissistic Abuse Forums blaming the vicious abuser. Three to four months into any relationship we come back to square one - to who we were before the romance had started. My best advice is to scrutinize THAT person, not your insensitive partner. The latter is but a reflection of your default state. 

Romantic partners may be easily substituted with exploitative employers who does not appreciate one's work. The truth is, that the native himself does not believe they are worthy of exploring their own creativity and developing their own entrepreneurial potential or talents. They seek someone else to employ them, to take care of them, to tell them what to do. Essentially they trade their time (their life) for money instead of facing that pile of psychological poop (Yes. That's what it is!) that blocks them from expressing their divine genius. The native just made the employer (the world, the system, the family, the upbringing) into an oppressor. It's key to understand that this is A CHOICE.

We see this dynamic everywhere. Dah, I can think of a handful YouTubers who moan about "Spiritual Community" being one thing or another all the while not recognizing the fact that NO one forces them to be on YouTube, NO one owes them following and NO one owes them gratitude. If you are going to do something, do it with grace or not at all. Your motivations are pretty transparent. What you complain about the most is your own Shadow. Thus, the more angry one is about someone else's arrogance, massive ego or whatever else - the more obvious it is what they themselves embody. Ideally, no person and no thing should trigger any response within you. All people are free to be who they are and say whatever they want to say - this includes saying nasty things about you. Your job is to ACCEPT the reality of who they are and take responsibility for how you spend your time. If you can't take your mind off someone whom you deem as extremely toxic, there is a lesson there and the toxicity is also within you.







The problem is always internal and its roots go deep. It has very little to do with one's current reality, nonetheless, that very reality is the perfect mirror of where one is on the inside. Want to learn about the fruit? Look to the tree that produced it. No amount of ego-justifications can deny the reality. Admitting that one is prone to denial is exactly where we start! As we acknowledge the truth depression, anger at oneself and resignation are common. It's also very common to slip back into blame precisely because one's reality is so painful. When that produces more of the 'same old' the native begins to take responsibility with more zest. That's when the real work begins. This process may last for years but on the other side of it is wealth - ALWAYS. It is a guarantee. No one can develop that faith for you. That's what distinguishes men of faith and spirit form those who cannot escape the chatter of their own mind. We all know those people who criticize and sarcastically ridicule every suggestion that could bring them solace and lead to growth - How do I know it's going to work!? Pff.. you don't. In fact you should also realize that literally N O B O D Y gives a single fuck whether you get better or not! You are free to sit and moan until forever. It is your birth right. :) Everybody wins.

While to most people, 'psychological scars/patterns' are invisible, this isn't the case to a skilled observer who can easily identify any disfunction based on what's being presented (the client: their words, state of mind, their speech and body language, their financial situation, their attitude, the volume and velocity of blame/entitlement/victimization-messages). Psychologists are trained to do just that! They see patterns in people's behaviors which point to childhood neglect or abuse.  You are NOT going to remain unseen! This is also what I'm here for.


The reality always shows us where we are. It is undeniable. It's a fact. 

We can fight it choosing to spiral into denial. (Yes, it is a choice!)

OR we can HONOR IT.


A healthy, self-loving, happy person will be surrounded by healthy self-loving happy people and material prosperity; they will enjoy a satisfying vocation/lifestyle and fulfilling relationships.

A person with diminished self-worth and poor boundaries is likely to lower their standards allowing dysfunction into their life. One may also struggle with high reactivity, addictions, bad habits, health issues, money, abuse, runner-chaser dynamic in relationships etc. They are less likely to value themselves enough to commit to their own growth, draw solid boundaries and say NO to abusive others due to high level of fear, feelings of obligation, guilt, shame, un-deservedness and piles of unprocessed material with regard to their parents. This stance is usually characterized by lack of faith in life-God-Source-Universe-one's own spirit and a level of victimhood, blame and lack of self-responsibility. One may become controlling and attached to very specific outcomes that in their own mind ensure safety. A person who has not cut the umbilical cord with one's parents (due to fear, guilt, obligation aka FOG - see Susan Forward's books), has not yet reached adulthood. This pertains to 20 and 60 year-olds alike. It is a psychological stance. Being a 'giving' martyr has nothing to do with unconditional love or spiritual practice and everything to do with lack of responsibility for one's own life.


Acceptance of Reality + Common Sense 

Empowerment means successful individuation and true autonomy in life.

Many people talk about spirituality when their basic psychology is not up to par. Think about the famous pyramid of needs. Whilst one's income and relationship status should not be a measure of inner contentment - one may be perfectly happy living a simple quiet life - certain level of peace and access to basic goods are necessary. To make it very clear, there can be no talk of life in spirit if one's reality includes domestic abuse, dysfunctional relationships, violence, addiction and complete lack of basic resources. The proper name for this is: self-avoidance and self-abandonment. We are here to live out our karma, not to fight it. However, we were also granted free will and our own unique mind. Karma is not a sentence - it is a path that we've chosen upon our incarnation. A path filled with lessons, obstacles, challenges as well as rewards. These lessons are to be learnt, overcome and mastered. We are not meant to fall victim to them. Heaven is to be found HERE on EARTH. 


Many of us are still seeing the world through the eyes of a wounded child reacting rather than deliberately choosing. Commonly, one's scope of possibilities feels extremely limited, yet an individual is not able to pin-point the reasons for it. Most often, the situation is deeply rooted in childhood dilemma with the original care-takers whose behavior the native is trying to justify, thus overstepping their own suppressed emotions and shooting for the stars of spiritual high ground with a false sense of elated compassion. 


My aim is to rattle my client's cage and destroy all such survival devices that lead to a life in misery, sorrow and endless dependency. It's okay to acknowledge the mistakes and shortcomings of our forefathers without judgment or bitterness. Painting them as perfect or entirely evil is never accurate. It masks pain and prolongs our own misery in life. My goal is to see you thriving as a powerful, fully individuated, autonomous human being. Ideally, without that cage. 

There can be no talk of true forgiveness and genuine compassion from a place of victimhood and powerlessness. Just as there can be no talk of true renunciation from a place of poverty. If one has not experienced wealth they cannot know what it means to release it (or to live in a state of non-attachment as opposed to endless craving or resignation). You know you have mastered money when it ceases to be a factor in your life - it's neural. You are not obsessed about it. You're living solely for the experiences it provides and the gift of fresh food it buys. It's a loving exchange of your own creative energy with that of your clients or people you serve.


Immunity granted to the original care-takers or anyone who is a polluting element in one's life (by being unaccountable for their behavior and thus deeming the relationship inauthentic) translates into lowered standards toward other people in our lives and ourselves. So long as one tolerates toxicity or inauthenticity in some aspect of their life, toxicity and inauthenticity leak into all other areas. Notice, that this is not a call to aggressive action or confrontation. This process happens within and can be described as a return to common sense and calling facts - FACTS. 











If you are in the company of someone who is irresponsible and won't listen they are a mirror to your own lack of responsibility toward Self (example: the very fact that you are not confronting this issue by removing yourself from their company). Naturally, cleaning up one's own life requires immense COURAGE - the virtue of all virtues as beautifully stated by Maya Angelou. It takes courage to step out of one's own emotional psycho-drama and rise out of the nebula of those most-instinctual emotional responses which were developed in childhood. It takes courage to acknowledge how one really feels, to confront heavy emotions, to really feel them, to process them in the quietude of one's own spirit and CHOOSE to step into LOGIC that allows us to act upon how we truly feel about the situation instead of following that toxic longing, the inexplicable magnetic pull that stems from the original wound.   

My stance is clear. Whether it is through tarot or astrology, my aim is to bring you to the highest level of self-awareness possible. From there, you can make your own decisions. Oftentimes, one needs to learn on their own skin over and over again to finally step out of a pattern. (Totally my case!) I acknowledge that and will never judge your decisions. There truly is no right or wrong. My part is to approach your shadow with a torch and help you tear down all facades of inauthenticity and denial. I will always encourage you to use your own judgment when making decisions. Your life belongs to you. Indeed, I will never tell you what to do. My job is to help you become strong, so that you don't ever feel the need to delegate your judgment to anyone else.

Because life always meets us at the level of our self-esteem, my approach is rooted in taking full responsibility for one's SELF and becoming an autonomous and conscious thinker, 'feeler', 'doer' and chooser. An autonomous person will never succumb to relying on anyone else for their self-worth. Such person will never blindly follow a guru or put themselves in a position of a helpless victim vis a vis the all-powerful Universe, the stars, birth astrology, authority figures, family members, peers and so on. They will not resort to magical thinking but rather take ownership of their life. They won't ask a thousand mindless questions - instead - they will do the work of finding answers on their own. They won't chant mantras on a stalling aircraft, instead they will push the nose down and stay fully present on the job.

Ultimately, your chart is but a description of the celestial milieu at the time of your birth. It is SKY ON PAPER. It is a code no different to your blood type. Your astrology describes who you are and your evolution in this lifetime - but it doesn't strip you of your free will. How you choose to respond to life and others is entirely up to you. You are in charge of creating all future karma (Kriyamana). Be mindful of this. You don't want to spend this lifetime raging about all the wrongdoings of others and acting like an a-hole. Create a good incarnation ahead. Release attachments.

Thus, in all my readings/services I will be merging precision of insight + psychological heavy-weight lifting of shadow work WITH the detached neutrality of Jyotish. All insights coming from Jyotish need to be understood as 'reading of the map'. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. Your soul chose the exact moment of your birth and thus your chart is perfect. You chose the perfect incarnation with a perfect set of challenges and complexes to work through. There is no point fighting against it. Utilize it! From the perspective of Jyotish this was a soul's choice. Thus, you were never a victim, even if you got to live through adversity.


Non-judgment + Neutrality + Free Will

To the best of my ability, I strive to operate from a perspective of total neutrality, detachment from outcome and complete acceptance of 'what is'. Nothing is good or bad; right or wrong. One's reality is the most accurate mirror of one's inner being - for better or worse. This means that everything that is happening in our lives is precisely what is supposed to be happening and we are all faced with the exact lessons that we need to be working on at this particular point in time.


Notice that I am NOT saying that one ought to be accepting abuse. Rather, if abuse is one's daily bread the lesson is to accept the lesson: finding one's own power and stepping up is precisely what is required. Accepting one's reality for what it is does not mean settling for it. It does not mean accepting the role of a doormat or wishing for something different without taking any action. Acceptance of reality means putting an END to delusion. Acceptance of reality means awareness. In relationships/family dynamics acceptance of reality means - I accept who you are. Thank you for showing me what you're made of. I'll base my future decisions on what you have already showed me - your pattern of displayed behaviors NOT all the excuses. And please be mindful, what I wrote in italics should be your inner dialogue, not a conversation with someone who is trying to gaslight your ass!

The key is to understand which lessons are yours and where you're overstepping your jurisdiction and taking on the lessons of others. The precise nature and timing of such challenges can be seen on a Mahadasha timeline in Vedic Astrology. My goal is to get you on the path of your greatest fulfillment, to show you the work that you must do and practices which will enhance your feeling of being at peace with yourself, with life and the world at large.

For this reason, I also wish to emphasize that I normally refrain from taking clients who are not committed to their own growth or who evade taking responsibility by seeking magical solutions. There is a fine line between counseling/coaching/reading for empowerment and personal autonomy AND developing dependency between a client and their reader/therapist/astrologer.  We have all seen that - therapy sessions lasting for years and going absolutely nowhere. The therapist serving the role of a surrogate parent. Times have changed. I'll give you instructions, but you need to cook your own meal. [catchy!]

I do not wish to further enable you in any of your patterns or let you settle for convenient excuses. Come to me if you wish to change. On rare occasion, I may reimburse the client if I feel that their energy is too unstable for a Jyotish reading and the client is unable to formulate specific questions or comes from an entitled attitude.

I tend to work with clients who are on a dharmic path and seek growth, self-understanding and inner transformation.

Please do not seek a reading with me, if you are closed in judgments and expect miracle solutions from a reader. Yes, I can show you WHY your life is/has been challenging and help you develop an empowering perspective to meet those harsh lessons head on. But I cannot help you if you are in a state of distress and anxiety screaming for help and not being able to calm down and parent yourself or if your concerns are still deeply entrenched in 'shoulds', pleasing your family members or proving your worth to others. I do not work with people who do not own their reality. The reason for it is that such people fail to take responsibility for their life and project their expectations on the reader/others/society/spouses/children as if the outside world held the key to their salvation. NO ONE and NOTHING outside of you can change your reality. You are not a victim.

There are plenty of skilled professional therapists who will be happy to assist you on your healing journey at this point in time - people who are there to listen with compassion and validate your wounds. People who are trained assisting others in rebuilding their fragile ego structure, healing childhood traumas, overcoming narcissistic abuse and so on. I will be happy to recommend some resources, if needed. However, even here: no healing can take place without one's own decision to take full responsibility for one's life. Time does not heal the wounds. It is what we do with that time that holds potential for transformation. It takes intention, consistent effort and dedication. That's the only path that I know of that actually works.

My services are better suited to those who are already at a point of understanding that they are the sole creators of their reality, that there are no mistakes in this universe and that their soul chose the exact circumstances of their birth.


The purpose of my readings is to expand your self-awareness in a fun way. When you are well - all else will match that state and love, joy and fulfillment will find you effortlessly.

The effect will ultimately be in your hands for no force in this universe has power over you - and perhaps that will be the most empowering thought you will take from your reading with me.

When it comes to the Tarot and Jyotisha Practice, the guidance is only as good as the person whom you consult. You do not need any of these tools to cut into the root of things. 

Personally, I find that Astrology can sometimes be distracting and annoying when I deal with clients with difficult charts whose minds are completely enslaved with regard to external reality. 

I received questions like these so many times: Am I doomed? Is there no hope for people like me? Is there no hope for people with my placements? You are looking at the wrong thing all together. You are effectively asking another person whether you can be trusted. It's up to you! You're in charge of making decisions in your life. The chart does not do anything to you. It only shows us who you are. It is more appropriate to ask yourself - Where am I refusing to take responsibility in life?

Instead of moaning and extracting pity resolve to take charge of your life. START ACTING DECENT. Resolve to be a noble person who is here to contribute instead of seeking constant gratification. How are YOU showing up? 

Are you the embodiment of all the qualities that you demand to see in others? 


TRUTH is clear as day. Your dysfunction is not 'locked' in your chart. Planets don't do anything to you. The chart only helps us see your karma and who you already are in the same way as a label on a juice box does not add calories to the juice or alter its fat content. It only informs the consumer what they are about to ingest. A map tells us ABOUT the terrain. It does NOT alter the landscape. The landscape is what it is.

Stop thinking, and end your problems.

What difference between yes and no?

What difference between success and failure?

Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid?

How ridiculous!

Lao Tzu [20]

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Remember, you cannot change anything that you do not own.

Whatever you tolerate, will become your reality.

The truth is, no one owes you anything in life. The sooner you accept it and stand in your own power the happier your life experience from today onward. This includes giving yourself the permission to mourn all the things you didn't get in life. So long as you are consciously processing these challenging emotions - you are actually making progress. Nothing can dampen one's spirit as much as denial and stagnation.

I'm neither fairy nor an angel.

Not a "light-worker", not a shaman.

Not a witch, not a cat.

Not a medium, not a mystic.

Not a teacher, not a healer. 

Not a "master", not an "empath".


I'm Ola.

I can only offer you my perspective.

"Ola La Flambo is a phenomenal tarot and astrology reader who brings depth and fascinating power into the divination, uncovering and illuminating issues that have long eluded the querent. I have had several spreads done for me by her and each time was given the tools for better understanding the unseen and suppressed parts of my psyche. Her counseling has helped me develop new personal insights and get to the heart of the problem through by-passing the ego's claw-like defences; to see the reality of the situation without pandering to false hopes or wish-fulfillment. I recommend her skills to anyone seeking a more profound perspective."


Hugh Thomas,

Watkins Books, London

Tolerating falsehood on the outside is equal to cultivating falsehood within.

One cannot exist without the other.

There is no 'fake crowd'. There is only inauthentic, conceited, cowardly you.

There is no outside.


There is only one way to wealth and it is through your own heart and ingenious spirit.

No amount of looking for guidance, imitating or trying to fit in will ever bring you abundance. By not following your unique calling - your daimon - you're offending the forces that try to speak through you.

By meddling with other people's destiny while not taking the time to explore your own unique gifts, you are only creating negative karma and suffering.

Never interfere with another person's destiny or try to diminish their uniqueness. Their wit will become sharper and they will rise anyway, if that is their karma. You on the other hand, will be met with even more fear, urgency and feelings of worthlessness. It is so easy to see who is doing what. There is no possibility of feeling unworthy IF one is tapped into their own spirit. Spirit is God. God is love. Unworthiness happens when we begin to look outside of ourselves for validation, when we recall the memories of those whose approval we sought and didn't get and when we compare ourselves to others. Don't do that to yourself. Your trajectory is unique and sacred. So is the trajectory of others. Do not meddle with other people's karma and purpose.


If every single person brought their attention back to their own heart and dealt with whatever mess they found within, there would be no conflict. Tend to your own garden. Mind your own plate.


It is far better to discharge one’s prescribed duties, even though faultily, than another’s duties perfectly. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous.

Karma Yoga, Bhagavad Gita

Chapter 3. Verse 35



Cowardice is a trait wherein excessive fear prevents an individual from taking a risk or facing danger. It is the opposite of courage. As a label, "cowardice" indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge. One who succumbs to cowardice is known as a coward. 



Cowardice is the single biggest obstacle to freedom, abundance and God's grace. This is because without courage one cannot stand in their INTEGRITY. One will fail at following their Dharma and will not be able to honor their duty in life (Karma) in the face of all 'obstacles', naysayers, bullies and enemies.  One will not be able to do the Right Thing. Cowards answer to the fleeting opinion of others; they seek external approval and love because they do not have a stable inner core that is connected to the Infinity of God's love. Their destiny is to live a life of a half-human - a puppet who blames outside circumstances, family of origin, and the mean world. They do not see how their past was the perfect preparation for the duty they are here to perform.


In reality, one simply failed to meet the challenge presented at birth. Remember, we are never given more than we can endure. We are always given what is owed to us, for better or worse. The only way forward is through. This too is seen in your chart through the strength of planet Saturn and your Rahu-Ketu axis. People with problematic Shani are not tested and when they are - they find it difficult to deal even with a tiny fraction of what people with strong Shani need to face. For this reason, we rarely see great leaders with weak Shani placements.*  At best, one may emerge as a self-focused celebrity (Shani in Mesha), but not a person who is capable of caring for the entire Kingdom. It's a personal thing.

* Almost all exceptions to the rule are present in charts with strong Tula placements where Shani becomes a Yogkaraka Planet. Tula Lagna, Chandra or Stellium may also slightly alleviate the effects of Rahu in water rashi. Read more about Rahu-Ketu here.

Cowardice is contagious. Never stay too long around a coward. It's your job to accurately identify whom you are dealing with. 

Cowards always shame and discourage courage in others.

Tolerate them for too long on the outside and you will become one on the inside. Tolerate cowardice on the inside and you will be surrounded by people who poke those seeds of doubt within your soul.


There is no exception to this Law.

Enemy on the outside is but an enemy within. Slay it mercilessly and you will know no enemies.

Always start with SELF and your environment will follow suit.


People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.


Søren Kierkegaard

True love and giving are always joyful and unconditional. 

They come from an abundant heart that is rich and overflowing with love. The native has so much that they do not care whether they get anything in return. They never feel impoverished or taken advantage of. That's true wealth. No one and nothing can steal from you, for your source is inexhaustible. The only infinite source is within - it comes from one's connection to the divine.

Maintaining your connection to spirit is your responsibility. We were given both brains and hearts. Use the former to ensure that your heart is safe. Throwing Pearls before Swine aka over-giving with an unconscious intention to secure love points to low level of self-love NOT abundance.

    Symptoms in our culture mean something "bad." The word itself merely means a combination (sym) of accidental happenings, neither good or bad, that coalesces this with  that into an image. As judgment of their value need not be moral, so their province need no be medical. As accidental happenings, symptoms do not belong first to disease but to destiny.

    If symptoms - even if they show suffering - are not primarily regarded as something wrong or bad in a child, then we can release imagination from its focus on fixing a child's symptoms. We can end that perversion of the medical adage "Like cures like": Doing something wrong to a child to get rid of the wrong that is the symptom. If the symptom is not "bad" we do not have to use bad methods to make it go away.

James Hillman

Helping others stay unaccountable ALWAYS leads to lack of accountability within oneself. 

What we tolerate in others, we tolerate within.


For better or worse,

what we cultivate within, will be also present in our companions.

Thus, our most bitter enemies are our best guides.

They help us purge all impurities, IF and only IF our consciousness permits seeing things clearly.

One cannot develop muscle without lifting weights and so - in a similar fashion - I will always approach your chart/life experiences from a place of empowerment. My focus is on retrieving the gift from any situation and finding the silver lining that can shift your perception of the most difficult life events and turn them into wealth.

The purpose of my readings is to expand your self-awareness.

When you are well, all else will match that state: love, joy and fulfillment will find you effortlessly.

The outcome will ultimately be in your hands for no force in this universe has power over you. Perhaps that will be the most empowering thought you will take with you.

Life is actually very simple once we've discarded the junk that we took on from others. It is also quite liberating to see that absorbing it was always a choice.

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Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.