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The Tantrik Master


1. Nakshatras

2. Transit Dates for XX and XXI Centuries

3. Ketu Vrischika: The Tantrik Master

    Description of Rashi and the Node

    Role of Kuja  - Mars   

    Ketu Conjunctions


4. Ketu in Jyeshta Nakshatra - The Gift of Inheritance

     Ketu Jyeshta Pada 4

     Ketu Jyeshta Pada 3

     Ketu Jyeshta Pada 2

     Ketu Jyeshta Pada 1

5. Ketu in Anuradha Nakshatra  - The Gift of Friendship

    Ketu Anuradha Pada 4 Vargottama

    Ketu Anuradha Pada 3 Pushkara Bhaga 11º

    Ketu Anuradha Pada 2 Pushkara Navamsa

    Ketu Anuradha Pada 1

6. Ketu in Vishaka Nakshatra 

    Ketu Vishaka 4 Pushkara Navamsa

7. Ketu in Vrischika through 12 Bhavas - HOUSES

8. Full List of prominent people with Ketu Vrischika

   (updated on a regular basis)






Transforms SELF, not Others

Extremely perceptive and intelligent

Rough around the Edges but HUMBLE

Vrischika Ketu

walks the talk

and has no time

for moaning.

1. Nakshatras

Nakshatras are listed in order of transit sequence. Nodes of the Moon travel backwards.

True Nodes are at times stationary, however their direction is always 'backwards' in relation to all other graha. 

People with Jyeshta Ketu are older than their Anuradha and Vishakha Ketu peers.

Ketu in Scorpio people are older than Ketu in Libra natives and so on.

All strong Navamsa positions are marked in bold.

* NOTE on DEGREES: I noticed that some people have difficulty with primary school mathematics. When a degree window is from 00˚00' to 3˚20' it means  UNTIL 3˚20' i.e. 3˚19'59" but NOT 3˚20. 3˚20' marks the beginning of the next Nakshatra Pada. Please use LOGIC. The only possibility for planetary placement ambiguity is incorrect/uncertain birth time. This is CRUCIAL when it comes to some of the exaltation/debilitation degrees. Shani is exalted at 20˚ Tula - Vishaka Pada 1 (Mesha Navamsa) NOT Swati. Shani is debilitated at 20˚ Mesha - Bharani Pada 3 (Tula Navamsa) NOT Bharani 2. There is an esoteric reason for it. Surya is exalted at 10˚ Mesha - Ashwini Pada 4 (Karka Navamsa), not 3. It is debilitated at 10˚ Tula - Swati Pada 2 (Makara Navamsa), not 1. Having said that, naturally in case of debilitation the energy is becoming weaker and weaker in Swati 1 (and especially Vargottama Sun in Chitra 3 - Tula Navamsa). Similarly, Shani is extremely strong throughout Swati as his potency rises until the maximum point of exaltation in the nakshatra of humanitarian Guru NOT Rahu etc. It's important to keep in mind that exalted does not mean "a good person" just as debilitated does not equal "a bad person". Shani in Mesha may produce a Salt-of-the-Earth person while exalted Sun may produce a Hitler. Please steer away from mindless pop-astrology. Accuracy of research data is key for gathering samples and analyzing findings properly. The aim of Jyotish is not to flatter your ego + reality speaks for itself anyway. Read more about exaltation uccha and debilitation neecha here.

Navamsa strength is NOT the ultimate strength of the planet, contrary to popularized YouTube beliefs. Results are always seen from the RASHI chart.

2. Ketu Vrischika dates late-XIX, XX and XXI centuries


If you were born outside the above dates, your Ketu does NOT fall into Scorpio sign. Most students of astrology who follow Western (Tropical) zodiac and whose South Node falls into (circa) the first 24 degrees of Western sign of Scorpio may be quite misaligned with their path in life thinking that what is needed is more of Venusian energy. If your Ketu falls in Tula you are over-saturated with Venusian energy which is in fact incompatible with the energy of Ketu. The trajectory of your life moves from Shukra to Kuja and not the other way round. Ketu is at its weakest in Venus signs tending toward extreme attachment to comfort, luxury, good things in life, support, relationships etc. The difference between the two cohorts is quite significant (as seen through examples provided below) and it includes family of origin characteristics, early childhood and overall life experiences, one's own nature which is highly artistic/beauty and design-oriented (Venus) rather than engineering-scientific-athletic-pioneering and self-knowing (Mars) and most significantly: very different body energy levels. If your Ketu falls into Chitra 3-4, Swati or Vishaka 1-2-3, you are coming from a place of Venus and your goal in life is to develop a stronger connection with your assertive, independent, raw and pioneering inner masculine; step out of bodily apathy and overall lethargy and heal your codependency/addiction to love, romance and relationships/dependency on your family. Drop shallow preoccupation with looks and romance and develop some depth. People with Ketu in Tula tend to carry A LOT of suppressed rage as a result of not owning their personal power. With some exceptions, women with this position tend to be out of touch with their power adopting an overly belligerent or passive-lethargic attitude. There is too much emphasis on finding a partner - one finds it difficult to get started in life without any support. Ketu in Tula is weak and tends to manifest in covert arrogance, an overblown ego and excessive preoccupation with looks/vanity at the expense of merit and intelligence. Naturally, everything depends on the exact pada (Navamsa placement).

Whilst many might have had extremely intense, life-changing or downright traumatic experiences - these are attributed to other factors such as Moon placement, Ketu conjunctions, the very nature of your Rahu and Ketu Nakshatras (especially on Swati - Bharani axis) etc. Any person with strong Chitra or Swati placements (especially Moon or Lagna) will face a lot of family issues regardless of their Nodal axis position. Jyotish is way more specific than Western astrology and so as researchers we want to isolate each placement as much as possible. Tula Ketu will have seen some rejection in their lives because these natives are not meant to stay dependent. Out of all my clients  I

only met one Ketu in Tula person who came to me with something other than a crush issue alone. The problematic codependent love issue was still there, but this one client actually sought to grow on other levels as well. The native will be generally pushed to develop a healthy sense of agency. If your Ketu is in Tula, please read the relevant article here.

Any person with any node may go through hardships and trauma. All articles on this website are aligned with sidereal planetary positions and NOT the emotional sentiment of my readers. For instance, parts of 1985 cohort have Ketu-yuti-Shani in Tula. You may also have Vrischika placements (indeed - Shani for 1985/6 cohort), however your life trajectory and ESPECIALLY family of origin profile and childhood will be different. I say it as a researcher AND as someone whose own Ketu falls into Anuradha-1 (Scorpio in both zodiacs). From my own perspective, I see differences in terms of 'start in life', childhood-experiences, parents + wider family characteristics and general attitudes between the two cohorts. On the whole Tula Ketu will be born into a different type of family, however - one's experiences may be equally gruesome (example: Princess Latifa of Dubai - stellium in Vrischika Rashi). Ketu Tula at times makes for a deep thinker, philosopher, a spiritual person/renunciate and/or a great artist/musician, however, this is due to different factors which I explain in the relevant article. More commonly (especially amongst the Westerners), the focus is on physical beauty, form, art, poetry, acting, modelling, music, cosmetics, design and business. With Ketu in Tula, one may be entirely oblivious to their ego and try to get things in life by relying on charm, personal magnetism and beauty. Please consult Ketu Tula article for full description of that position.

TRUE or MEAN Node ? 

Which one to use?

I will write about the difference between the two in my future article on the subject. In my own practice I always use TRUE NODES, however I'd like to advise against jumping into any conclusions. Many astrologers use Mean Nodes which are arrived at statistically. You will need to make your own informed choice. As usual - please test everything yourself instead of blindly following anyone's guidance. Do NOT rely on descriptions (what "resonates" more)! Testing is THE ONLY way to learn Jyotish and actually understand it - otherwise, you will adopt an approach without knowing why you're choosing a particular calculation. If you want to learn how something works, put it apart and put it back together - the Vrischika way. :) When I was a kid I used to shift tapes between my dad's cassettes. Each time he wanted to listen to Eric Clapton, he'd get my fairy tales. Unscrew things and put them back together. It's fun.

My choice is entirely personal and it is based on the accuracy of prediction which I arrived at by being a geek. In my own practice, I get more accurate results with True Nodes while Mean Nodes tend to be off even by 3 to 4 weeks (as seen in the Vrischika dates provided to the left). In some cases True and Mean Nodes fall in different signs, Nakshatras and Navamsas. When that's the case, I noticed that my clients tend to align with mates whose charts mirror True Node axis in Navamsa rather than Mean Node, however more variables may impact that choice so be weary (I'm NOT saying that your Navamsa axis will be 100% your spouse's D1 Ra/Ke axis or 1st/7th axis! It can be, but doesn't have to). This is just an additional point to the timing of events with transits which also align with true nodes in my experience. My best piece of advice is to make a list of solid dates of significant events in your life thus far (the 1st day of a serious relationship is perfect). If you know the time, that's even better! Then check transit hits in your Navamsa for both True and Mean nodes - you will need a software for that. Sometimes both True and Mean are almost the same and may fall into the same Nakshatra and Nakshatra Pada, but rarely the same degree. At other times they may be wildly different (example: 14 July/11 August 1983 as seen in the table). One of the nodal axes should hit a significant Navamsa position EXACTLY. In my experience it is the True Node axis. I've seen it in my own life and in case of my clients. Unless Mean Node happens to be exactly aligned with True Node on the day in question, mean node will always be a bit off. Looking back at my own key relationships, true node was on point (to the day), mean node was off by a month.


If the difference is lower than 1 degree AND the two nodes fall into 29º/0º Gandanta, I will always take that into consideration, however my default choice is TRUE. When it comes to my own chart both Mean and True fall in the same nakshatra pada: Ketu in Anuradha-1, Rahu in Krittika-3. This puts them in the same Navamsa regardless of which one we choose - Ketu lands in Simha, Rahu in Kumbha. However the Navamsa degree and thus Nakshatra differ. True Ketu lands in Magha - Rahu Dhanishta; Mean Ketu in Purva Phalguni - Rahu in Shatabishak. In other instances the Nodes may fall into dramatically different Navamsas (a few signs apart) so you want to be certain as to the system you're using. You will get that certainty from KNOWING what you're doing - aka experiential knowledge. Knowing one's correct Rahu/Ketu Navamsa position is INDISPENSABLE. It's one of the key pieces of information we look for in the analysis of one's life direction, so dabbing into zodiac mixing etc or being 3 signs off simply won't get you anywhere.

* Ayanamsa - Different astrologers use different ayanamsas. Please use the one that works best for you because YOU HAVE TESTED it PERSONALLY. Don't follow others blindly. Explore things on your own - that's how critical thinking is developed. My personal choice is Lahiri. If you need to ask: Which ayanamsa should I use? it only shows you're no researcher/explorer at heart and you will never go beyond the people whose guidance you seek. Testing things yourself is the KEY LIFE SKILL. It will build your sense of  personal efficacy and thus self-trust. People who rely on the guidance of others remain codependent puppets until the day they die. Since we are on Ketu in Vrischika subject - TRUST SELF while being open to other people's input and expertise. Naturally, there is something to be said about Dunning-Kruger Effect where ignorant and arrogant people are simply too stupid to even comprehend their own limitations believing they are the experts. So I don't know where you're falling. Some people need to listen a bit more, others should trust their own judgment. You can watch this video on the subject.



transformation • survivor • highly intelligent • highly educated • perceptive • technical • magical • intense • self-reliant • great at mathematics • intuitive • trusts 'inner knowing' • a surgeon • a lawyer • a revolutionary • a musician • a dancer • a lab scientist • a politician • an investigator • a researcher • a mortician • a nomad • deals with wills, taxes and inheritance • speaks many languages • good mind-to-hand connection • excellent stamina • full of energy • magnetic and sexual • withstands adversity and physical pain • a trooper • has 'lived experience' • has seen the worst of mankind  • underworld • self-destructive • an addict • emotionally self-contained and self-reliant OR highly codependent (depending on a house placement and strength of Mars) • quiet • peaceful • shy to speak • addicted to speed and intensity • pushes the bar • great sense of humor • quick-witted • loves extreme sports • highly creative • rude •  blunt • with an attitude •  fast • FIERCE • courageous • athletic • takes no crap • loyal and devoted in relationships • good friend • emotionally mature • truthful • seeks to expose pathology  and renounce secretiveness OR becomes those things • difficult childhood • possibility of homelessness • faces many upheavals • profound connection to Self and the Universe • appears arrogant BUT is actually extremely humble, inclusive and humanitarian • despises mediocrity, dark-folk superstition, lack of education, pop 'psychology' , New Age 'spirituality', pedestrian astrology, shallow thinkers, dogma, lack of emotional depth and general mainstream sewer • has access to secret knowledge • has access to his own shadow • life gets better and better as one ages • tends to die prosperous and happy IF 'self-made' • Success won't come if one lacks self-esteem and courage • DOES NOT GET TATTOOED TO APPEAR MORE GHETTO or 'UNIQUE'  many Ketu in Scorpio natives come from hell, they lived and breathed violence, addiction, mental torment and pain • one has worked themselves to the bone to get out of these circumstances. They have no need to look 'edgy' • knows everyone everywhere • perseverance and focus • Abhors herd-mentality, trends and fleeting fashions  A mature Ketu in Scorpio HAS power, intelligence, education, wealth, inner security, self-trust and personal charisma • Rises to the top in society thanks to one's own hard work (unless one remained in a spoiled-child-bubble enjoying inherited wealth which is more likely to happen in Jyeshta OR one goes down the self-destructive path, which - again - is more common in Jyeshta than Anuradha or Vishaka)  •  Anuradha carries the most painful karma due to Saturn's lordship, one is entirely self-made via one's own hard work and studies (Saturn) - there is hardly any support from the family. In fact the family might be the very source of one's agony • Anuradha Ketu might have faced homelessness, hunger and fight for physical survival/safety.

Key words and themes

death • crisis • exile • relocation • displacement • rebirth • renewal •

deals with constant change

Anuradha - the star of friendship

No matter where you go, friendship will find you. I can't think of a greater gift. Anuradha is the Star of unconditional love, true compassion and devotion. Wherever you go, there you are. No matter what happens, so long as you are still alive there are people to love, things to learn, food to share. And if it gets really grim (Anuradha is ruled by Shani), then there is always humor.  No nakshatra can match Anuradha when it comes to wickedness. Ketu in Anuradha has a very dry, absurd sometimes macabre sense of humor, but that's because one's experiences were gruesome.

Anuradha is a down-to-earth street kid, a humble person who loves all things NORMAL, 'ordinary', grass-roots, local/neighbourhood. Ordinary as a stone, Anuradha radiates divine virgin-like beauty. No make up, no frills, sneakers, jumper and a heart full of joy. Anuradha wants to be your friend, climb trees together, play sports, laugh. No person makes for a better and truer friend than Ketu in Anuradha. Anuradha treats every single person as their equal and detests people with overblown egos or entitled attitude. Anuradha will crush such person's ego in no time and with no mercy.

All Ketu Rahsi, Nakshatra and Pada positions are verified to the extent that birthday is correct (most likely 100% accuracy unless someone deceived the public with regard to their date of birth or public records are entirely incorrect.)

Bhava positions are accurate so far as the time of birth is accurate as provided by on a day of my research. Please keep in mind that these CAN and DO change. (I have seen this happen with regard to many people. For instance: Dua Lipa, Ellen, Bill Gates. Many people use Bill Gates chart with Punarvasu - Mithuna Lagna while today's records show Pushya - Karka Lagna).

Where there is no bhava position, time of birth is NOT known as provided by

Firstly I divided everyone according to their profession/field of activity. Some people appear in more than one category due to their extensive field of activity. Naturally, I counted them only once. As of 3rd July 2020 the sample below includes 125 people (including me, minus MGMT).

Then you may scroll down for Nakshatra breakdown - Ketu in Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyeshta (incl padas).

Finally, I classified everyone by their Mars position (Rashi, Nakshatra and bhava/lordship if known). 

Ketu conjunctions:

(L) - Lagna Lord (hugely significant conjunction hence I indicated it next to the chart lord). If you would like to learn more about Lagna Lord-yuti-Ketu, you may want to explore this article, written by a fellow Jyotishi - Tejaswini Arvind Patil - on her wonderful blog. 

Chandra - Moon

Surya - Sun

Kuja - Mars 

Budha - Mercury

Guru - Jupiter 

Shukra - Venus

Shani - Saturn (Uttama Vishakha-1 - exaltation point at 20˚ - Mesha ♈︎ Navamsa)

Naturally These planets will be opposing Rahu. 

Authors, Playwrights, Poets

J. R. R. Tolkien

J. K. Rowling

Mark Twain

Stephen King

Paolo Coelho

Henry Miller

Salman Rushdie

Charlotte Bronte

Eugene Ionesco

Maya Angelou - Jyeshta Pada 1

Agatha Christie


Vincent Van Gogh

Francis Bacon

Piet Mondrian

Max Ernst

Andy Warhol

Eugene Delacroix

Film Directors

Oliver Stone - Jyeshta 2

Steven Spielberg - Jyeshta 1 Ketu + Budha

Stanley Kubrick - Anuradha 4 Ketu + Chandra, Shani

Fashion Designers

Gianni Versace



David Latterman

Actors and Comedians

Robin Wright

Glen Close

Diane Lane

Susan Sarandon

Farrah Fawcett

Scarlett Johannson - Anuradha 1

Mila Kunis

Emmanuelle Seigner

Kate McKinnon (Shani Vishakha 1)

Cecily Strong (Shani Vishakha 1)

Cynthia Nixon

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sally Field              Ketu + Kuja, Budha, Shukra Jyeshta 1

Ben Stiller

Trevor Noah (Shani Vishakha 1)

Arnold Schwarzeneger

Robert Downey Jr.

Shahrukh Khan          Ketu + Shukra 2nd bhava

Salman Khan

Sylvester Stallone

Piers Morgan

Larry David

Cole Porter

Chris Rock

Bill Bailey

Chris Hemsworth       Jeshta-4

Adam Driver              Jyeshta 2 Ketu + Guru, Budha, Surya, Uranus

Andrew Garfield        Jyeshta-4

Charlie Sheen

Philosophers, Thinkers, Linguists

Immanuel Kant

Bertrand Russell 

Noam Chomsky

Civil/Human Rights Activists, Revolutionaries, Protesters etc

Martin Luther King Jr. Anuradha

Che Guevarra

Greta Thumberg

Entrepreneurs/Industrialists/Philantropists/Business Tycoons

Andrew Carnegie - Anuradha Ketu + Shukra (L), Surya, Kuja bhava 2

Mark Zuckerberg - Bhava 8

Politicians, Army People, Dictators

Martin Luther King Jr. Anuradha

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton - Anuradha

Mitt Romney

Donald J. Trump - Jyeshta

Arnold Schwarzeneger

George W. Bush

Charles De Gaule

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Jean Marie Le Pen

Ariel Sharon

Hosni Mubarak

Dmitry Medvedev

Kim Jong-un     Jyeshta 2 Ketu + Shukra, Uranus (Shani at 20​˚ Tula)


Jim Lovell           Ketu + Shani 12th bhava uttama Kuja


Liz Greene of - Jungian Astrology (Western/Tropical Astrology)

Jyeshta  Ketu + Chandra bhava 1 (Vrischika Lagna)


Jeff Green of Evolutionary Astrology/Pluto School (Western/Tropical Astrology)   

Jyeshta Ketu + Surya, Kuja (Tula Lagna)


Brene Brown  Anuradha-3 Ketu + Surya, Budha Bhava-1

Dr. Ramani  Anuradha-3 Ketu + Budha


"Saints", "gurus", mystics, inspirational speakers, mediums, healers,

self-proclaimed aliens etc (you decide who is who)

Teal Swan

Sri Aurobindo

Deepak Chopra

George Gurdjieff


Athletes accused of 1st Degree Murders, but Acquitted (ha!)

OJ Simpson Anuradha Rahu + Kuja, Uranus

Murdered / Missing People

Reeva Steenkamp (shot by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius) Jyeshta Ketu + Guru, Uranus (Shani Tula - Chitra-4) Neecha Kuja-Karka

Shennan Watts (murdered by her husband Chris Watts) Jyeshta Ketu + Shukra, Uranus (Uttama Shani Vishakha-1)

Madelaine McCann  Anuradha 1 Uttama Kuja- Makara



Riley Whitelum of Sailing La Vagabonde


Elton John - Anuradha

David Bowie - Jyeshta

Freddie Mercury - Jyeshta

Brian May

Barry Gibb

Amy Winehouse - Jyeshta

Iggy Pop

Ronnie Wood - Anuradha 2


Patti Smith - Jyeshta

Carlos Santana

Gavin Rosdale

Tommy Lee Jones - Jyeshta-2

Katy Perry - Anuradha 1

Yolanda Visser - Anuradha 1



Dr. Dre


Linda Perry - Anuradha

Janet Jackson

Calvin Harris (Shani - Vishakha 1)

Shania Twain



Sergei Prokofiev

Sergei Rahmaninoff

Royals, Celebrities, Fashion Models, Beauty Industry,

Interesting YouTubers

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco

Ketu Anuradha + Uranus

Rahu + Surya, Shukra, Budha

Alexa Chung

Mirranda Kerr

Linda Evangelista

Paulina Polizkova

Cindy Crawford

Alyona of Aly Art - I do not know how to categorize her.

She is simply amazing at what she does. Just check out her

work on YouTube. 

Ketu Anuradha-4

Tara Simon of Tara Simon Studios - Amazing voice coach!

Ketu Anuradha-2

And me :)

Ola Wasylkow

Ketu Anuradha-1 + Shukra (L), Uranus

2nd bhava, Shani Vishakha-1

Jyeshta 4 (Meena D9)


Anuradha 4 (Vrischika D9 Vargottama)

Jyeshta 3 (Kumbha D9)

Jyeshta 2 (Makara D9)

Oliver Stone

Jyeshta 1 (Dhanu D9)


Maya Angelou

Steven Spielberg

Anuradha 3 (Tula D9)

Anuradha 2 (Kanya D9)

Anuradha 1 (Simha D9)

Vishakha 4 (Karka D9)

Breakdown according to Placements

12  7  14

13  11  9

8  15  10

Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.