Ketu Tula   •   South Node in Libra  •   Shukra Ketu

Dignity: weak

Dates XX - XXI Century

21 February 1909       (Shani Meena ♓︎)         •     20 August 1910   (Shani Mesha ♈︎)


13 September 1927    (Shani Vrischika ♏︎)   •     8 March 1929     (Shani Dhanu ♐︎)

31 March 1946           (Shani Mithuna ♊︎)     •     10 October 1947  (Shani Karka ♋︎)

25 October 1964         (Shani Kumbha ♒︎)  •    4 July 1966          (Shani Meena ♓︎)

5 February 1985         (Shani Vrischika ♏︎ + Neecha Guru Makara ♑︎)   •    5 August 1986 (Shani Vrischika ♏︎) 

                                                                                                        Uttama Shani Tula  1 June -16 September 1985 Shani yuti Ketu

17 February 2002       (Shani Vrishabha ♉︎)   •    21 August 2003    (Shani Mithuna ♊︎)

                                          Rahu yuti Shani

15 September 2020    (Shani Makara ♑︎)     •     4 March 2020      (Shani Makara ♑︎)

28 March 2039           (Shani Simha ♌︎)          •    5 October 2040    (Shani Kanya ♍︎)

27 October 2057         (Shani Mesha ♈︎)         •    8 July 2059          (Shani Vrishabha ♉︎)

                                                                                                                                           Rahu yuti Shani

30 July 2076               (Shani Vrischika ♏︎)    •   27 January 2078   (Shani Dhanu ♐︎)  

21 February 2095       (Shani Karka ♋︎)           •   18 August 2096    (Shani Simha ♌︎)

Key words:

dependency on others, attachment, dependency on pleasure, relationships, extreme anger (suppressed rage) which is a result of one's own lack of ownership over one's trajectory (codependency) - lack of independent initiative.

The native is rarely able to do anything unsupported (emotionally/financially). Either family support or spouse/partner; or kids; or some type of online following.


Inertia, lack of bodily energy, lethargy, sleepy nature, extreme materialism, laziness, lack of action, contrived spontaneity, self-absorbed.

Ketu in Tula is in love with their own face, hair, smile, teeth. Onles some humbling influence is present (say Ketu in 2nd house, sober Surya etc) - the native seems to be obsessed with their own look.

Arrogant, aggressive, rude - all of which show the native's weakness.

Superficial, lack of intellectual depth

Cook-book astrologers (akin to Ketu in Vrishabha)

Overblown ego, arrogance which can be seen in between the lines or observed from one's general conduct and utterances.

One often sees themselves as a victim (bar Ketu Vishakha).

The native is entirely oblivious to their fortune and the privileges at birth and does not exercise personal power.

Manipulative (giving to get), jealous. Life becomes increasingly difficult as one is moving toward the energy of Mars (more and more conflict).

The Artist • The Peacemaker • Partnership Karma


In order of transit sequence - Nodes travel backwards.

People with Jyeshta Ketu will be older than their Anuradha and Vishakha Ketu peers. Ketu in Scorpio people are older than Ketu in Libra and so on.

Vishaka ♃ Pada 3  •  Mithuna Navamsa ♊︎

Vishaka ♃ Pada 2  •  Vrishabha Navamsa ♉︎ Pushkara Navamsa

Vishaka ♃ Pada 1  •  Mesha Navamsa ♈︎ 

Swati ☊ Pada 4  •  Meena Navamsa ♓︎Pushkara Navamsa

Swati ☊ Pada 3  •  Kumbha Navamsa ♒︎ 

Swati ☊ Pada 2  •  Makara Navamsa  ♑︎ 

Swati ☊ Pada 1  •  Dhanu Navamsa ♐︎

Chitra ♂ Pada 4  •  Vrischika Navamsa ♏︎ uttama

Chitra  Pada 4  •  Tula Navamsa ♎︎ Vargottama

Kanya Ketu - South Node in Virgo

Pushkara Bhaga 24º ♉︎



must develop qualities of Aries and take independent action in life • should NOT rely on one's family for financial support, shelter, constant emotional comfort and encouragement • romantic • at best - unconditional lover of all creatures on Earth, at worst - gives to get lethargic • sleepy • apathetic • stagnant • partnership-oriented • relies on family • usually born into material comfort, middle-class 'merchant' affluence • one's family of origin can be highly problematic (Chitra, Swati) • life tries to shake one out of the 'sleepy maiden mode' via all means possible: abusive relationships, manipulative relatives, selfish siblings, poor business deals/partnerships - one must learn to act on their own and with courage • pleasure seeking • loves leisure • subconscious need to be taken care of and supported • appreciates art • music • film • great at big business • cosmetics strong emphasis on maintaining physical beauty  big on appearance • cultured • level-headed • on the 'well-educated' side • lacking initiative • inertia • no backbone • accommodating nature • people-pleasing • waits on others for green light • laminated lashes, good hair + nice nails • sweet tongue • good mind • a natural diplomat • accommodating • usually born into 'cultured' family • must WAKE UP from the sleepy haze and toxic nostalgia • high interest in psychology, inner-transformation, abstract thought, mysticism, the occult, cards and astrology • thinking may be confused • sometimes a superstar, often a renunciate • often weak physique and body laziness • sugar-addictions •  except for when Ketu is close to Lagna (1st, 2nd), one usually marries early • Tula Ketu needs to secure a relationship first in order to function in the world - personal courage and energy to act are found when the native has a partner/support/friendship circle/family • good sense of harmony and balance • in certain configurations (especially Shani in Anuradha/Scorpio Lagna) absolutely NO makeup • love of minimalism • one finds calm in austerity • always - a good business person • people-pleasing and accommodating nature may make one insincere and deceptive as one seeks to be liked by everyone and fails to present their own truth (Aries Rahu) - thus, one may morph into 'whoever you want them to be' which does not make for a good companion • at times car-salesman vibe • silver spoon • spoiled • Tula Ketu men may moan about hardships of life and all the heavy things they need to lift around the house •  interested in learning • the less empowered one is, the more likely they are to act selfish and aggressive • Ketu in Libra folks may show a remarkable lack of understanding of human realities, what ordinary people live through, the circumstances they are born into and the challenges they need to overcome • often one is oblivious to the privileges they enjoyed at birth (Example: one may be envious of someone who comes from a WASP'y Ivy League background, yet fails to realize that they themselves are way above what's 'normal' - tuition fees paid, flights covered, piano + art lessons, relative peace in life etc) • narcissistic/diva/entitled or victim behavior is common.


I found it hard to write those key words because whenever I think of Ketu in Tula a few distinct types come to my mind and they differ amongst one another. This is naturally linked to the totality of the chart, placement from Lagna, Nodal dispositors etc. I've seen a lot of lethargic maidens and 'polished' boys with this placement, but I have also found courageous, energetic and entrepreneurial people (in cases where Aries Rahu has been honored and developed). Commonalities are seen, however, the key being INERTIA, LOVE OF REPOSE/LEISURE, desire/NEED for relationship and romance, and fondness of Venusian comforts/beauty/luxury. Ketu in Libra can be a debauch. The Nodes are two sides of one axis - peak of brutal, straightforward, organic rawness and courage (Aries) vs apogee of culture, sophistication, processed/polished/urban side of human activity • Art-form can only emerge in times of relative peace when one's basic survival is not at stake, where one's mind is not battling extinction. Ketu in Libra is often born to a family that supports 'cultured' activities and one grows up without major hurdles (parental divorce = NOT trauma!!) • These folks will be pushed out of their decadence. Your true happiness is found in independent action and empowering solo pursuits. Ketu in Tula comes from a place of Venus and as life progresses one experiences more and more situations that test one's Marsian nature • One may attract a lot of 'aggressive' types who mirror one's own need to tap into latent masculine nature (animus) • You will need to learn how to do things on your own instead of making others do things for you in exchange for a sweet smile. Be in the present moment (in your BODY) • You know you're on the right track when you start acting spontaneously and with child-like joy • You know you're off track (lacking true personal power) when you're dull, cynical, extremely sharp-tongued and downright cruel. In this life, your peacemaking does not come across as sincere or honest - your environment will always sense your subconscious desire for empowerment and that's OK. Honor it or else you will be stuck in the same-old manipulative pattern where you give with strings attached.

Saccharine salesman's smile and courtesy. Self-interested. 

Best way forward: Unilateral empowered action - make something of your art or set up a business. You are not meant to depend on others in this lifetime.

Ketu is considered weak in Tula Rashi (or any other air sign). In Tula - at worst - one becomes entirely dependent on others for their happiness.

Key words and         themes

artistic • balanced • kind • charming  

KILLER SMILE  poetic • sensitive  dreamy  

romantic • funny • dependent/independent • passive/assertive • needs a partner • love-sick •

musical • timid • seeks support of others • diplomatic   

suppressed rage


acne scars