A.                                                   B. 

Clearly decide what you want.

Then grab it. EASY.

MANIFESTATION 101: How to Become Magnetic to your True Heart's Desire?

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During the past few months I focused on restoring my joy. I took time for myself and fed my mind positive messages. I started with Tao Te Ching which cooled my brain and rooted me in the permanent impermanence; then moved onto stoics (responsibility, detachment, neutrality, flow, ease, appreciation of all trials), then to happy manifestation tactics. The key is to become fully aware of your own inner chatter, your self-concept (+ subconscious beliefs), overall energy and speech. The Law of Attraction (LoA) is super easy - in fact, the more EMO you are, the better! If you are driven by epic - Wuthering Heights - passions like me, you're good to go! Don't be fooled by my Shani facade. In my mind I'm galloping on a horse with wind in my hair and pigeons crashing into my face. The key is to consciously channel all of these passions so that they work for you and not against you. The fact that you feel so deeply is a boon, not bane! It shows that your heart is mighty and you are capable of great things. It’s all a matter of practice + a little bit of healing. If you can envision it in your mind’s eye - it’s yours! Deal done. What you really want is to abide in a state of calm happiness and detachment all the while this passionate inner giant is doing the manifesting work for you. 

At it's core Manifestation is about aligning with your destiny. The key is to be rooted in GOD and that in turn will generate massive amounts of enthusiasm, conviction and joy. That joy must come from within and if you can root it in total faith in the Universe that's even better. Honestly, the entire LoA is but a language through which inspired people tried to communicate with those who doubt everything. The more in tune you are with your deepest Self; the more you trust your karmic trajectory; the deeper you're rooted in your Inner Knowing - the more obvious it will become that EVERYTHING is already lined up for you! It's a deal done. It already exists! It's seen in your chart and your Mahadasa timeline. In some cases (depending on the type of manifestation) certain things may need to be invented before you can use them to get what you want. In other instances people need to be born - for example, your child needs to be born first and that will lead to a great life purpose. That's why it is so important to develop deep connection with Self (read my article: Why we keep looking Sideways if we know the answer deep down). The better you know yourself - the more obvious your destiny. Manifestation becomes your soul's true calling. Instead of living your life from a security perspective, you will step into ACTIVE expansion, adventure and joy! The more focused you are on the Infinity within, the more immune you will be to surface-level waves, distractions and noise pollution.


That's why it's so important to heal on a core level. Otherwise, you may continue to manifest eeky things by default. As the famous C. G. Jung saying goes: Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. You absolutely must heal your childhood wounds and work toward individuation from your family of origin. Otherwise you may waste half of your life seeking surrogate parents by entering unfulfilling relationships/marriages. Like a small child with a narcissistic mother who is deprived of any nurturing - you may not be able to play, learn and create because all of your energy goes outward toward securing love and attachment. I cannot stress this enough: unless you are to some extent conscious of your psychological/karmic material, it may be difficult to 'manifest' what you want. You will have to take personal responsibility for becoming more aware.


In my own life, I am fully conscious that I'm the sole entity responsible for maintaining and protecting my inner light - sometimes this means removing negative influences or simply walking away from environments that deplete me. Whilst my life has not been all smooth sailing and I don't always get it right, I have always tried to focus on the positives. When that's difficult to achieve, I go within. Sometimes, there is no other way but to slow down, heal your wounds and take care of the basics. That's okay too. The key is to own it instead of feeling victimized by the delay. Honor your bespoke timing above all else. Manifestation cannot be willed. It is a product of authentic inspiration.

When things go haywire and I'm really low, I don't seek miserable company. To hell with that! In a low state you won't even find a good therapist. You don't need another moaning person to chat about your life issues. Therapy is but an outsourcing of your own conversation with God. I'm not saying that having company (a different set of eyes) on a healing journey is not beneficial, but these days people become increasingly dependent on the Outside influences (Gurus, YouTube, self-help books, therapists etc).  Better to educate yourself, deepen your awareness via self-reflection/contemplation/meditation and arrive at a place of peace where organic resolution is found. Suddenly everything makes sense! Don’t take advice from someone whom you do not wish to become just because they are nurturing. Oftentimes, life is pushing us to develop greater emotional toughness and resiliency. Talking about your pain 24/7 is not equal to feeling it (= healing it). You may be drawn to people who are leeching off you - like your common therapist who says aha, and how did that make you feel? for 50 minutes. Internalize this conversation. Always look for someone who has traveled the journey and simply do as they did. Taking your healing into your own hands is very empowering. 50 years ago we didn’t have the pandemic of people who need to be told how to listen to their intuition. You saw a Nazi, you ran. By not taking personal responsibility and constantly seeking surrogate mothers instead of developing your own inner authority/parent, you are diminishing your scope of manifestation. On some level, you will be always seeking permission and guidance outside of yourself. Responsibility is key - that’s the attitude you want to adopt in your life. When you see that everything is just perfect; when you start seeing beauty in everything that unfolds without judgment - you will naturally feel more confident and peaceful. You will also start trusting your destiny. 



STEP #1. Be grateful for everything in your life. 


You are exactly where you need to be dealing with 'lessons' that were perfectly scheduled for this time in your life. 

Your current reality is but a MIRROR to your subconscious.

Be grateful for every single person that crossed your path. It was meant to be. You wouldn't be who you are today, if it wasn't for their input (no matter its nature). If you're still carrying some anger/pain - heal it. You must release the old to get the NEW. Be grateful for where you are in life: your home, your health, your location, your weight and finances. You must accept the reality without judgment in order to introduce changes. If you are still alive and reading this - you have plenty of things to be grateful for. The key being YOUR LIFE. If you struggle with appreciation due to depression please don't judge yourself for it. There is no need for adding fuel to negative self-talk. You will need to love yourself into health - self-flagellation won't cut it. The more punishing you are toward self, the nastier the people that come your way. Life is a mirror. You have to understand that being cynical and disgruntled only digs you into a deeper hole. It's entirely counter-productive. Spend some time each morning journalling about all the things that you are grateful for - your sight, the fact that you can breathe easily; that your body releases toxins naturally; that you have your limbs. Don't take those things for granted. You don't want the Universe to send you a reminder in this regard. Compassion and empathizing with other people's (or animals') suffering quickly turns things around. Listen to other people's stories. There are so many disabled people who turned their trails into opportunities. I'm not suggesting focusing all of your energy on the world's problems and pain, but getting a healthy perspective is vital. Gratitude - not cynicism - should be your foundation.


We may all feel pain, but suffering is entirely optional. Suffering is a product of our mind - the Ego - according to which we should be anywhere but where we are right now (physically and metaphorically). Turn this around. You need to bring yourself to a mind space where you are grateful for being EXACTLY where you are right now. Good life happens here and today. There is no past or future. Manifestation happens in the present moment. Lack of acceptance always points to suppressed emotions. It's much easier to burst out into anger and deem one's reality (+ other people) awful then to look within and feel the pain, the grief, the disappointment, the sorrow, the shame, the misplaced guilt, the 'injustice'...whatever it may be. By not accepting your reality, you are staying stuck inside of it. You absolutely must feel your emotions. Whatever you repress and deny will dictate your reality. You will be manifesting unwanted people and events by default. You may wish to explore inner child and shadow work for this one.

Understand that the protagonists in your life - people who occupy your current reality - are a reflection of how you feel about yourself on a deepest level. I will write separate posts for every single one of these steps as there is a lot to it. For now simply try to see what annoys you in others, what are your triggers, what do you wish was not there. The reason why you get annoyed is that your reflected reality does NOT mirror back to you your divinity, personal power and truth. You are not yet rooted in your soul, but rather clinging onto whatever toxic messages you absorbed during the course of your childhood and later life. For instance, if you feel that people around you are fake and inauthentic, this is because you are not being real with yourself. Why the heck are you there? Why are you not acting on your truth and directing your life toward people you DO like? Ha! That's because of fear, poor self-concept that makes you feel 'not good enough' for the reality that you DO WANT and all kinds of limiting beliefs. It's extremely important to get to the ROOT of your situation. Be real, but in a self-loving way.

Affirm to yourself: I am exactly where I need to be in life. All is well in my life. Even though some aspects of my reality are challenging, I love and accept my trajectory. Even though I acted in [....] way, I love and accept myself. Even though I didn't receive any love in childhood, I can actually see some positives there! I'm compassionate, loving and strong and learnt to develop all those things from within! etc. 

STEP #2. Own your past, your present and your future. Affirm to yourself that you are the SOLE creator of your reality.

If you cannot see how you got to where you are today, you will not be able to move anywhere else. It’s essential that you honor your trajectory and choices (this includes choices you made whilst unconscious, wounded, reactive etc). It also includes ownership of your karmic trajectory.


Accept that you were born into perfect circumstances. Your soul chose the exact family that you most needed for your growth in this lifetime. Remember that owning your past does not equate to accepting blame or taking responsibility for other people’s bad behavior. Other people are irrelevant here. Power lies in accepting your own role in the grand scheme of things. You were born to that particular family, in that particular country, with that particular skin color and that particular gender during a particular time in history for a very good reason. See it as your karmic choice and you will instantly feel stronger. This is an empowering spiritual perspective. Please do not confuse this with any delusional emotional by-passing or denying one’s reality by excusing other people’s abusive behavior. It’s not about denying that someone has annihilated you with a belt or extinguished a cigarette on your shoulder as a result of a tantrum. It’s about finding your own personal meaning in your journey. 

It’s not easy to find humility when we were on the receiving side of abuse, but remember that people who manifest the most in life are those who choose humility instead of entitlement and revenge. Many of the world's greatest leaders, singers and business people had a rough beginning. Some served long time in jail like Mandela or wrongly accused Ricky Jackson, who served the longest sentence of any U.S. inmate found to be innocent. This is what the latter had to say:

I intend to live well, but it has nothing to do with whether I’m here in this nice house, or whether I’m homeless. It has to do with attitude. I’ve been given an opportunity and I’m not going to waste it by holding grudges.


Such people did not choose to stay in victim mentality. Instead, they chose to own their karmic load and see trials as opportunities for growth. Explore stoicism for this one (Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or more contemporary writings of Ryan Holiday - just one of many examples + Victor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning or Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom). Those who manifest the most are all rooted in some form of spiritual understanding. They see their path as unique, their challenges bespoke. Plus there is also KARMA! Instead of asking Why is this happening to me?, ask: What does life require of me right now? Sure, allow yourself to mourn whatever didn't work out, but don't stay there for too long. It was meant to leave your life; it was meant to ‘fail’. How else can the NEW enter? How else would you learn? Own your path. Accept that you ain't seen nothing yet! 


Above all else, drop all entitlement. Accept that no one owes you anything. People are on their own journeys and oftentimes it is their karma to deliver hurt to you so that you step into your power, your purpose and greater independence instead of clinging to what's familiar. Life favors the bold ones. Plus, oftentimes what we perceive as hurt is only perception. It's essential to honor one's own part in the making of one's life. Seek to understand where you failed to follow your own better judgment and intuition. Seek to understand why you have done this.


I also encourage you to ease your grasp on your Ancestors. This is a very delicate subject, so bare with me. Personally, I found it more useful to think of myself as a unique entity that incarnated to a specific lineage. We are all here to burn our Prarabdha Karma which is but a fraction of all karmas that we accumulated (Sanchita Karma). All of us have been black, white, emigrant, servant, slave, master, Asian, on top and on the bottom of the feeding chain. I do not wish to get into this debate right now. Suffice to say that I was born in a country that was virtually wiped out during WWII incl. 6 million Jews + my own family members (non-Jewish). The minute Nazism was over, came something even worse, Communism. Insanity, propaganda, people disappearing, white is called black - black is called white. Yet, my family - the very people who endured this horror, who knew the pain of crazy making on a collective scale, applied every single dictatorship measure in our own house - on me. I grew up surrounded by a very Messianic victim-oriented “they wronged us” rhetoric (at home, at school, in media) which I understood but I could also see its limitations. Most importantly, I saw first hand how those who stay in victimhood and entitlement begin to oppress others with their toxic solipsism.

I believe we all come into this life under various guises. Perhaps, when we have finally accepted our shadow as mankind, all people will be of dark beige color. Until then, we are here to learn by contract. Being a recipient of any abuse or discrimination may equip one with infinite compassion and understanding or turn them into a killer. I recommend reading about the Genocide in Rwanda by Mahmood Mamdani (When Victims Become Killers) - perhaps the most intense example of this process.. but hey, just think of Arab-Israeli conflict or any conflict around your own neighborhood. We can apply this from macro to micro. 

So my personal suggestion is to always focus on your own humanity and virtue. Focus on being a decent human being and always strive to cultivate peace. Keep your focus on what YOU can do right now, instead of what others are doing wrong. Hold yourself to a higher standard, expect nothing from others or else they will disappoint you. When the focus is on the inner - the outside aligns.  Rest assured that what’s karmically owed to you, will never pass you by (for better or worse). Know that you can’t escape your lessons, but neither will you be forgotten when it comes to blessings. True spiritual practice is rooted in virtue. It’s a path, not a ‘career’, ‘YouTube channel’ or a Tarot business. It’s how you choose to approach life, especially when your faith is severely tested.

All great spiritual leaders always called for peace, not bloodshed. Understand that so long as you hold onto blind fury, your manifestations are impended. Learn to channel your anger toward constructive action that is of benefit to mankind. I'm not going to lie - this is a very challenging part of Ego work. I will write about the forgiveness and surrender process elsewhere. You may wish to follow Dr. Nicole LePera - The Holistic Psychologist - on Instagram, if you aren't a fan already. She is phenomenal when it comes to Ego work.

STEP #3. Decide what you want. You must know exactly what your goals are. Make the decision.

No end goal in mind, no conscious manifestation. PERIOD. Think of an aircraft or a boat. The captain must know WHERE he’s headed. As the saying goes: If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. This is the absolute pre-requisite to any manifestation. Follow the instructions from my Borneo Orangutan picture above. You must clearly see whatever you want in your mind's eye. If you think you don't know what that is, that's not true. You do know. There is simply too much fear and anxiety in your space. Images of our ideal self and ideal future come to mind without any effort when we listen to music. Meditation and spending time in nature are also of great help. Let me stress this: You do know who you are and what you are about. Just like an oak seed is not going to be confused about it's destiny - neither should you. It's the junk that surrounds you (which reflects your own inner turmoil) that's in the way. Calm the mind.


You must know clearly. Just like an archer shooting his arrow - you must have a clear goal. It makes no sense to shoot an arrow randomly. Yes, there are times in life when we just want to flow with the current and see where life takes us, but if you already know you want to bring about something specific you will need a clear goal.

Some examples:


* Provide housing and help for people on Skid Row.

* Provide Step-by-Step empowerment programs for women who left abusive relationships.

* Release an album

* Build a YouTube Channel.

* Become a world-renown music producer.

* Be the most mesmerizing performer. 

* Sail around the world.

* Become a barrister/human rights lawyer.

* Achieve full financial freedom - infinite income flowing in great amounts as a result of doing what you love. (Break it into smaller steps: 1k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 60k, 80k, 120k USD per month).

* Get a great physique.

* A Catamaran. 

* A boat.

* A loving relationship based on loyalty, deep friendship, trust and JOY!

* Become a pro skier, skateboarder, surfer [whatever].

* Become fearless

* Become confident

* Relocate to a new geographic location - [state the location]

* Move to a new happy home.

* Develop a meditation practice

* Learn Arabic

* Build a barn for my sheep

Having a clear goal is key because without it you can't know whether you are getting closer or further away from it. That goal ought to be aligned with your truth and it shouldn’t be superficial (unless you are manifesting for fun from an already awesome space). Whenever you experience elation, excitement, joy and that feeling of beaming delight, you know you are getting closer to what's meaningful to you. Depression, despondency, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, conflict, irritation, cynicism, boredom become a part of our inner landscape when we are simply off path - not following our desire, cowering, aligning with the lowest common denominator, seeking approval, people pleasing, self-avoiding etc. 

Remember, manifestation is a very Shani (Saturn) thing. Shani asks you to take karmic responsibility for your Self. If you are meant to be the next leader, novelist or a super star - Shani will torment you from within until you put your s* together and own your destiny. That’s the ONLY time when Saturn is associated with depression. Most astrologers simply fail to comprehend what depression actually IS on a root level. Shani wants you to be happy! It’s your inner parent that wants to see you practice that skill for 10,000 hours and get the joy and creative freedom that comes out of it on the other side. He will torment you until you drop that ridiculous partner who slows you down or family that gaslights you into submission. Shani will torment you with depression until you drop your nasty habits, laziness and excuses. You will need to abandon all fear and assume responsibility for your unique journey and destiny. Wake up! You already know what you want and who you are. Stop obsessing about people whom you don't even like, drop the outside and commit to your DHARMA. Your duty toward your soul is to deliver results, i.e. a life that is inspired and uniquely your own. 

Remember, people who don’t judge, don’t ever feel judged! People who don’t seek to meet their ends via others don’t fear being taken advantage of. When your inner is aligned and authentic - the outside is friendly and supportive + you won’t carry any expectations or attachments. You will let people be. When you are ok with yourself you know that what other people say is their business. It’s okay for them not to agree with your decisions or to openly dislike you. Let them. It’s none of your business. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO WANT. You will need to assume responsibility for your inner chatter (introjects, inner critics etc) and stop making judgments about SELF and/or OTHERS. Spend a week without making a single evaluation and you will feel better!

The key thing to take away from this message is this question, which you should be asking yourself CONSTANTLY throughout the day:

Am I currently focusing on what I want or am I focusing on what I don’t want?

Remember, THINKING about and SPEAKING about what you don’t want - brings more of it. (Example: I don’t want to feel stuck any more will manifest more stuck-ness.)

STEP #4. State what you want as if it were already yours. Write it down. Know that it's a deal done.

Use scripting, flashcards, boards, whatever floats your boat. Be very clear as to what you want. Then state it and write it down as if it already happened. Make sure to be grateful for it and speak ONLY in positives. Refrain from stating what you don't want.

Example of affirmation: God!  I am so happy and grateful now that I'm earning over [...] USD per month! I am so grateful! Thank you so much for bestowing upon me such privilege. I will share my wealth with others and enjoy it myself as well. Let me prosper and let everyone around me prosper as well. Thank you so much. I am  so infinitely grateful. I love managing wealth. I love building things. I love working. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me so much inspiration and so many ideas. I literally cannot wait to execute them all. I will do a happy dance for you on my kitchen table now.  ➤ Does the happy dance! 🤸‍♀️


Example of scripting: I am so happy and grateful now that I'm a music producer working from my own studio in the most amazing location on Earth. I feel so happy in my life! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I love living in [...], love the people, love my hood and community. I'm super healthy and fit. My body is lean and athletic. I have never been this fit in my life and I'm loving it! I radiate LIFE! I wake up daily at 4am - always enthusiastic, radiant and happy. I'm surrounded by the most amazing loyal friends from all over the world with whom I'm on the same page with regard to everything! I share deep emotional connection with everyone around. My life is happy and peaceful. I live in truth and authenticity and so only truth and authenticity come my way. I love my community and love chatting to everyone I bump into. I love my house, my garden, my porch, my street. I love the amazing, nutritious fresh produce I feed my body. I drink plenty of water and always feel hydrated. My mind is clear, calm and focused. I laugh a lot and spend my days creating. My life is active and exciting. I love the buzz of it and I keep myself busy. Got the most amazing dog who is my soulmate and who loves me to bits and pieces. He is the funniest creature on Earth and I am so grateful!!! Everyone appreciates my work and I'm exploding with ideas. My work brings me infinite income which flows to me on a constant basis. My income is constantly increasing. I LOVE money and money loves me! I am so grateful that I have the resources and energy to work in my community and help others. etc etc I didn't make it very specific, but you get the gist of it. It's just an example. You want to get into the story and really FEEL the happy EMOTIONS! In my own scripting I can be uber-specific and descriptive. Naturally this takes time, so I don't do it all that often when I'm already in great energy, but I'll write a little every day. If you have ever practiced sport competitively or simply wanted to get super-good at it, you will know that visualization is GOLD! To have the body you want, you must see it in your mind's eye. You already have it inside of you. You only need to chip off some mass - like a sculptor. A block of marble already contains the masterpiece. An oak seed cannot turn into anything other than an oak. The thoughts you cherish are your seeds.

Avoid these mistakes: I am so happy that I'm no longer scared and insecure. I am so grateful that toxic people are gone. I am so happy that I'm no longer abused. Your mind will pick up on the 'scared', 'insecure', 'toxic' and 'abused'.. You will begin to draw a mental picture that is NOT positive. Never ever call yourself a "codependent" or any other similar thing. Instead say: I am full of confidence and courage. My solar plexus is exploding with joy! I beam with delight. I am light and only light comes my way. I have the power to deal with anything with ease. I stand strong in who I am. I am rooted in my spirit. I am surrounded with love. Remember, your words are painting a mental picture.

Now, the purer you become the less over-the-top your desires will be. I remember one of my best friends telling me that all he ever wishes is to feel content and happy with where he is. I thought it was a great piece of advice. He also gave me my first copy of Tao Te Ching, so I listened. I noticed that in my own life, I also mainly 'seek' (i.e. affirm to myself with gratitude) simple things. I always want to feel radiant, energized and full of life force. I always want to be healthy and to feel resourceful and capable. Having this automatically ticks off the list a million other things. If I'm capable and resourceful, I'm already on it! I don't need to drag God into it. He gave me the creative powers! As the saying goes: The only prayer you should ever say is THANK YOU. No matter how dire your situation, say: Thank you God for giving me the understanding. Thank you for blessing me with wisdom to see the reason behind this situation. Thank you. I trust you completely. 


When we are in a good space in life, manifestation becomes more of a simple goal-setting with regard to various areas of life. I always want to feel good, inspired and hopeful regardless of the situation. This assures that even if things go down, I'm still happy in the situation and capable of extracting wisdom from it!

Personally I LOVE journaling and scripting, but the absolute best is just MUSIC, dance and any form of vigorous exercise. Put yourself in a state of total fantasy: dance, sing, run. Get super excited. From there you will be already DOING IT. Utilize your emotions! The more powerful your imagination, the better. If you're a 12th house person like me - whooooa! You're on it sister. All great pieces of art, literature and music; all inventions and great breakthroughs come from a relaxed wandering mind. Sure, people will call you a space cadet...that's until it's done and everyone asks: But how? How did you do this? 


Take note of what you're dreaming about. Where does your mind go when you listen to music? That's your true heart's desire! Naturally, these shift as we heal. For example, a person with lots of childhood wounds and low awareness may constantly dream about romantic love rather than world peace. But even that is indicative of what their ideal love is like! YOU CAN HAVE IT. If you have a strong sense of inner direction in life, you will just know. Your destiny is clear. 


This whole thing deserves a massive video. In my own life, all amazing things happened as a result of stepping into the unknown and taking a giant risk like moving countries or walking straight into an Embassy and asking for a job (and getting it!). On numerous occasions, I flew all across the world entirely on my own with close to no money and had the most insane travel experiences with super friendly people. The key is to work yourself up to that place of flying on the angels' wings 😂😃(I know) , floating in the air... this is what I mean by being in LOVE with LIFE. This is LOVE. You become LOVE. You become a beacon of light and inspiration and from that place you also manifest love. You become magnetic. Let your mind be a musical stage. Feel the joy and it will give you infinite confidence and faith. When we are in a state of bliss and deep knowing, the nastiness of life simply doesn't get to us. It's not on our timeline. Joy and inner knowing give us conviction and courage - they help us grow thick skin. Let others waste their time on fighting their shadows while you do good things in the world. 


So, evaluate where you are. If you need some healing, DO IT. Remember that you are ALWAYS manifesting anyway, so be mindful.

STEP #5. Evaluate your Self-Concept and subconscious beliefs. 

You must SEE YOURSELF as the person who already is [ FILL IN THE BLANK ] - a world leader, a CEO, a mum, a rock star, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a shredded martial artist, a pro skateboarder, a married person, a loved person, a popular person, a healthy person, a wealthy person or whatever else. You may want to explore Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, if you need a deeper insight. It's about our self-concept and how it dictates what we experience in our reality. The author is a plastic surgeon and he started exploring the idea after seeing the impact of surgery on his patients. For some, life improved instantly. They became confident, more optimistic and outgoing. Others saw no changes because they still carried a perception of self that was 'unsuccessful' and 'ugly'. 


No matter how you look today, you absolutely must tap into the vision of the New You (or rather, the Truest You) and accept it as your status quo. Drop all self-consciousness and doubt (oh but that's weird etc...nothing more off-putting than a self-doubting individual whether in life, in love or at work). Doubt, fear and insecurity are contagious. If you're doubting yourself, you will be acting accordingly. People can smell it and they will begin to respond to you based on that energy. Thus, you will be avoided by confident up-front happy people and desired by similar uncertain types who beat about the bush. 


You may learn a lot about your current self-concept by: a) observing your current reality (which is a mirror to your current beliefs) and b) paying attention to your self-talk and speech. How do you describe yourself? How often do you use negatives - are you constantly talking about the things you don’t want? Things and you hate and people that annoy you? Well, you are getting more of them. Do you undervalue yourself in speech? Pay attention to that.


STEP #6. Become aware of your energy, thoughts and speech. Don’t complain. Be the boss instead. 

Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together.

Words are spells. Each utterance becomes your reality. Your thoughts and words have already created what you see today. Think and speak as if it already happened. It's yours. PERIOD. Think positive thoughts, speak kind words. Focus on positive things in life. Think in terms of solutions rather than armchair pseudo-analysis, i.e. neurotic moaning about the state of the world as if it were not obvious. Instead of yammering start cleaning the Ocean. Instead of ranting on social media, get a law degree and fix the issue. Cynical negative Nancy archetype is simply outdated. Another friendly advice, this time from a start-up founder, now successful entrepreneur: Don't be THAT person. Apply to any situation. Act smart, not entitled/disgruntled. Don't spend any time complaining because it's absolutely useless and it will lower your vibes. You want to be at the helm. You want to be the generator of your future, the creator NOT the recipient of breadcrumbs who then partners up with other responsibility-evading individuals. Do not spend any time with people who complain, criticize or moan or you may become like them. Even when working toward big world issues that are difficult - the person who ACTUALLY does it, needs to be positive and focused on their work.


Just watch those Hollywood actors talk to scientists about climate change. The one who actually does the research is hopeful. The one who spent their entire life on debauchery moving around in private jets contributing to the problem indulges in gloomy forecasting. For someone who has never owned a car in her life (and I'm about to turn 36) and consciously chose to cycle throughout the four seasons this is kinda funny. It's ALWAYS the people who are the least responsible, who act as saints. Avoid couch-potato prognostics at all costs. Just drop it. Each time you wish to complain, ask yourself: What is it going to do? How is my complaining contributing to changing the situation? I'm not telling you to suppress your emotions. Feel them. Raise above them. See other people's limitations with compassion. They are doing their best. It's all a part of human experience. Calm down - Yes, people are flying their drones into birds, they are beating their children, they pollute, American special snowflakes promote Dubai and Qatar, they treat black people as if they were Drop this load. You can't fix it, because human nature is constant. It's your ego that seeks to control outcomes and if you become righteous, you will absorb this toxicity and act in angry way as well. Never lose your peace as a result of something on the outside. That's your challenge. Have your low moment but try to accept the reality and choose the best way forward. Stoics suggest asking yourself:

Is this within my control (right now)?

I can speak from personal experience..sometimes we need to do things that are of no interest to us, but we do them out of necessity and because we know that they will lead us to something else - the real goal, the big dream. If you thought that my life's dream is to sit at home producing YouTube videos and blabbing about 'Manifestation',  you don't know anything about me, my character and energy. I do enjoy what I do and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I know with others, but the time I spent on YouTube has been challenging. I felt sad and lonely. I'm also no preacher, but I like having freedom and need to finance my relocation so that I can finally expand creatively. If I can do this by uplifting others - the better! I care about education and seeing us all healthy, so it's a win, win. However, the ultimate format/the creative medium is probably different.


So far in my life, all expansion was linked to hard labour. I needed to work double shifts whilst at uni. That's the reality of it. Tula Lagna people (Vedic Libra Ascendant) get zero support or educational opportunities in life. Dah, we need to deal with one obstacle after another. Yet, creativity and education is what we value the most. While some people are born to families that say - hey, do your hobby and then go get them tiger! Others need to work for survival to even get to a place from which they can buy themselves a piano or a guitar or pay for a singing lesson AND find a normal place to live. In my own life, my family did everything in their power to make sure that I fail at school. It's a sick environment which always rewarded all kinds of bad habits and shamed anything that's healthy. Our values don't align, but I chose them as the place of my incarnation. It was exactly what I needed because I LOVE challenges. I love my life-story, I am proud of who I am. I am proud that I built myself up from mud. My Shani Atmakaraka in Lagna shows just that. I had to take my life into my own hands, if I wanted to get anywhere in life (for which I was 'exiled', shamed and blackmailed). The resistance has only made me stronger and more focused. I can literally pull all of my energy inward, cut everything and everyone off and pour my life-force toward the goal.  But I also had to carry my own cross and deal with severe depression throughout my life - which only surfaces when I'm idle, distanced from my dharma and not creating. When I see those YouTube videos that recommend checking with health-care professional if you feel off for more than two weeks...I mean... Hello Vanilla World!

It is what it is, but I try not to get down about it. Instead I think of Tina Turner who needed to sing in random bars to pay off her giant debt after her marriage to Ike. I look to my Saturn and the cycle I'm in. It's okay. Pondering the pains and petty disappointments of my life only takes me to dark place and desire to shoot up heroin. So I don't do that. It would make things worse, it would take me in the opposite direction of my desire. So I just breathe, wake up each morning and focus on appreciating my days. I am exactly where I need to be. I look to successful people and my role models and spend ZERO time entertaining lazy bitches of whatever gender. I'm literally allergic to insecure, self-doubting people who don't do anything with their lives, because not living up to my own potential and failing to give form to the visions I have in my own mind is the scariest thing I can possibly imagine. Insecurity and a wasted life is the scarriest mirror to me. I spend no time on distractions, infatuations or other nonsense. I'm in Saturn Mahadasa and I don't have time. You know you need to cut them off, if they begin to tell you: * Oh but relax, take a day off. Eat some cake. Let's get a drink. Don't be so hard on yourself. ** No darling, you do that. I was born this way for a good reason. Find someone else to alleviate your guilt for not pursuing your dharma. I've got my 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th lords in Lagna - I know who I am and what I'm doing. 


Don't spend time with people whom you do not wish to become. People who are meant for you will be just as excited about creativity as you are - they will want to help you with your business, music, fitness or whatever else. They will be on the same path. They will beam with delight and reward your growth and expansion. They will want to see you work hard toward your desires. They will join you at the gym. If you are living healthy, they will never bring shitty foods into your house and guilt you for not appreciating the gift. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Time = life. Good people will energize you. You will feel excited that you have such great company of someone who is on the same page. They will say - hey! Let's set up a band! Omg, this is so exciting! Let's go free skiing in Alaska! Let's cycle from East coast to West coast. Let's build a business. Let me help you. Let's go hiking. Let's wake up at 4am. Let's go! woohoo.

Remember laziness, insecurity, directionless-ness, apathy are all contagious. If you're sensitive to energies like me, you must take responsibility for whom and what you allow into your life. I never allow myself to watch/hear an ad or any other media pollution. I don't look at the covers of trashy magazines at the counter. To the best of my ability, I don't expose my mind to anything I do not wish to be stored in it. I don't take busses because the energy of commuters depresses me. So I cycle which makes me feel empowered. Depression is always a sign of misalignment - of being/doing something one is not. It is the crushing of one's own light. The right people/energies will bring the sense of infinite expansion, excitement, joy, forward momentum, multiple possibilities, wealth and a feeling of being happy in your own skin. So establish this first, so that you may align with those birds of a feather.

From where I stand I can only say that you need to show some sincerity. Life may challenge you - Are you really committed to your dharma? Prove to yourself that you can work toward long-term goals, that you will cross mountains and seas, that you will learn the skills, master new languages, deal with isolation and any self-doubt. Show courage, take risks to get where you need to be. Above all else, equip yourself with some positivity and enjoy your daily life. Affirm: 

This is leading me toward my goal. I'm getting closer and closer. I'm so proud of myself for doing this. I can count on myself. I am lucky. I was born under a lucky star. The Universe supports me. I am the Sun, the Sky, the Stars. I bring life. I am life. Life loves me and I love my life. I love people and people love me. I built my life from ground up and so I know what I'm doing. I earned it and so I will enjoy the rewards. I love this process. I love how easy it is. I am so fuckinnnn' happy! I love love love my life. Thank you God! I'm yours. All yours. Only yours. I love you, everyday until the end of time. You are the Sun of my life, my one and only. I trust you completely. You've got me covered. I am bold and courageous. I accept every minute of my incarnation. Thank you for blessing me with this amazing life. Thank you for making me so rich. Thank you for living inside my heart. I'll do whatever you need me to do. No brainer.

STEP #7. Once you have set your mind on something, stop obsessing about it. Drop it completely. Surrender and Act the Part.

The key is to ACT AS IF it was already your reality - because IT IS! Imagine a seed. An oak seed WILL turn into an oak. There is no doubt about it, so nurture your seeds having full trust they will bring the results. Focus entirely on YOU and the present moment. The happier and more excited you become, the better. By now, you should be bursting with energy and already creating whatever you wish to create. This does not need to feel like being in a state of mania. No, it's about calm inner knowing - understanding which way your heart and soul are magnetically pulled. In my own life this is experienced as life path or vocation, inspiration, dharma, inner knowing, destiny. You know that it's yours, so you don't obsess about it. That's why you need to align with your most authentic truth and not some superficial half-ass petty ego desire. When we are aligned with our deepest truth, we will endure A N Y T H I N G in order to fulfill that destiny (Atmakaraka shows just that). Aligning with a fashion or a fleeting trend because everyone else is doing it won't keep your fire burning. 

My personal attitude in life has never been materialistic - it's entirely geared toward EXPERIENCE, FULFILLMENT and CONTRIBUTION. So from the youngest age I wanted to explore things, to travel, to go to awesome locations around the world and live there, to learn languages, to meet people everywhere. I also have my epic creative desires. Everything I do comes from the heart so I had the courage to pursue dreams that to others in my community seemed ridiculous and irresponsible. I had to listen to what the heck is she doing with her life - type of opinions, but I never cared. If you want to get somewhere, you have to break out. Stop seeking guidance or a template to follow. Stop trying to find the right fit for you when it comes to career. Realize that perhaps you will be the one who creates that very thing. It has not been done yet! Also, don't look sideways for "templates of success". Success means different things to different people. 

Remember, you are the only person whose life is going to be wasted if you fail to follow what's right for you. So it is very important to understand that you must step into a whole NEW SELF CONCEPT and ideally - this will be aligned with your truth and NOT something you have seen online like - manifest money/car/house. That's all cool, but remember that these things are only by-products of an already inspired life. In and of themselves they can't actually bring you true fulfillment. Once you get them, you will most likely want to focus on manifesting something new. It's about filling your life (time) with depth, juice, content and by that I don't mean that your life needs to become intense or erratic. No. You may choose to focus on contemplation and growing vegetables, but you must enjoy that. What you really want deep down is a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment in life - a sense of creative fulfillment and self-actualization. That feeling that you are right where you want to be, doing exactly what makes you happy. 


Tao Te Ching puts a lot of emphasis on simplicity and being content with one’s day and work. Even Nina Simone sings about it in Feeling Good. :)


Sleep in peace when day is done, that's what I mean

- she sings.

I am talking about a life where you wake up feeling genuinely content and happy with where you are. A life that makes you excited about all the things you are about to do on that day: whether it will be helping people, creating music, videos, going to the gym, running seminars, classes, cracking cases, defending people in court… The reason why I started with gratitude is because perhaps after some reflection you will realize that your life is just great! Perhaps you spent so much time online, that other people's desires permeated your aura. *


I strongly encourage you to deeply ponder HOW YOU WISH YOUR LIFE TO LOOK LIKE focusing on the feeling imprint and activities. Most people these days have their lives completely un-governed: they are bored and constantly look outside for something to come their way and provide the answer. Imagine an abandoned allotment or garden filled with weeds, completely unkempt, perhaps even occupied by random squatters who use it as a restroom. They throw bear cans all around and leave their feces. Your allotment does not even have a fence and you are sitting in front of it complaining about manifestation! Can you see where I'm going with it? You can't HAVE anything that you desire until you BECOME IT first. Now imagine turning around and taking a look at that garden. Suddenly you realize - Omg! This is my property. It has value. I can make it beautiful, I can design it in whatever way I want. I can start growing things and sell organic produce; I can turn it into a nursery or local kinder garden, I can get into landscape design or start doing DIY projects...the minute you do, you will run into other people who do the same! So far they were invisible to you because they were simply on a completely different timeline. They were taking care of their own gardens perhaps wondering why the heck this one neighbor doesn't do anything. Now you can join the party.

Think about your life holistically. Whether you’re after a relationship or vocation - those things usually fall into place all at once. It’s also true that when one of your life’s sectors doesn’t work, all other areas tend to collapse. When we are happy and aligned with our path; when we feel that what we are doing is valuable and it brings a lot of joy into our hearts we are naturally magnetic. We don't even think about 'attracting love' - our life is LOVE. We are filled with purpose. So, what makes you truly happy?

Yes, you can absolutely manifest money and “stuff” and that's fun too! However, to focus entirely on the superfluous may actually be a trap. It really depends on your WHY. If you are driven by a massive VISION or desire to help people or make their life easier or bring about a creative idea, money will be a by-product. If you are driven by money alone, you may never really get much of it. OR, you will get a lot of it still feeling depressed. This type of manifestation has nothing to do with 'spirituality' because it's not rooted in virtue or dharma. I'm not saying that wanting lovely things is wrong! NO. But once you've got that house or a car you still need to do something fulfilling in life or else it will be pointless. Same goes for relationships. Unless you are happy with your own life to begin with, you won't be able to maintain a healthy relationship. You will act clingy and needy due to that awful lack of inner purpose within. So really take time to contemplate the nature of your truest heart desires. People often 'can't manifest' because all they are really doing is feeding into consumerism: their desires are artificial and entirely dictated by what everyone else is chasing; they live from a place of lack, judgment and comparison; they have no idea why they want a certain thing. In other instances, one’s entire mind may be still in survival mode and battle for scarce resources. 


If you try to manifest love from a place of sitting on a rotten allotment, you are likely to manifest dysfunction. Your actions are rooted in self-avoidance. Think how you want to feel on an everyday basis and what types of people you wish to interact with. Many people seek to "help people" or to become a "leader" yet they have nothing to convey. They simply want to feel needed. It's not a pure desire because it's not even rooted in experiential knowledge. One has read some random book on X and now they repeat what it says without any scrutiny. The sole desire is to be adored, approved of, validated, recognized, included, rewarded. It stems form poor self-esteem or narcissistic entitlement. This will connect them to equally phony people. Those who seek personal glory or narcissistic supply in the form of attention and constant complements will get just that and that's okay, but think if you want to be this way yourself. Think deeply about what types of people you wish to interact with. Would you like them to be deep, humble, real, wise, intelligent? Decide this clearly. Think about your day - how do you wish it to look like? Oftentimes, we can't know whether we like something until we have tried it. Sitting behind a laptop editing videos may not be for everyone. Perhaps you need loads of outdoors physical activity like me? Think about how you wish your life to look. Having a show on TV involves spending loads of time in a studio with artificial lighting, would this be something you enjoy? Think about your diet in conjunction to that desired lifestyle - is it going to support your health? Do you like working with others or are you like J.K. Rowling who feels happy when left to her own devices. Do you need other people to motivate you or are you driven from within? Your birth chart will show it at 1st glance. 


Once you are rooted in your truth you will be able to enter any industry/domain of life and still attract the good eggs: positive people and experiences. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will get distracted.


If your self concept is that of a healthy, athletic person, think about what such person would do on a daily basis. Most likely they have a great diet and a solid routine. They go to bed early, they take time to recover, they squeeze 1000 crunches daily regardless of how they feel about it. They may also teach classes or maybe make videos, if this is their profession. So start doing just that. This is the essence of ACTING AS IF. In reality, you are already acting the part even though you may not yet look like a total athlete. Go to bed at 9-10pm, wake up at 4-5am, drink veg juices, eat clean diet, drink water, start going on walks/runs/bike will start meeting new people right away and opportunities will unfold. This is what we the proponents of the LOA call shifting vibrations OR raising to a new vibrational plane. Can you see how some of your old habits will no longer cut it?You have to see your IDEAL SELF as a DEAL DONE. You already are IT. It's your destiny. It must be your full knowing otherwise you won't commit to it. Unless you see yourself as an athlete, you won't commit to an athlete's routine, lifestyle and diet.

Same goes for all else!

What would a lawyer do? A lawyer needs a law degree/conversion course. You need to know what type of law interests you. Do you want to be a barrister or a solicitor? Do you want to be a corporate lawyer or human rights lawyer? Lawyers are hard-working, dedicated to service, they study long and hard thus they are perfectly okay with postponing immediate gratification, they are patient etc etc

What would a writer do? A writer writes.

What would a singer do? A singer sings.

What would a runner do? A runner runs.

How do leaders act? They are responsible. They go in first when courage is needed and last when weaker soldiers need to be supported. They are capable of making decisions being okay with bearing responsibility for the outcome. They are calm, non-reactive, strong, detached. Leaders remove themselves from the picture, they act for the greater good. They see more than others and need to live with it. They deal with criticism. On many occasions they will be the final authority needing to make an autonomous decision. You cannot be a leader, if you are acting the part of a follower. You cannot be a leader if you are seeking to be told what to do. You cannot be an inventor or a CEO if you prefer to be a consumer. 

Most people fail because they don't even know how to go about their lives. They speak in this ambiguous language: I'd like to get fitter. I would like to loose some weight. What the heck is that about? 🤷🏽‍♀️The second statement is a Negative affirmation anyway. I would like to... sound very different to: I am super-lean, shredded and athletic. I love my body. I feel so strong, powerful, healthy and energetic! My body is muscular and I'm a great sprinter. I am bursting with life. I'll race my neighbor's chickens. Each morning I go for a 5km run and I'm loving it! Thank you! I weight [...] with [...] % body fat and my weight is easy to maintain. It's so easy! This is my natural state and I am so happy and grateful now that I can easily afford super healthy foods and vegetable juices. Everyone around me supports my lifestyle! BOOM! Ka- Pow I'm the best!  I'm coming! 😃🤸‍♀️👊


See how it sets you up for a different action? For example, the sentence about being supported by everybody sends a signal to your brain about your ideal environment. From now on, each time you're around lazy, lethargic people who seduce you into gluttony, something inside you will feel off. Once you have trained for a few weeks (= once you have cleared your allotment), you will feel more protective of your achievement and efforts (self-worth/ value/self-respect). You will no longer feel guilty to say: No, thanks. I'm busy.

On the whole, the higher you go the greater the burdens and responsibility. Hence, most people subconsciously fear success because it actually implies A LOT of responsibility and a lot of work. Think of athletes - their lives are very organized. They don't go on pub crawls. Fuck endless socializing. 9-5 job may be boring, competitive and stressful but it's a sandbox in many respects. You only need to show up and do what's required of you - pay check is covered. Income is fixed which means no great highs and no sudden lows, but you don't need to be at the frontline. Then you go off, like all other workers from the Industrial Revolution and you get to consume the goods you produced during the weekend. Realise that there is a whole Universe built specifically for 9-to-5-ers. They work hard for their money to be able to afford the things that make them feel better about themselves (fashion stuffs, iPads etc) - a stack of unnecessary things. They waste time (life) of the things they mindlessly consume, having created nothing of their own. They also do online dating entering relationships with people with whom they can complain on their uninspired reality, politics, stuff they saw on YT or Telly, some annoyance with regard to their taxes and pension. There is NOTHING wrong with that, and NOT all regular/routine jobs are like this! I'm referring STRICTLY to the cliche, uninspired, I don't want to be here jobs and life scripts. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE. 

STEP #8. Commit and be patient by rooting yourself in the Law of Cause and Effect.

Nothing can grow in your life unless you commit to it. Nothing is built overnight. And here you don't even need to believe in the benevolent Universe or God. You actually don’t need to trust fate, providence or have luck on your side (although I strongly encourage adopting such attitude). You only need to observe patterns. For every action there is a consequence. Root yourself in trusting the pattern. Isn’t is 100% certain that if you continue to eat junk food every single day, your body will naturally adjust to your actions? You will see the consequences of your behavior over a short period of time. Trust that the reverse is also the case. I swear there is no better way of learning about the LOA than fitness, nutrition and health. Simply watch some of the amazing body transformations online. In fact, I strongly recommend adopting some physical regimen - it will sort out all areas of your life including MENTAL HEALTH. Whatever habits we cultivate they always have a snowballing effect. I don't think it's possible to manifest much in life if you treat your only vessel as a trash can. Sugar alone will make your mind fuzzy. A lot of the times there really isn't all that much to talk about, if one's lifestyle is not sorted. 

Look at this visual.


1 Action = 1 Result or Consequence (AT LEAST 1)

All actions have consequences.

Mindless scrolling through Instagram has consequences. Not acting on your inspiration has consequences. Not honoring your intuition about someone has consequences. Going to the gym has consequences.




Action + Action + Action + Action + Action + Action + Action = 7 x Action 




Result +  Result +  Result +  Result +  Result +  Result +  Result = 7 x Result 


When action is consistent over a period of a week we get a guaranteed results of 7 

2 weeks = 14

12 weeks = 84





Manifestation is NOT about making cosmetic changes,

obsessing about an object of desire due to spiritual bankruptcy or chasing material goods due to lack of


Prosperity is but a BY-PRODUCT

of an inspired life.

Only those RICH in SPIRIT can be truly rich.




True words aren't eloquent;

eloquent words aren't true.

Wise men don't need to prove their point;

men who need to prove their point aren't wise.

The Master has no possessions.

The more he does for others,

the happier he is.

The more he gives to others,

the wealthier he is.

The Tao nourishes by not forcing.

By not dominating the Master leads.

Generally, the strongest MANIFESTATION periods come in:

Shani, Budha, Shukra and Rahu Mahadasas


But to be honest, no truly rich man focuses on having! You already HAVE it, if you ARE "IT". And by 'rich' I mean a whole lot of things.

Sexual energy is CREATIVE ENERGY. The excitement of working on your dream will be felt in your reproductive organs. It's a near-orgasm sensation. The more excited you get, the more aroused you will feel. You will begin to feel restless like a horse waiting for the race to start. It's no different to sexual act. That's why it's so important to treat your sexual energy with great respect. Instead of splashing it all over the place or wasting it on some random person with whom you're entangled in a 'situationship' (TO THIS DAY I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE EVEN ENTERTAIN THAT SHIT) - FOCUS!

Stop running around like a headless chicken seeking surrogate parents. Calm down. Heal your wounds and bring all of your energy back to self. Once you get excited about your life, you will realize that you were chasing people because of your wounds and that toxic loneliness which you contracted in childhood. Commit to SELF. Commit to restoring your energy and you will notice that none of your mind-space is occupied by other people. You are free to cruise through life toward what brings you joy!








Stop spitting trash. Start telling pearls.

Become the most annoying stalker of your own speech. How do you speak about SELF? How do you speak about others? Unless beef is a part of your creative output, drop it!

drop boring people.

it's better to go it alone.

the environment will shift with time

and you will be met with better companions.

What is your partner reflecting back to you?What are your friends reflecting back to you? Do you keep feeling uber-annoyed or restless? Do you find yourself in conflict over and over again? STOP changing the mirror. Understand that that's NOT your sandbox. Collect your toys and move on. Under no circumstances  try to change other people! What is really happening is that you are focusing on the wrong thing - you are evading responsibility for your own life and most likely you are afraid of the NEW. Fear makes you look SIDEWAYS (check out my article on the subject here). You already know the answer, so drop that narrative and OWN your DESTINY. It's calling you toward greatness!

Don't waste time on EGO battles.


What other people think of me is none of my business.

If it feels like your business, it's the EGO!

I know that some people like to 'manifest' during an orgasm (masturbation), but personally I like to keep my sexual energy inside rather than releasing it. To manifest with a partner as part of a tantric ritual is something else, but masturbation may lead to addiction and quite frankly it may also make you sleepy and lazy, if you do it during the day.


Try to keep your mind focused and channel your sexual energy toward meditation, exercise, dance and achievement of goals. Practice Shani-Austerities, moderation, restraint and you will be given EVERYTHING. Most people are entirely unaware of the sheer power that lies dormant within them. 

Suppressed emotions, despondency, resignation,  learnt helplessness (bad childhood with no win situations), horrible diet and lack of exercise all lead to mind-numbing existence. Do the work on self and you will start feeling more energized and awake. Keep your sexual energy for special occasions + the right partner.


If you have huge life mission/big goals/giant destiny reflect on whether it is right for you to enter a partnership at this time. There is no right or wrong here. In fact the right partner will support your growth and walk in the same direction..but if you're not healed, you might be manifesting logs in your path.

Do not speak what you do not want more of.

Do not associate with anyone you do not wish to become. If you tend to associate with hypocrisy or lack of virtue - something is off within. Heal it. To tolerate falsehood on the outside means to  tolerate it within.

Speak beauty and virtue. Speak love and affection. Be kind in spite of anything you went through. Choose not to become hardened by life. Make yourself softer. Be like water.

Spend no time on people who say:

It's easy for you to say. You don't know what I've been through!

Well.. you don't know what I've been through, yet you have just assumed your pain is the most impossible pain in the world. That's narcissistic entitlement. Such people are not focused on healing but on extracting pity and guilting you if you fail to give in.


People who went through real suffering have an in-built understanding of human/animal pain. They know that their pain is not the greatest pain out there. They take ownership of their karma, spend time on healing and usually go into the world to help others. They don't dwell in their misery because inside of them is an understanding of something greater than petty Ego and personal gratification.  It's called  duty.

Can I do something about it in the long run?

Most of the time, the reason why you are not taking that inspired action in life is due to childhood wounds. Perhaps everything you did was criticized, laughed at, shamed and ridiculed. Perhaps none of your efforts were ever supported let alone rewarded. Perhaps it's the additional issue of being made responsible for other people's sick psychology, mood swings and well-being. Nothing you ever did was good enough..more importantly, you learnt that no matter what you did - there was no change in OUTCOME. No matter what you did, there was no love. No matter what you did, there were no smiles, no hugs. Worse..your stumbling and making noise produced outlandish rage response from the outside. And so you learnt to sit quiet and drop all trying. You learnt powerlessness: your actions and intentions produced no result. What's the point anyway? This might be the source of your apathy and learnt helplessness - or at least something along those lines. HEAL THAT. Commit to loving yourself. Commit to being a good parent. Say to yourself: Enough is enough, I'm taking you out of this environment. We are going to put in the effort, because the results are assured. I see in you the true you. I know what you are capable of. I, your higher self. I - the divine within you. I see you and you are a great person. I love you.

You have to commit to loving YOU and being patient with yourself.

Stop kidding yourself.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard this question in my Jyotish consultations: I'm a software engineer. Is this the right path for me?

To me this is equal to:

I'm wearing a blue sweater. Do I like it?

The they add: I always wanted to be an artist.

You've got your answer! Let's not waste time on this nonsense. Stop seeking validation and approval. Let's work on the ROOT CAUSE, i.e. why are you not pursuing the path you desire? 

fear, trauma, childhood wounds,

low self-esteem, poor self concept 


NOW we're talking.


You can't go half-in. Not in your relationships, not in your career, not in sport, not in life. Insecurity inspires distrust and it can be deadly. Imagine not being committed to making a back-flip. Before jumping, you must have decided to land successfully. Same goes for landing an aircraft or sailing across the ocean. You must go with it 100%. 

I can't do a back flip, but I definitely can think of many other examples from sports. Skiing is my favorite. It's one of those sports that you want to teach your kids as soon as they stand on their feet. Most children have no sense of fear. They will shoot down the mountain with no comprehension. Adults, on the other hand, are not easily teachable. Not when it comes to skiing. The first response is to lean back which they do for security reasons. YET, that's the worst thing any skier can do. Leaning back means you have no control. The correct position is sort of aggressive, hungry, forward-shooting, I'll eat that mountain bullet I'm fearless, focused and I'm gonna be fast! Your centre of gravity (navel) must be above your thighs with your arms reaching forward.You can't resist the mountain, you need to look straight down and go down with your entire body. Same in life - you need to have a clear sense of destination, what you're about and enter with boldness.


All manifestation improves as one cleans up their diet and gets hold of their body. Fitness gives us an immense sense of personal efficacy. As we dedicate ourselves to a routine, results begin to show - this alone may just as well be the single most satisfying thing you will ever experience in life. Same goes for mastering a skill. You are a witness to your own inner genius. You brought it about! How awesome. From there a whole new world of endless joys emerges.

My childhood hero Michael von Grünigen.

Best technique!

Let's make it into a simple fitness goal of 20 push-ups which you don't even need to do in one go. Just 20 push ups in one day.

By week 2 you will be doing 40-60 per day and above all else you will feel great sense of accomplishment and progress.

20P + 20P + 20P + 20P + 20P + 20P + 20P = 140 P 😃

💪    💪     💪     💪      💪     💪    💪

Contrast the above with this:

20P + 2P + meh..I don't feel like it + 0 + I'm good for nothing +                            12P + 8P = ?????????

💪 +  ?    +  couch?                        + ?    + ? self-esteem drops to rock bottom + 🙂 +  ok

Make visuals for your actions and you will see that if you stick to a routine, you WILL get the results. When you see the results, you will feel awesome about yourself.

Now substitute push ups for [every time I see James/Mary]. Let's make result into I feel confused and unsure of myself.

You take this action once and you have your answer. If you continue down that path your Result Total will also start accumulating. The thing with all our actions and habits is that they have a snowballing/compounding effect. The more you exercise, the more calories you burn and the quicker you get to even better results. The more you sit on a couch, the more NORMAL this is for you. With time, it will be challenging to break this habit. The more time you spend around people who confuse you, the less able you will be to discern up from down. You will no longer even remember that you were once happy and confident. Do this exercise if you are confused about anyone in your life - or you really can't pinpoint what's going on. You may be able to trace it back to some event in your timeline when you... spoke to mum, bumped into THAT friend again, hanged out with Lucy, watched that YT channel, stopped going to the gym, answered the phone from someone toxic. 

Also, rest assured that the more you expose yourself to HAPPY, empowering content, messages and visuals - the happier you will be. Think positively even when it's challenging and think BIG. 

I GUARANTEE that you WILL see results over time so long as you put it the exact same action. It doesn’t matter whether you are studying a language, practicing yoga or meditation, doing crunches, studying for an exam or building a business. It’s as sure as eating junk and getting overweight. GUARANTEED and yes, it's hard at first but it gets much better over time. That's the thing about good habits vs. instant gratification. Whatever seems very easy and immediately satisfying at first: cake, laziness, couch, Internet, alcohol etc.. gets very problematic quite quickly. Whatever seems quite difficult at first, tends to bring infinite joy, fulfillment and prosperity. Examples: mastering the guitar/piano, practicing your voice, studying, learning new language, boarding a plane on your own which will send you into a new location.


It's always seems impossible until it's done.

Nelson Mandela

And you know what, if you tell yourself that it's easy - it will be.

Same goes for your thoughts. People who KNOW the price of thinking negative thoughts, being jealous, obsessed, angry - exercise greater self-restraint in this regard. It’s simply stupid to do so, just as it is absolutely horrific and counter-productive to commit suicide. Unless lesson is learnt - it does not go away. Show me an instance where avoidance of anything worked, right? Being suicidal is a really horrible state. I can understand it because I have been there HOWEVER...for me with my Saturn conjunction Ascendant it was always obvious - there is no way out. The assumption that suicide equals liberation and end to one's pain is a false assumption and I will discuss it elsewhere. If one thought hey were in pain already.. well the pain starts AFTER the suicide. Literally, yank yourself out of it. I strongly urge everyone to commit to life. Decide to master your ski technique and shoot down this mountain with joy instead of sliding sideways.

Affirm to yourself that it is easy to do the new thing - start with little things! When my flat gets messy and I feel kinda lethargic I like to say to myself- OMG! I can’t believe it. I literally cleaned my entire apartment in minutes! It took no time whatsoever! I out-mastered Monica! I am the Master Cleaner. I could clean houses! Hahaha 😂 Wooo hooo here is me flying with a broom. Then I do the Eddie Murphy dance - Ice cream is coming! I’ve got some ice cream. I’ve got some ice cream.. only that I talk about cleaning hahaha Oh yeee oh yeeee.. I-Am-a-cleeeeeeaner… and before I know it, my flat is clean.

Develop more oomph and bad-ass attitude. Do something that’s uncomfortable. Cold showers are great. Decide to be okay with discomfort. Seek it, welcome it. Go into the storm, into the cold, into the wet and uncomfortable and forget that it is this way. It's your mind that labelled it in the first place. 

STEP #9. Apply some LOGIC and SIMPLIFY your life.

Educate yourself. Use discernment and common sense. Think for yourself. Take things in your hands instead of waiting for someone to save you, guide you, help you.

You don't need money or expert advice to start doing what you want to do. You don't need a gym pass to get fit. You don't even need shoes. You can start at home. It's the uncommitted people who find all those excuses. If you went to uni..remember those students who didn't prepare because they didn't know where to search for a book? 

If you decide that you want a Bruce Lee's body or a law degree - do as Bruce Lee did and follow the path of a lawyer. You will need a fitness plan, good diet and plenty of sleep. Affirmations alone won’t do the trick. Depending on where you are, you will need to make changes accordingly. God gave you brain, use it. Don't eat sugary granola just because it's in 'organic' section. It's usually junk! Look at the label of all those vegan milks - 2% almonds, 98% water + weird oils and additives. No wonder you are allergic. Get a blender and blend in it the things you can name. You don't need someone to tell you what to do, do your own research and take what works for you from many different people.

Now, sure! If you're training for something specific and we are talking high-level / advanced / expertise - plane, you will be dealing with other experts and good guidance. However, for anyone common (not a pro athlete etc) aim to take things in your own hands. See yourself as resourceful, capable, inventive and entrepreneurial. Fuck the cool - I can tell you that right away. 'Cool' are the losers who care for other people's opinion. Focus on mastering something or devoting your energy toward the life of your dreams. Insignificant will chip off. You don't want to waste your time, money and energy on stuff that's overpriced and people of no substance. Always focus on fulfillment and quality.


SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE. Your time is your life. Your time is your money. Your money is your freedom and.... lots of free time which you may spend in any way you want. Start valuing your life. Start valuing your time. Don't waste it on stupid conversations with people who have no place in the grand scheme of things. See, the more you know about your true heart's desire and your soul's truth - the clear it will become. You will know exactly who is who and you will feel infinitely irritated by anyone who wastes your time. Let them move on elsewhere. Stop all that toddlery, obsessing about pleasing your parents or what not. You've got your own life to build and your own kids /(future kids if desired) to inspire. If you are reading this, you're no longer a kid. Be your own person. 

Now - all of the above is pretty obvious to people who are already taking good care of themselves and who are humble. Humble people don't expect anything from anybody. They do the work and put their best foot forward. They are the givers, they share of themselves. Entitled folks always feel that someone owes them - their work ethic and life philosophy is entirely skewed. So there is that as well.


NOTHING JUST HAPPENS. You make it happen. It simply becomes exciting to act as one aligns with their authentic path. The Universe supports that! :)

Step away from phony people. Accept that growth will take you OUT of your comfort zone. You will need to take risks. Don't seek security. Seek discomfort! 

* This exposure to external junk and false desires is one of the reasons why I take so many breaks from being online. I like to stay grounded and grateful for the little things, normal people, down-to-earth neighbors, seemingly un-cool Polish suburbanism. Just made a word! It's so important to get grounded around normal people, who shop in normal cheap shops and bazars, eat normal foods and are just through and through NORMAL. (It's my Saturn). I do not like the feeling of sudden intense desire for more, more, more. I can distinguish this artificial mad energy of commerce and consumerism from creative drive that is driven by joyful output. If you feel a strong energy of lack mixed with obsessive desire - consider stepping away from the Internet and 'culture'. You may realize that it was only a Rahu-haze and you don't need any of that. Always keep your mind on deep contentment and fulfillment - and these are generated by creativity, fulfilling connections, spending time with your pet, appreciating nature, gardening, playing with kids, doing something that you love (hobby) etc. Sure, success and limelight may also be fun, but learn to differentiate when attention is placed on your merit, skill, creativity etc and when you are in the throws of 'hype'. 

 You will have to be very specific when it comes to money.

Keep your biggest dreams to yourself.

Your SELF-CONCEPT is perhaps the most important part of all manifestation. As within, so without. As above, so below. There truly is no outside. What we see is a reflection of who we are and whom we know ourselves to be. A person who on a deep level believes themselves to be a failure, a victim of external influences and attacks or someone who struggles with health, will find confirmation of these believes in their reality. Life MUST deliver. More than that! Basing on this self-concept, they will be showing up in a very specific way. For instance, a woman who believes that males are her oppressors as well as gatekeepers to success, will act differently during an interview with 3 males to a woman who knows herself to be an equal. People who doubt their intelligence tend to be extremely triggered by any remark. Think about those celebrity women who act offended when someone asks them about their dress or beauty tricks...a woman with a great mind, a degree or simply street-smarts will respond lightheartedly because she does not perceive such remarks as offensive, diminishing or in any way suggestive of her limited cognition faculties. She is secure in her brains and her life is a proof of it. A woman who spent her entire life focusing on the superfluous or the sexual (but from a place of insecurity and validation seeking), will likely carry a chip on her shoulder. Yet, the issue is NOT with those who ask questions or "the industry". The industry is what it is. You want to be an entertainer, you go into entertainment. No one is stopping you from being a brilliant and superbly intelligent comedian. It's how you see yourself on the inside that dictates your actions and perceptions and consequently your entire reality. Other people's opinion of you aligns with your own opinion of self. 

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Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.