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1 Hour Skype Session


$ 230

I am love. I am abundance. I am financial prosperity.  Money flows to me in infinite amounts on a constantly increasing basis, as I serve others with my love, skill and wisdom. Thank you Universe! May all people who visit this website be infinitely blessed with peace, love and prosperity.

Large sums of money come to me quickly and easily in increasing amounts from multiple sources on a 

continuous basis in the best interest of all that I get to keep with great pleasure! 

My money brings me immense pleasure, joys, freedom, happiness, health and love!

I am so lucky. Thank YOU!

I Lovell of my viewers and clients and they love me back. Thank you so much.

My consultations are conducted via SKYPE.

Clients are welcome to record their sessions.

Basing on my experience with regard to private sessions I chose to switch to a swifter mode of work via Skype. My consultations are geared toward empowerment - I will zero in on the essence, i.e. what needs to be done for the client to live a fulfilling life. Focusing on various aspects of astrology or tarot readings is really beating about the bush. What most people need to master is COURAGE. In every single case that I've seen there is a fear around facing truth or stepping out of comfort zone. Whilst all consultations include discussion of a client's chart, they are so much more than Jyotisha nativity analysis. 

I'm a big person. Big heart, big vision. I don't like lingering in a psychological sewer, nonsensical judgments, irrelevant character analysis, tabloid YouTube Jyotish. Let's focus on what your real needs are and where you really want to be in life. 


I work intuitively basing on various elements of shadow work, trauma processing, consciousness shifts (i.e. adopting the consciousness that is matching one's vision), Vedic Astrology, my own experiences, 

My core premise is AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS level and perception of self.  

Read about various aspects of my work below. I now charge by TIME. All consultations will include what's necessary for the client.




Bless the day when a random person tells you, you're too much. Hell, yes! That's when you know you've made it. You are WEALTH. You work smarter and harder. You think faster. You feel and care deeper. You see farther. You're efficient. Instead of tiredness you feel excitement. Instead of laboring you follow your calling. To you, work is play. Chores are fun activities. Let God do the work.

Look at that person. Look deeply for they are saying: You do not belong here, at my level. We are NOT a match. I don't feel comfortable around you. I can't comprehend what you say. I can't see what you see. I can't feel what you feel and I don't really care beyond my own immediate personal pleasure. And because I find it hard to accept my cowardice and I only care for my own nose, I will also project my selfishness onto you. Success!? Contribution!? You're greedy. You're crazy. You only think of yourself by stepping out of the pack - you are leaving us behind! Abandoning us. You are a traitor. You need us. No man is an island. You will come back begging.  


It's your blessing day. You just won in the game of life. Don't look back. Celebrate. You will find true friends elsewhere and you've got God who is always with you. The person who says: you need me, you can't survive without me is describing to you their own inner landscape, their own fears. They are blind to their own creative powers. Accept them for who they are and move on. If you are strong in your inner knowing, their opinion will be irrelevant. If not, you're a match. Whom you know yourself to be somehow matches what you're being told. That person will become your helper informing you where you are in life on a daily basis.

This site is so much more than a regular Services Page. It is packed with information which you may come back to at any time. You will find an in-depth description of all my services below. You may also want to read through my services + approach and approach to Jyotisha pages where I discussed Karma, Free Will and the role of Vedic Astrology.

Upon booking, please contact me using my contact page or directly at Please provide me with your Booking Reference Number, questions + some background. Make sure to include your birthday details, even if you're not booking a Jyotisha Reading (use the military clock/24h). If you are booking a Skype session please state your Time Zone.  You will find detailed instructions for each option below.

I tend to respond within 24h. In my response I will confirm your payment, clarify any questions/themes, if necessary, and provide Skype Session date suggestions. From there, there is nothing else for you to do but to relax and wait for your consultation or video. 

I kindly ask that all clients read How to Prepare for a Reading page before sending their questions.

My services are ONLY for growth-oriented responsible adults who are serious about developing greater awareness, and thus personal power. My work focuses on true life direction (Swadharma) and a sense of deep personal fulfillment. I kindly ask that my clients refrain from sending random distress calls and instead follow the introspective process of preparation. It is my goal to help you develop autonomy, i.e. to individuate - not strengthen your codependency and reliance on guiding figures. At some point in our lives, we must stop seeking surrogate parents and start managing our emotions independently. Please know that I don't offer Twin Flame readings and refrain from taking on clients who are pining over a random crush whom they never spoke to and wish to know whether he is the One. This is where the shadow work comes in! Our reality only mirrors where we are in relation to Self, so the answer is rather clear. One is voluntarily giving their power away and I would not like to be the one to enable them. I advice my clients not to invalidate their intuition via addictive asking, compulsive desire to pull tarot cards and constant confirmation-seeking in the outside world. Addiction to prediction has a powerfully detrimental effect on our inner guidance system. Whenever we seek validation outside of ourselves we are no longer a match to the very thing we desire. We are already on a path of doubt. Seeking confirmation annihilates knowing. It is thus clear that one does not believe that love is freely available. When love is real, there is no need to doubt it. One lives in the state of love before they have even met their partner. When it's a mere infatuation that turned into obsession, we are dealing with a powerful mirroring situation that has nothing to do with the other person.

Faith = Absolute Knowing it is Done before seeing material evidence. Faith is a state of being calm and certain. Why should one be calm and certain? Because the Law makes things certain. Law of Cause and Effect. Law of Mirroring. Law of Gravity. There are many laws. If you are the creator of your reality, that means you can bring about ANY outcome, by simply becoming the desired reality. It is entirely up to you and your mental mastery, i.e. your ability to focus and hold onto a desired emotional state without allowing yourself to drift toward that which you don't want. Hence it's a deal sealed. It's given. It's destiny. It's assured. It's up to you. Faith is NOT equal to hope. Hope is for people who don't believe they are in charge, so they sit around and hope that someday something will change. Two different things. If there is any prayer a person of faith would say it would be: God make me strong, so that I can fulfill your will/my dharma. God make me wise so that I can see the reason for this situation in my life. AND IF YOU ARE EVEN WISER, you'd avoid all petitions and say: Thank you! Thank You. Thank you for making me so strong and capable. Thank you for the wisdom that I now have. Thank you for making me see with clarity. Thank you for the enthusiasm. We don't really 'attract' anything in life, for the outside is not external to us. It is us. Whatever you believe on the core level of your being, is true. Hence it's imperative to make the Inner healthy. 

Resolve to work on your INNER STATE instead of chasing the manifestations of your own lack. Who you already are dictates your reality. It comes prior to what you see on the outside. Your mind gravitates toward that which is already within you. It attaches onto itself. Others (including both people and situations) are but an alias to aspects of your own inner experience. What you know to be true, is true and will continue to be true until you finally stop and question all of your beliefs. This process is no different to quitting a nasty habit - you will need to take hold of what your mind attaches itself onto, whom you listen to, what you watch, whom you think about. People who are stuck with unwanted reality are usually poor managers of their mental landscape. They can't resist doubting, checking, seeking what everyone else is doing.


DO come to me, if you want to understand the psychological/spiritual pattern behind your intense obsessions and become an empowered, self-governing individual who is serious about developing a stronger relationship with SELF. I will support any person who wishes to expand their awareness, become self-responsible, strong in their spirit and aligned with their Dharma. Rest assured that as you align with your truth, life will spontaneously follow. Those who are the embodiment of love and spiritual wealth can only be matched with more love and wealth!  You do not want to stay stuck in that lackluster state of waiting, wishing and hoping. You don't want to be chasing love and happiness either. My consultations are aimed at building you up in a genuine manner, so please note that if you are complaining about the government, obsessing about a married person or pining after unavailable love you will definitely not hear me say ...oh yeah.. the government, let's moan about it together...oh girl, he will leave her one day. Be strong. She is 'a karmic'. The question is why are you distracted by the superflous? Why is your sense of self-worth so low in the first place? Why is is your fulfillment tied to something external? Where is your integrity; where is your centre; where is your power? What are your subconscious beliefs and expectations about love? Where are you in life in general? Why is your mind attaching to something that's unavailable and messy? Why do you perceive it as unavailable? All of the above point to internal issues. The outside only mirrors the Inner. Let's work on THAT! What you believe about love on a deepest level must become your reality. Instead of focusing on the outside, let's clean up the inside, so that you may finally live like a noble person.

Everything I do is driven by my commitment to my values and virtue. I do not feed into instant gratification or delusion in my practice. I'm far from perfection, but I do strive to carry myself with self-respect. Why? Because it proved to deliver better results - I sleep better, I cringe less. Stepping over my boundaries produced disastrous effects in the past. With Shani on Lagna, I get instant karma in the form of self-annihilating ego-crash. Whilst someone else may cruise with free conscience regardless of their behavior, I don't. Whilst someone else may make a joke and everyone is on board with it, I get expelled from school. Whilst someone else may snitch and just roll through life, haha I'm just not a snitch. Whilst someone else may cruise on benefits and fee waivers due to their 'humble origins' aka 'background', I go to work for 14 hours and pay my tuition fees in total whilst studying. I have come to accept it and love it. Who we are on the inside dictates our reality. Integrity happens when no one watches. As I got older I realized this to be a blessing with many rewards in the form of satisfying manifested reality. I am the captain of my life. I am wealth. I learnt to build everything with my own two hands unsupported. Nothing is ever a problem. I'll do the work even if it's to clean toilets. I'll do it well and with a smile on my face. No work is below me. No experience is a bad experience.


There are consequences to everything - accepting charity and continuously relying on support may sound enticing to some, but let me tell you: one is forever dependent on others, never a truly free man, always semi-starved looking for more, oblivious to their own power and resourcefulness. The minute support is unavailable they feel like the world is against them. Something magical happens when we are pushed by life/destiny to build ourselves up from zero. The focus! Listen to any person who needed to completely ignore their current reality and stay fanatically focused on the desired goal. JK Rowling is a great example, but there are many more. Women pushing through self-doubt, adversity, poverty, needing to feed their kids and stay rooted in deep self-love, vision, knowing that they are onto something great. That path shapes one's soul. You become a complete hero and from there you can build it over and over again, because you know how. Whether at work or in private life - you don't want to engage with people who ride the race/gender/poor background card. You want to engage with the person who succeeds through their own efforts and never uses the victim card in spite of having gone through hell. Whether we are talking about selecting a kid whose education you're going to sponsor or building a strong team at work / sports - you want people with good attitude who are driven by joyous contribution, who are filled with enthusiasm; not those who will sit around complaining about not being given enough validation. We all know of people who whine about their 9 to 5 doing absolutely nothing to create their own business. It's so easy to sit comfortably with an assured monthly income, sure maybe it's no fun, but one didn't have to take a single risk in life let alone come up with anything original. They are the consumer, yet feel entitled to life of a leader. Want to be a leader - lead. Take on the load, face the unknown and you will get the rewards. Apply this to self as well. The best advice I was given: Don't be THAT person. It came from someone who built a massively successful start-up in London - now an international company, but started with nothing. He lived in a stinky shared flat on Bethnal Green Road where one of the tenants committed suicide. Imagine the depressive mood! Through his focus, perseverance and kindness, he succeeded on all fronts. 

Your energy dictates your attitude, behavior and other people's perception of you! Right attitude is seen even as one goes through a rough patch in life. People on top will always see you as the good egg - He is going to make it BIG! She is going to reach the top! This kid is a winner in life. I just know it. What a great person! No one is ever that impressed with sheer talent. People look to how you show up in life. Raw talent with no practice is useless. You will also know your current 'place' by scrutinizing your perception of success and successful people. Do you put them on a pedestal? Do you view celebrities as magical entities with special qualities who were given everything on a silver platter? Do you see wealthy people as 'just lucky'? Do you get all jittery at the thought of associating with someone 'from the Top'? Or maybe you see people who went to Stanford or Yale as snobs? Perhaps successful people are all 'greedy' in your mind? Perhaps you believe they 'control' our access to resources? You know..most of them started in a garage or on someone else's couch. Can you actually SEE yourself building everything step by step? Do you feel comfortable amongst highly accomplished people? If yes, good! We feel comfortable amongst our kinfolk and unsettled around those who vibe below us and vice versa.


A true leader will be seen as such by the most successful and they will be completely disrespected by the commoners who say - Where is the proof? You are a nobody...your ideas are idiotic, no one follows you! that is, until it's done. Then they come with their flattery. Now you're 'approved' by society and commoners love love love that mainstream approval. Leaders will recognize themselves in you - you're simply at the other stage of the same journey. They know your pain. Commoners say - What? You? You're here, just like me. There is no magic to YOU! You're not on the cover of Forbes or Vogue. Can I see your money. These seem to be their standards. It's beyond their comprehension that wealth and success are available to all, if one puts in the work and takes hold of their mindset. It's beyond comprehension that one may not even be interested in the 'chase'. If this ordinary YOU could achieve greatness, what does it speak about them? It's uncomfortable. It brings up their shadow. They are confronted with their own inaction. Soon they will start giving you the excuses or finding reasons why you had it easier all the while you might have had it much more difficult. 


The sheer act of being drawn to disfunction or pitying someone who dishes you a sob story shows corruption within. Humans are no victims. Those who built everything themselves actually wish others to experience the same process of empowerment. Parents who shelter and try to save their children from life-lessons are never healthy individuals in the first place. They don't value lived experience and wisdom that comes from it; they don't have it. People obsessed with celebrity - whether via admiration and idolization or through hatred - are perhaps at the bottom of human experience, that's why we have tabloid magazines which allow them to follow the made-up gossip about their favorite protagonists. Such people do not see themselves as the creators of their own reality. They settle for observing someone else's "good fortune". I can tell you one thing, the higher you go - the more humble the company. One is in awe of their companions' brilliance and hard work. The lower you sink, the more entitled, greedy, money-oriented, envious, hate-projecting, lazy, uneducated, arrogant and dysfunctional the crowd. I worked so many hours, where are my rewards!? I earned a degree, where is my job!? This system is crooked! Perhaps the single most important skill in life is one's ability to cut ties and remove themselves from environments that are corrosive to one's spirit. Many great men and women 'escaped the ghetto' - not because they were ashamed of their roots, but because they observed the behavior of those around them and connected the dots. Lack of integrity is contagious. You don't want to shine amongst the average - better to be dull amongst geniuses or simply stick to your own lane. The latter route assures immense growth. The former is the path of the ego - it leads to stagnation. In reality, one is a match to poor company thinking himself to be beyond it. We are who we hang out with and contrary to common perception that the outside influences the inside - it's actually the other way round. First YOU ARE, then the reality ALIGNS. Birds of the feather flock together. If you are a person of success, the reality of complaint must chip off. You won't be a match to it. You will spend zero time on such people even if they are your family and leaving them behind would mean zero support. They will bore you to death. Even if you live in the middle of a jungle, you will start solo-drifting toward a different civilization. If you live in an urban jungle filled with violence, you will start studying, learning an instrument, plotting a business venture. You WILL BE MATCHED with your RIGHTFUL REALITY. It's a law. Like attracts like. It never failed. Some people simply do not see their own disfunction and don't understand non-dualism, hence they focus their energy on fighting the outside.. That's why most truly successful people will need to go it alone at some point in their lives. That's when the diamond is polished. That's when one's character is refined. One's faith and sincerity are put to a test. This phase tends to include no food, no socializing and no comforts, but ironically that's where true happiness is found - one has aligned with their dharma.

Only virtuous life leads to deeply felt happiness, contentment, fulfillment, stability and worthwhile contribution. Lack of integrity is always matched with poor quality friends. More than that! One doesn't actually know how that company landed in their world and begins to fight against it. Change the inner and the outer will also shift. Hold yourself to a higher standard instead of expecting others to change. They are tied to your subconscious. Look into your own well of creativity instead of losing yourself in other people's emotional currents, trends and mainstream sentiments. Whether it's through Jyotisha nativity, Tarot or Deep Work - we will get to the root of your issue. Booking with me means no hiding. I'm a no nonsense person. I traveled the path and I have seen what people do to sooth their own conscience. I have seen through my own patterns.


No more siting around, hoping and wanting someone to 'confirm' things for you. You are the sole creator! No one can confirm anything for you, because they can't guarantee that YOU will start using your mind to your advantage; that YOU will summon the infinite inner power to stay focused; that YOU will find the courage to look within and feel your pain and find wisdom in your sorrows. Most people will go straight back to passenger state, so NOPE. No one can confirm anything for you, if you are asking. The act of seeking validation means that you are not rooted in your own inner knowing. In fact your current state is all one needs to look at to determine your future. No cards, no astrology, nada. Just your email and the way you speak about life. This is no magic, no 'psychic' woo woo stuff. It's no different to a job interview at a law firm. You listen to the applicant for 5 minutes, dah, you look at their body language and you know whether they own it or not. It's not a 'judgment' - it's observation that rarely fails. Those who are on the sure path toward a great life, already have the appropriate attitude. They are ALREADY showing up as heroes in their own journey. When we know we are onto something, we are ALREADY excited and fulfilled. Only full self-honesty can lead to a truly happy life. Otherwise, we will continue fighting our reality like a drunkard who smashes a mirror because it reflects his sad face. I was born knowing who I am and no amount of beating, screaming, threatening, blackmailing, pleading, manipulating and sabotaging on the part of my parents ever had any impact on my self-image. Where one person would collapse under the sheer amount of degrading comments and physical violence, another is only made stronger. This only shows you the power of faith, knowing one's destiny and acting the part that is congruent with one's self-concept. If you see yourself as a winner in life, you will show up this way wherever you go PRIOR to seeing any 'results'. You don't say - What the hell, Universe? Show me the proof, so that I believe. You KNOW it's done, so you act the part already and the outside aligns. That's the energy I'm going to bring to you. This needs to be built organically from within. Running around erratically 'manifesting' outcomes from a place of lack or obsessing about a 'specific person' only takes one further away from self.


Finally, I'd like to mention that I'm recording a series of longer private Lectures and Study Courses some of which will be available for purchase most likely later this year (2020). I am already working on five Self-Study Projects in the areas of wealth, family of origin karma, personal empowerment, codependency trap blast and romantic love. 


Please keep in mind that all valuable resources are available to you for free at all times in countless libraries and online databases. All original texts are easily accessible in pdf format, so are thousands of great books. You may also take advantage of the writings on this website - my own as well as the full version of Tao Te Ching by Stephen Mitchell (available shortly). Everything I have ever learnt in life, I learnt through my own effort, devotion and curiosity. Everything I created came as a result of my solitary work, walks in nature and focus on my inner well. Whatever I need, I learn how to do on my own. This isn't to say that we don't need people! Far from it. But it is to say that the whole Universe is available to those who are open to receiving the information. You do NOT need a guide, because life itself is your guru. Datta Guru had no teachers! Use the incredible bounty that's on offer.  

Book with me, if you are excited to invest in yourself and feel drawn to my energy and what I present. Come to me as an enthusiastic fellow student of life, not someone who gasps for air. Oxygen is a universally available resource. The feeling of scheduling a session with me should be yellow, sunny and happy. I look forward to our meeting!

With much love,





On my Approach to People and my Relationship with Clients

I'm a human offering you my experience, perspective and skill. I do not consider myself a guru or a "spiritual teacher". I'm a working woman, doing my job well, earning my income and expanding toward my own creative dreams. We could all do with less pretense these days. I use Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) as part of my practice. All consultations will include some references to your chart. I strive to get to the ROOT issue in your life and will use a variety of methods to help you. My reading style is compassionate but direct. I don't beat about the bush. In my own life, I strive to be honest with myself. All delusion and self-deceit leads to sorrow because that energy is instantly reflected back to us via our environment. The single force that drives our lives is our Relationship with Self. All else is but a mirror. There is no point trying to figure out what other people are doing: their psychology, astrology or annoying behaviors - they are your own creation. You brought them into being. The only question is why are you in their company and why are you dissatisfied? Why is your mind glued to that experience? Why are you involved? There are plenty of stinky fast food stands around, but that doesn't mean you need to dine there. Why are you gravitating in that direction? Subconscious material. Now we're getting somewhere! Instead of getting upset, let's use your current reality as a source of knowledge about your inner world.

I approach every single person in life as an equal human being. I see people through who they are on the inside: their souls, their value systems, their hearts, their minds, their awareness and their actions. I am completely unimpressed by seniority, celebrity, buffoonery, wealth or status. Respect is earned, not given. It took many years for me to meet a noble adult. Age is irrelevant, it's what we do with our time that matters. I have no patience for self-important people. Whether you are a man or a woman, transgender or whatever else you chose to be - I COULD NOT CARE LESS about your ego attachments and labels. Want to be labelled and victimized by gender-tags? Keep on putting a label onto yourself. Keep on acknowledging and responding to a reality that sets people apart through categories. So many people choose to limit themselves voluntarily. They lament about being free while subscribing to tags, groups and mental "disorders". The purpose of my consultations is to set you free and to inspire autonomous thinking. I see your attachment to labels as nothing more than a coping mechanism. You are so much more. You are an infinite soul with infinite love in your heart and, if you choose to, you can belong anywhere!

I SHOW UP as EQUAL in my own life. I do not assume or expect to be victimized on basis of provenience or my body. I show up like a person for whom those issues don't exist (because they don't) and so I do not experience them. Look at how often women hate being objectified and treated as pretty things, yet all they talk about is beauty and relationships. The reality must align. I don't see anyone as a gatekeeper to my success, wealth, love or happiness and so what the Outside does is irrelevant. I do my own part. I work. I'm grateful for everything, and thus the Outside aligns. It has to. There is no separation between our mind and the material reality. Manifestation speaks volumes about one's inner world. Fruit speaks of the tree. With Shani smack on my Lagna, I find entitlement and victimhood counterproductive. Every complaint is like a bullet that comes back to tear us apart. Talking about how the world doesn't work fixes NOTHING - it spoils EVERYTHING.


Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruit. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:15-20

For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

Luke 6:43-45

I make my decisions about people based on their actions, not their origin. I do not see men as agents of victimization but friends. There is a difference between a man AND a criminal, an abuser, an arrogant insecure boob who plays know-it-all or a Saudi dictator. Those, too, are our creation. I will always encourage you to own your power instead of falling into herd-victim-moaning. Together we will work through your limiting ego-security-mechanisms that prevent you from living from the core which is the SOUL. Soul or Atman is Brahman - we are in essence all ONE. There are no agents of victimization. Only karma and different levels of awareness. We create our experience on a daily basis. This includes other people and how they approach us. You can read more about it here. It all boils down to the level of one's connection with Truth and the Divine. What we are drawn to, teaches us about ourselves. This includes people we can't stand. The sheer act of being pulled in a direction of pain, speaks of pain that must be felt and released from one's inner world.

Whether you are black, white, Asian or a mixture of the above - I COULD NOT CARE LESS about your attachment to your history, ancestors and community. I see you as my EQUAL. I look at who you are as a person. If you want to feel equal, you will need to see yourself as equal. You will need to develop your spiritual side and see yourself as a soul. Please NEVER approach me from a place My pain is the greatest pain in the entire Universe. My experience is the only experience. My community is the most oppressed community. I will take no arrogance, entitlement or "attitude" - I'm from post-partition, post-Holocaust, post-Communist Poland and parts of my own family were slaughtered. I was whipped like a dog and violated on every possible level in isolation for the first 12 years of my life. I was evicted from my own body, stripped on my voice, denied truth, individuality and the like but never lost faith and knowing. Perhaps I was the one doing the slaughtering in past life? We don't know our Sanchita Karma. I am not a victim. I didn't load your ancestors on a boat. Well, we don't know that either, but there is an equal chance that you were the one doing it! There is suffering all over the world. Seen kids with polio, worked with Syrian refugees and homeless people in London. If you have time to read through this website, consider yourself privileged. Ancestral sorrows don't sway me, because I grew up listening to this type of complaints in my own country and my own family all the while they were doing the abusing. What we fail to process, we repeat. There are many methods in Vedic Astrology for assessing the severity of one's kara during each Mahadasa. You are here to burn your karma. Your incarnation is never a coincidence. You worked for it and these are the results. You may fight it or choose to flow gracefully.


Your entire REALITY is your subconscious. It's You pushed out as Neville Goddard put it. What you see is ONE with who you are. Your mind and your external world are the same. To see an enemy, you must create one first. To see opposition, you must hold a belief that there is a lot of it out there. To experience rejection, you must somehow abandon your own path first. This will make you weaker and self-doubting, from there you will not feel good about yourself already carrying the feeling that most likely others won't like you. Why is this happening? Because you've abandoned self and your dharma in the first place! Similarly, the more in tune you are with self, the more harmonious your mirror. There are no limits to who you can be or what you can do, including how others will see you, IF and only IF you know yourself to be limitless. My services are aimed at developing greater spiritual awareness - not strengthening your commitment to the political. If you feel like you need to fight for peace and deal with enemies you may not be ready. Come later OR resolve to open your mind to new perspectives.  If you come to me from a place of anger, arrogance and justice-seeking there really isn't all that much we can do. This consultation is about you - you need to be able to find balance, peace and happiness even when stripped of your community, family and ancestors. Those loyalties are often deeply unconscious and corrosive. Life is about your connection to your own heart and dharma. Your current incarnation is the result of your past karmas. It's of your own making. Even if you were oppressed by your family of origin or born in a difficult region - it is the result of your Prarabdha Karma. This is no different to dating the same type of person over and over again - same issue, different face. Nothing will ever change until you master the lesson. Your karma assures that you would have been born into a similar situation anyway - this family or a different one - the experience would have been the same and it is seen in your chart. You may enjoy watching my video on Incarnation Slots.

My pain is the greatest pain attitude comes from ignorance with regard to what's going on around the world. It leaves us with a chip on our shoulder. Whilst I recognize each person's individual struggles and the history of their community, it is difficult to move past those beliefs, if one continues to cling onto pain and desire for justice. Emotions are meant to be felt, not suppressed or by-passed. Holding onto anger, shifting blame and making someone else accountable shows one's inability to face the wound. It keeps them stuck in a state of God/the Universe got it all wrong. Someone needs to correct this! There is no way I could have chosen this for myself. There is no way I will be held accountable for my own karma (past actions) and my attitude, thoughts and beliefs that led me to this outcome. This only shows that one is incapable of taking hold of their mind. Suffering is a product of one's attitude. My consultations are aimed at aligning you with your dharma - your soul's path - not your political, gender and racial allegiances. We are but a bunch of souls here working through our lessons. We could not learn them without friction, conflict, delay, oppression, difficulty, sorrow, violence and challenging associations with others. True empathy and compassion are developed in hell, not on a rainbow where everything is colorful and lovely. Each person on this plane is the source of your merit, whether you are aware of it or not. They mirror back to you who you are at any given moment or who you aspire to be. They are a reflection to your Subconscious. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for immense spiritual depth. Self-knowledge is the single most valuable gift this life has on offer.

Understand that you are having a very unique spiritual experience based on your unique Karma. Your current incarnation consists of Prarabdha Karma which is a small chunk of Sanchita Karma (the sum total of all of your actions in all lives). There is a limited number of "incarnational slots" in this world aka available human and animal bodies. The number of souls awaiting their incarnation is infinite. Without a body, we cannot burn karma, because our bodies are vehicles for our consciousness. If you are very lucky, you will be granted a human body. If not, something else. To incarnate as a human being is an incredible privilege. Why? Well, karma means action. Your current incarnation is the result of your past actions. It is of your own making. Karma does not mean punishment - to see the events in one's life as punishment is a choice. Being a human allows you to make conscious decisions about your future actions, thus alter your karma. You may continue to live in a reaction-mode or shift your conduct toward 'conscious creation'. Please come to me only, if you wish to become more aware.

We are EQUALS. We are responsible adults who take ownership for our thoughts and actions. I'm simply sharing with you my LOGIC, my perception, my skill, my heart, my lived experience, my intuitive insight and my knowledge. I don't feel better than you and so I also expect that you own your power. Do not project your creative powers onto me. Do not put me on a pedestal. Only arrogant boobs thrive in such roles. The entire idea of a guru as some type of a Celebrity-Teacher is one of the greatest scams humans invented thus far (and definitely facilitated by YouTube). Your ENTIRE LIFE IS A GURU. Guru is found in every person that you have come across throughout your lifetime. Guru is a dispeller of darkness - the one who allows you to see yourself as One with Spirit. Life itself may teach you just that. Don't fall for suffixes or titles. 

My Ketu is in Anuradha - I'm a friend, a researcher, a creative person, not a mother or some higher authority. YOU are the highest authority in your life! What you do with your life is your responsibility and no one else's. Indeed, it is the plague of our times that most people are stuck in perpetual toddler-dom seeking to make someone else responsible for their decisions. To live well, you will need to own your karma, develop courage and be okay with the consequences of your actions.

I'm a non-serious person who takes her work seriously. What I do is part of my vocation. I put all of my heart into it. Don't book with me if you're a pot-head or some flaky individual who seeks short-cuts in life. Even those seemingly miraculous overnight transformations are, indeed, a fruit of one's good deeds and past efforts. I do not work with entitled people, they bore me. No one can fix your life because no one can think your thoughts for you. They are your responsibility. You're accountable for what you see in your life.  Your life is of your own making, which means you're the one who will need to deal with it. Only come my way when your intention is pure. If you feel yourself on a similar wavelength, this consultation will make you progress in life. It will equip you with awareness, boldness, reassurance, grounding and a sense of camaraderie. I like to see people fly and go for it in life. 


Coming Soon:

Life Notes + Your Questions Answered

Have You Ever Felt Cursed? Don't worry.

It's your Inner World Mirrored Back to You.

Tao Te Ching in Stephen Mitchell's Translation

(my single best remedy)




Jyotisha + Taoism + Shadow Work + Jung + Mirroring + Common Sense

Your outside is YOU.

Your outside is YOU.

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Your outside is YOU.

Your outside is YOU.

Your outside is YOU.

Your outside is YOU.

Law of Attraction (LOA) or rather The LAW OF MIRRORING

I haven't actually heard about the Law of Attraction until late 2013 when my Berlin flatmate gave me a copy of Ester Hicks' book. It quickly became apparent that I have been using it from the start. My lagna is filled with planets including my Moon+Sun+Pluto+Mercury+Fortune conjunction on the 12th house side - I AM my Imagination. I don't see any division between the infinite expanse of the Universe and the 3D. It's more like I live in a Macondo of sorts or Bulgakov's Moscow, so I don't understand how people DON'T live like that. In fact, I often notice that I say something assuming that everybody knows it and feels it the same way (which is obviously naive and quite solipsistic but I'm referring to the perspective). In the past I just assumed that people have access to the same type of information or intuition, but they don't. Astrology shows why. When it comes to following my inspiration, I just don't even think about it. I said this in the past - LOA is but a language through which an inspired person tried to communicate their inspiration with uninspired person who needs instructions. It's like having a person who is fully rooted in faith and inner knowing, explain those things to someone who isn't, someone who doubts and needs constant proof that they will be okay. If you think about the Prosperity Thinkers of 1920s and New Deal era, they all tried to show others what they saw. That's the whole business behind Inspiring Speakers - see what I see so that you can be free as well. LOA became handy when I was in a place of doubt - Saturn Return + Sade Sati (my Shani is yuti Chandra). It helped me get rooted in that part of myself which I have been using unconsciously. Following my knowing took me to many places around the world - solo travels, relocations, random last minute adventures with random people. I left home at 19 and followed my inspiration. My life has not been easy, but I always had that optimistic visionary part inside of me. That part is FUN, bold, independent and it makes decisions in a split second. That's when I know I'm on track. Too much thinking, too much focusing on 'manifesting' and nothing comes out of it. The core of life is SPONTANEOUS ACTION, not thinking about spontaneous action or talking about spontaneous action.

I live my life from the place of being there already, but I don't even think about any vision. I am it. I just assume that that's IT! I get what I need. That's the best way I can put it. I see what I AM and I am it throughout the day. I say what because I don't even have much attachment to being a person. I'm a Swati-4 Lagna so mostly I just feel like space or an ocean or wind or something eternal. I am at my best when abiding in energy and I'm also very conscious of how easily one can spiral down as a result of prolonged focus on the negative. Esther Hicks has her Guru in Dhanu Rashi like me and her Ketu on my Atmakaraka Shani in Vishakha Pada 1 - that's why! Dhanu Jupiter brings about wisdom and infinite optimism and faith in life. Vishakha Pada 1 is the Nakshatra of THE LAW. Any person with strong placements in this pada understands all cosmic laws. This is the pada of Saturn's exaltation - there is a reason for it. They are born knowing how the universe works. Ketu in that pada is extremely powerful. That's why everything she says is just obvious to me. I find her speeches just brilliant, plus she is funny! No better way to put it: That which is like unto itself is drawn.


The problem is not with the Law. The law is what it is, just like gravity or Cause and Effect. Perhaps I would shift it from Attraction to Mirroring, which really just leaves us with BEING. Most people don't understand the depth of it. This is a truly profound teaching and we can find it in many other texts. What most people don't understand is their own psychology and shadow, therefore they DON'T SEE themselves and their own dysfunction clearly + they are addicted to longing, wanting, wishing, hoping, testing whether it works and seeking validation. Law of Attraction is NOT the Law of Chasing or Pursuit! Something in your behavior or attitude that is clear as day to me, may be entirely invisible to you. Yet, just because you can't see a certain pattern, it does not mean the Law stops to operate! Far from it. We simply manifest by default, we manifest unconsciously just as described by C G. Jung. Law of Attraction does work positively in conscious individuals. It is challenging when one carries a lot of subconscious material. As mentioned I've got Sun, Moon and Pluto conjunction in 12th + my Lagnesh is conjunct Ketu in Vrischika. My unconscious is illuminated to me (at times) and I know many things just like that. I don't know how, I just know how to do certain things (picking up skills, remembering charts, numbers etc) and people's insides are visible to me, but it took me a while to get hold of this. I may be confusing things, actually, for it is always hard to see truth when it comes to one's own behavior and projections, but I see patterns. It wasn't always easy and I certainly struggled with knowing too much about people - lets say you know something awful but you're the only one seeing it. Later on everyone finds out the truth, but that's 10 years down the line. I, too, needed to learn about WHY certain aspects of reality are visible to me. Plus any Pluto conjunction in a chart means that your entire generation will have their Pluto on your luminaries (or whatever planet he conjuncts), so you shine bright onto their unconscious. People may be obsessed or scared of you and most certainly they will project all of their material onto you, because dealing with what they feel ain't easy. In my early teens, my best friend's dad wanted to smoke crack with me. I didn't, so he made me into a 'bad influence'. Then my friend tells me that his dad has reservations about me. Pff, childhood. From age 4 till 19, I have seen a lot (mostly about adults - parents generation), hence I learnt not to take things at face value. I saw people lying, stealing, cheating, being nasty, yet somehow my speaking a few words of truth was considered unacceptable. People are scared of truth, so much so they would kill. I had a lot to say about my primary school teachers straight to their face, so perhaps that didn't help. They were not the brightest bunch, I must admit. :D Yet t his knowing/intuition was key in all of my future research/academic work as well as in sports. You have to be led by this curiosity that connects the dots from all disciplines (everything is everything else) and in sports you have to envision successful completion of a task - completing the slalom or a race. It's hard to explain because I understand that people have graha in different places. Whatever lands in lagna becomes YOU/BODY. It will be expressed through you. 

So when it comes to LOA, I simply don't walk around announcing VERBATIM who I am and how I feel. I keep those things to myself. I am open about my life, yet I never speak about what matters to me the most - I don't share those things with anyone just as you wouldn't speak of a painting until it's done. What for? No one needs to know - nurse and nourish this beautiful energy within you. These days everyone just speaks too much wasting all of their sacred energy. I always felt entirely certain (full inner knowing) of what this life is going to be like for me, how I'm going to live, how much free time I'm going to have, how much privacy, space, calm will be there, what I'm going to create and how I'm going to die. I live this way no matter what the outside mirrors back to me. I dictate my own pace. I don't respond to any pressure. It doesn't work for me. I've got my own inner clock and rhythm. I never wanted to answer to anyone, so I don't and in my life I'm free. I never wanted to be entangled in any deals or work for a sponsorship, put my face or body anywhere, try to secure some income via gatekeepers; and so I live from a place where I'm in charge. You literally MUST know it on an ultra deep level - it's so obvious like your next breath so you don't really think about it. I was never concerned with what others are choosing for themselves and yes, my childhood was insane because I didn't take to authority. Autonomous thinking is the only way to build the life YOU want. Concern with one's reputation, judgments and validation are the greatest oppressors of human mind. They originate from within. One may create an empire but still feel judged, insecure and ostracized. It's all a reflection of one's inner being. 

Knowing fully that you are going to have a specific lifestyle + all the things you are going to contribute makes you show up this way. You simply claim that lifestyle. You don't think about the consequences - that's already doubting. You don't have a plan B. If you know, you know. What do you need a plan B for? It must be a full knowing. Not...aaaa Ola told me to quit my job with no plan B and I did it and now I'm fucked. No bubu. You are your own freaking person. Own your choices. I remember smoking weed with a friend in primary school - he joined me and my mates - got stoned, went back home, stared into a blank TV screen which looked suspicious to his dad and snitched on me. Next day I'm in trouble at school. Did I invite him? NO. Did I push him to do this? No. In fact I SHARED my stash with him. He works an office job, I moved out of my parents place, traveled the world, got to great schools etc. People want freedom but they don't assume responsibility for the risks. No one asks you to live a great life or quit your job. You are allowed to stay where you are, just realize that you are making a choice. Ultimately, people are pushed to greatness by two factors: 1. absolute irritation with their 'comfort zone' which equals stagnation and 2. enthusiasm and excitement for growth and expansion. Most actors and singers needed to move their lives, many went through poverty, many were unsuccessful for years until they finally got their break. The issue with people these days is that they want the Prize without needing to deal with the other side of the coin. They move to LA but don't believe in themselves and blame it on the industry or something else. They want greatness but can't stand the fact that practicing a skill requires alone-time. You need to know it and you need to have the guts. It takes a crazy person to believe, you see. But that crazy person is in fact only tapping into Spirit everyone is just cowering and leveling with the herd...oh that's a crazy thing to believe. Well, don't. No one asks you to. Stay where you are.

I can take risks in life because I know I can pull it off. What I'll try to do is to bring you to a place where you have some sense of inner authority in life. I don't obsess about any fluctuation in finances, I know that I'm infinitely rich because I've got ME, so the money is coming when I need it anyway. My Ketu is in the 2nd with Shukra so I do enjoy making my own coin, but I also came to realize that money comes via many avenues and that I'm always safe. I think that the way to master LOA may be through understanding aspects of one's psychology, baggage and shadow first. One needs to unburden themselves and stop being preoccupied with idiotic pursuits. Understanding soothes anxiety and longing. LOA is true. It's a Law. It's working all the time. It's just that by carrying wounds and not knowing SELF one will be only 'manifesting' poor outcomes precisely because of their obsession with manifestation. LOA is all about FLOW. Thus, let's call it the Law of MIRRORING. Mirroring focuses on BEING more so than attracting something from the outside. Since you already know that there is no split between the Inner and the Outer, you can't really attract. In my mind, to attract means to bring an outer object/person closer to self. That's the issue most people get stuck on - we are NOT bringing anything toward self. WE ARE, therefore the outside reflects.


What you are looking for is the FEELING of SATISFACTION, so it doesn't matter how you're going to get it. If you attach yourself to an outcome (specific person, job, location, money) you may not end up feeling happy. Yet, when you root yourself in contentment, gratitude and appreciation, you will get the Kingdom. There is one video where Esther gave the example of a restaurant. When you are in the most wonderful restaurant, in the most wonderful company eating the best meal ever, you won't be wasting time obsessing whether there are other restaurants out there serving other delicious meals. You are happy where you're at. When you find this sense of fulfillment in your current reality, no matter what it is, the whole new world will open up to you - a reality within reality. You won't be longing for anything else because you are 100% satisfied.


LOA pertains mostly to one's thinking patterns. If you are not a master of your head, it's more difficult. Hence, RESPONSIBILITY is a huge part of it. It is essential that one gets to the root of their thinking - subconscious material, wounds, expectations, beliefs. There are millions of pseudo-cerebral cynics who say ha! LOA tells you to think happy thoughts.... nonsense. Well, there you go. That's it for you. You are committed to unhappiness and wasting your time uttering such sentences ALL THE WHILE others are using their time to focus on what they want and how it makes them feel. Each time you complain...whom are you really talking to and what's your goal there? At their core such people always delegate responsibility to something on the outside that ought to provide THE perfect answer. Yet they are not doing any work themselves. Would you feel happier, if another miserable person came along and say - ha! I also think this is nonsense. There! What's your goal? Oh you are trying to save people from falling into a trap, I see. Why would you wish to control what they ingest and explore? Such people are no different to those I described in Choices box. Mostly they don't believe they can have what they want, so they devalue it altogether. For me to see through all of such fears and insecurities is a split second and to be honest the best thing to do is just to leave them to themselves. They will join forces with like-minded others because like attracts like! 


Whatever you believe on a deepest level will be TRUE for YOU. It will become your reality. Believe in narcissists victimizing the world - that's what you will deal with. Believe yourself to be a poor little victim at the mercy of great forces - that's your fate. Please note that I'm not saying that there are no people with ill intentions. What I'm saying is that you needn't ever come into contact with them just as you don't need to eat 700kcal Starbucks cake. It's optional. What you focus on grows. What you believe about reality is your reality. Know yourself to be the Universe - everyone and everything - You ARE IT. When we truly see what we are (where we are lacking, where we behave like a drooling dog) it's much easier to crack reality. Hence, I actually refrain from speaking of LOA, because it often puts people in a resistance mode or waiting/wishing/chasing mode. So many people are obsessed with bringing about outcomes and not being happy in the present moment. So it's better to focus on:

1. awareness

2. responsibility 

The key is to bring yourself to a healthy place in life, reality will meet you there. Once you get to that happy place you will have no real longing or craving for anything. You will feel entirely unbothered and that's when it will all fall onto your lap - wealth, spouse, properties, pets...yet the funny thing is, you won't even need them. When you are in this state of deep fulfillment you really feel that you could just as well die tomorrow and that's cool too. You have this full understanding that there isn't that much more for you to do. There is nothing that you need to become. You don't need anything. It's just enjoyment.

Take the focus back to SELF.

In my own life..I'm the only issue. That's the case for all of us. It can feel heavy at times to mull over all of this material, but at some pint it just drops. We get tired and 'done' with it - with our own ways.

People tell us who they are. Those who constantly speak of the need for protection against others ARE the very people you should leave behind. A person who is INFINITELY STRONG in their own energy - in their authenticity, their Spirit, their LIGHT - needs NO protection. They are a child of God. They are forever safe. They live in the world of Magic and Wonder and they bring magic and wonder into the world. Insecurity, doubt, fear and cynicism are contagious. Don't touch. Don't engage or else you will become rooted in those states. Each exposure to doubting people is a manifestation of your own inner doubt. It needn't be a big deal. Just a test to your own sincerity and faith. Don't enter conversations centered around moaning, 'other people being nasty', fear of expression and the like. Be mindful of times when you seem to be stepping out of your integrity. For instance, notice if you begin to speak in a self-depreciating way or poke fun at your own work or speak in ways that mirror the complaining person. Perhaps a minute ago you were all sunny and now you begin to speak in a cynical way or you speak ill of others, you're drawn to gossip. Catch yourself. You are picking up some energy that is not going to lead you to a happy place. No need to demonize anyone. It happens to all of us, just be aware that this is the Wrong Town. Most of the time you will notice that you are talking to someone who is insecure. If you carry a lot of wounds and that's your NORMAL/FAMILIAR you may jump right in! Ha! This person sees me, they are so deep. They also see through 'all this shit'. Nah. You have just stepped into an energetic poop. Their insecurity to put themselves out there and take risks in life makes you feel safe. Simply BE THE LIGHT and ENTER WITH BOLDNESS. BE YOUR "NAIVE" SELF. You do not need anyone in your ear. You don't need people in your corner. You don't need a security net. God is with you. That's all you need! The easy path is actually silent. Life becomes quiet and  spacious. Don't hang out with anyone whom you do not wish to become. Level up.

Core Tenets

Whether you're on board with it or not, freedom cannot be achieved without personal responsibility. No one can grant you liberation, because no one is your oppressor. That realisation alone, pushes us to such depths of karmic awareness that it is impossible to carry on with projections. The essence of samsara is to continue one's ignorant drudgery through cycles of life and death - repeating, reacting, fighting, resisting and finally succumbing to apathy and cynicism. The only person who has the key is you. ATMAN is BRAMAN. Everyone's Atman = Brahman. There is no Outside. The door to freedom is right in front of you - through Self and the Other - especially the one whom you despise the most. The greater the trigger or attachment, the bigger the breakthrough. Learn from your life instead of blindly reacting to every speck of dust. Every irritating situation is an invitation to level up. Perception is the doorway to heaven. Your greatest oppressor is also your greatest ally - your MIND has the capacity to make you or break you. 

- I only want peace.

- Well, it's inside you. Why are you wanting it, if you already have it?

- But it's these people...

- What people?

- They won't leave me alone. My family. The office people. That annoying woman. Trump.

- I see... well then, I guess you will need a bit more back and forth there ...until you see.

Gnosis - Shani

The only way toward understanding and wisdom is through direct experience of life. No amount of reading, thinking or talking replaces first-hand going through it. Sheltered children tend to be unable to cope with life even by age 40 or 50. People with lived experience are capable of taking care of themselves from the start. Our experiences push us to new levels of understanding. We become active participants of life when we accept our karmas (which are of our own making). Paradoxically, accepting one's fate without judgment is a gateway to freedom. Accepting reality does not equal settling for it. A person who continues to mourn their amputated limbs is stuck in a resistance mindset - the perceived injustice of their predicament and a belief that life as they knew it is over ergo one is doomed to sorrow. A person who accepts their new reality as it is what it is, I'm going to roll with it is already on a different timeline - a timeline of empowered action, great personal transformation and most likely spiritual awakening. They are taking the bull by the horns and living life with grace. It doesn't mean that they deny the reality of their situation. It doesn't mean that they deny emotions associated with loss. They simply choose to hold space for this new experience including all of the mental, emotional and spiritual challenges that come with it. They are choosing to continue living their life while person A is refusing to move forward at all. 


This can be called yoga off the mat - spiritual practice of the highest order. All of us are exactly where we need to be in life, dealing with challenges and lessons that are rightfully ours and perfectly timed according to Mahadasa timeline. We are dealing with the result of our karmas which needn't be seen as punishment! Arrogance and ignorance make all difficulty into 'punishment'. This should not be happening, because it's uncomfortable and because I say so! I don't want to be challenged and I do not want to grow. I want things to go back to 'normal'. Wisdom makes all obstacles into opportunities for growth.


Some people are incapable of dealing with the results of their own actions. They walk through life entirely unaware of their own choices filled with expectation that outside world ought to meet their needs. Then, they spend years on feeling wronged by the people they chose to align with as a result of that ignorance. This is the essence of samsara - human blindness that leads one to repeat the cycle of suffering over and over again. People in such state will be matched with their rightful companions in a dance of mirroring, forever blaming, projecting, accusing and feeling sorry for themselves.

Shani has no room for that. Shani - or planet Saturn - simply shows us the reality. Reality isn't doing anything to us. It just is. We have chosen our lessons prior to incarnation. All of our life is of our own making, our own choosing. It seems counterproductive to feel angry at weights. They help us build muscle. It feels counterproductive to be angry at people who teach us. We become enriched through experience of the lesson. Unless one sees the immense privilege, merit and abundance they gained from every single encounter, testing situation or delay, they will remain an ignorant victim of their own actions. Wise person said: You cannot change anything that you do not own. Just as an alcoholic will not be changed until they have admitted they have an issue with self-avoidance, neither can any other person with regard to their own set of karmas. So long as we believe that life happens to us and refuse to look at our own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, we are doomed to repeat our choices over and over again. After's not us, it's the outside environment exercising its chaotic and entirely random influence over us. We are but a pawn in a divine comedy.

Spiritual practice

Spiritual practice is rooted in virtue NOT instant gratification or delusion. Spiritual practice brings more peace and clarity into our lives, not confusion. Spiritual practice pushes us to be real, raw and honest. In this, it challenges our habits and thinking patterns making us feel uncomfortable. Our growing understanding will lead to humility, patience and perhaps more compassion. Compassion means understanding, not Love and Light toxic positivity on display. Having compassion for someone's ignorance does not mean needing to be friends with that person or enabling their dysfunction. It doesn't mean you will always feel good in the process. You are human, you will feel pain and disappointment, but these needn't derail you. You may learn to hold space for the entirety of human experience instead of judging certain states as wrong or bad. This would only show another imbalance. Compassion means that you understand where other people are coming from and have the choice of responding to them with consciousness. Spiritual practice is practice, indeed.

Trust starts with Self 

Can you be trusted? Can you trust that you will act with your highest good in mind? Are you on your side or do you keep abandoning your perception, your emotions, your wellbeing and even your health in pursuit of external 'remedies'? Can you trust that you will walk away from any situation that is detrimental to your self-esteem? Can you be trusted with regard to your intuition - will you honor it and act upon it when it speaks? Are you reliable or does your behavior show consistent self-avoidance?


Many of us grew up without healthy models of self-respect. Our boundaries were not honored and so we learnt to dismiss our own needs in favor of other people's desires and plans. Just like an absent mother who is always preoccupied with something other than her child, now it is us who dismiss our inner being in favor of external distractions. Bringing awareness and ownership to this process is enough to heal. Awareness makes it visible - we cannot unlearn what was made conscious. Ownership points to a sense of responsibility. Now we are adults. It's our job to create security, safety, stability, trust and peace in our lives. When these basic needs are met, it's much easier to embark upon growth-oriented adventures and delve into creativity instead of losing ourselves in chaos, magnetic attractions, intensity and conflict. There is never any need to wonder, if someone can be trusted. You only need to trust your own perception. Heal your wounds, so that you no longer rationalize away your intuition. In fact, such process of talking yourself out of your inner knowing has nothing to do with reason. It's the opposite of reason. It's delusion. We tend to talk ourselves into whatever we wish to see. Life becomes a much more simple affair when we simply honor the REALITY without wishing it to be different.

Life is simple 

The only time when life becomes 'complicated' is when we have lost ourselves in the illusion. No situation is ever complicated. Things are usually very clear. We either know or don't know. Problems start when we choose not to listen to our knowing or when we grow impatient in the face of not knowing. Either way, we begin to chase outcomes and impose our own vision instead of allowing life to unfold naturally. Right action is key. So many of us get into trouble by not acting when action is necessary or imposing our will when patience is required. There is never any ambiguity, only erroneous assessment of reality due to unbridled ego - the monkey mind torn by desire. If in doubt, step back, breathe, ground yourself and wait until all dust settles. Do not try to fix uncertainty with action just because you can't stand the discomfort and you want to be there already! Whoever mirrors back to you confusion - it's a NO. Accept that you are feeling doubt. Wait. And YES, I hear you. My Atmakaraka is in Mesha Navamsa and it's Shani. Most of the time my inner is going at 1000 miles per hour, but that's when I know I must slow down. Very often we want to get to a certain outcome, but at (almost)36 I can tell you this - every single delay in my life has led to something MUCH better than I originally wanted. In most cases, the delay gave me the time to GROW and MATURE in my perspective - so much so, that I no longer even wanted the original thing. It was but a fleeting desire based on incomplete knowing. The more we want to press for an outcome, the less likely it is that it's good for us. There is an issue with the Inner. Stop and ask yourself WHY? Why do I need this so much? Why do I want to be there? Why do I want that person? Why do I need that thing? It's imperative to slow down and realize that you are running away from some type of dissatisfaction with what is. You are chasing instead of abiding in the desired state. We want things because we hope that they will bring us a relief - relief from WHAT? Ha..! Look deeper. Address that issue where you are and you will see that, in fact, your current reality is perfect for the time being. You are given everything that you need, you only need to shift your focus toward creation.

Pain, Suffering and Detachment

There is no such pain that a human being is incapable of going through. Until one is demolished on a physical level which results in flesh death, all pain can be transmuted into a different modality. Energy of pain is, indeed, just energy with specific judgment attached to it. Energy is neither good, nor bad. It just is. Some of the greatest pieces of art and literature emerged out of great distress. Wisdom and humility come from great suffering. The latter is always optional, but we only learn this through practice. Some life scripts are filled with so much pain that the native is virtually catapulted into spiritual practice. Some individuals are equipped with so much resilience that 'opting out' is simply not an option. One endures all experience in silence, for that's another facet of great pain - it's incommunicable, it's solitary, it's internalized. Wisdom, depth and perception draw the native further and further into self - speaking a word would mean not seeing the profound beauty in the process of becoming purified. As Taoists say: The name that can be named is not the eternal Name. [ Tao that can be Tao-ed is not the eternal Tao].

Judgment and resistance transform pain into suffering. Non-judgment and acceptance dissolve it. Any person who experienced the 'threshold' levels of physical pain - the type of pain that may push one into insanity - has likely learnt to access those special places in their mind that allow complete liberation. By embracing the pulsating heat or piercing blades of pain and dissolving into them instead of labeling one's situation as this is unbearable, I can't take it any more we become entirely immune. It's an alchemical process, whereby one's consciousness merges with the energy that permeates through one's physical body. Once that's achieved we are opened to insight. Pain heals. Emotional pain is perhaps more devastating. While physical pain does not usually alter our self-concept, emotional pain has the capacity to annihilate it. We have attached ourselves to ideas of right and wrong, positive outcome and negative outcome. When life delivers a disappointing message (and some life scripts are just that in spite of one's greatest efforts - Sisyphus myth) we may feel dejected. Detachment from outcome and allowing reality to just be the way it is brings complete liberation. The one who has achieved full self-realization becomes a jivan mukta.


Jivan mukta has gained and assimilated infinite and divine knowledge and power. Jivan mukta has gained complete self-knowledge and self-realization and attained kaivalya or moksha (enlightenment and liberation ), thus is liberated with an inner sense of freedom while living and not yet dead.

Gavin Flood (1998), An Introduction to Hinduism, Cambridge University Presspp. 92-93  Klaus Klostermaier, Mokṣa and Critical Theory, Philosophy East and West, Vol. 35, No. 1 (Jan., 1985), pp. 61-71

Everything in life starts with YOU. Your original relationship with Self is constantly mirrored back to you by everything you see: your friendships, marriage, relationship with children, relationship with wealth, level of joy, contentment and peace, your health. Your reality is the perfect reflection of who you are on a subconscious level at any given moment. For most people this is simply unthinkable, yet it is true. Our subconscious runs the show for as long as we choose to remain unaware. What you engage in, whom you entertain, what you listen to, what you watch, what you read, what you eat, the people that occupy your backyard, the landscape, the income, your physical weight and general health, dah! the state of your skin, the language you use - all these things are valuable pieces of data that can help us decipher how you truly feel about yourself and what's possible for you in life. We continuously gravitate toward ourselves as reflected by others. Our current state dictates what's available to us.

Bottom line - all human beings yearn for peace of mind, contentment, joy, love, good health, dignity, respect and authentic self-expression. Yet, very few are willing to give those things to Self. Many are so detached from their truest nature which is one with the Divine / God / Brahman / Higher Power / the Universe / Spirit that they feel the need to pursue specific outcomes - substitutes. They seek to manifest a specific person or a specific amount of money in the hope that these will provide them with a feeling of contentment, worthiness and joy. They want fame so as to feel validated. They want to be a leader without being one in their own life. Chasing after those things can be exhausting and hugely disappointing, because once we get to the outcome it usually turns out to be entirely different from what we expected. Unless one is driven by their truest inspiration - their swadharma - and feels deeply at peace and content in what they do on a daily basis, life may prove to be but a series of illusory pursuits. Our predominant emotional state dictates the outcome. So long as we are wishing, longing, hoping, planning, dreaming, not-having, we are bound to see more and more of those things in our lives. Our outside reality will confirm the lack that we feel on the inside.


The act of pursuit assures that something needs to be chased. We cannot pursue something that's already available. We need to be lacking and suffering from that perceived lack. Wouldn't it make sense then to focus on having and being it already, so that the desired reality becomes a match? 


Beliefs and broad-sweeping statements such as those below must produce a matching reality.

a - People can't be trusted. (Example explained below)

b - There are no good men out there. (You're right. This is your reality, thus you must be matched with no good men.)

c - All women are vapid. (You're right. This is your reality, thus you must be matched with vapid women.)

d - Celebrities live good life and we commoners need to struggle. (You're right. In your reality celebs live on a rainbow and you - a self-proclaimed 'commoner' need to struggle. Neither is accurate perception of reality, but it will be YOUR experienced reality.)

e - I had a rough start in life, therefore it's much harder for me to succeed. (And so it is.)

f - It's easy for you to say! (haha)

g - Need to pay my bills, don't have time for dreaming. (And so that's your reality.)

h - I hope that one day I can be happy and have a loving partner. (Never gonna happen. Each moment you think this, one day is in a distant future...far far away form you. Thus neither happiness, nor love nor a loving partner are available at this time, and this time and this time and this time...which is always the NOW.)

Henry Ford nailed it a long time ago - Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. 


One's mind will be continuously drawn to aspects of reality that confirm one's expectations. Thus a person with a belief a will continue to be cheated by others. Is this because people can't be trusted? No. It's because such person cannot be trusted with regard to his own self. Trust happens on an inner level. Those who are deeply in tune with their intuition will heed its call and follow through. They know they can trust themselves - their inner child knows it can trust the person's ego to do the job of keeping them safe. Thus, a person who trusts themselves will be drawn to people who can be trusted and pull away from anyone who feels iffy. In essence, they take ownership of their actions. They do not feel that it is up to the Outside to show up in a certain way. They do the job themselves. A person who can't trust themselves will step over their own boundaries and gravitate toward those who do the same with self and with others. More than that! Because of their fixation on ill intent, they will continuously probe, suspect and question another person's integrity. Over time, this will lead to infinite fatigue on the part of their companion. Such people are simply horrible to be around! All they do is complain, question and speak poison. Their partners and friends will genuinely want a way out looking for a quick escape route. Thus, they will gravitate toward people who feel nicer to be around - people who see the best in them, who are sunny, happy, loving and at peace with themselves. The suspicious partner will feel even more jealous, angry, abandoned and left out. The two will have a falling out. One will go away feeling relieved, the other will have strengthened their belief - People can't be trusted!


Let me reassure you - only people who cheat fear being cheated. You may wish to protest, I never cheat! But do you? Are you not cheating internally? A person who doesn't know themselves is never stable, they shift with the currents. Their response is dependent on how you show up. Someone who seeks validation may feel let down when they don't get it; yet a healthy person may not feel like constantly nursing their ego. Those who do not have an internal rooting are never trustworthy. They can't trust self, so they won't use their intuition to make good decisions. They will chose basing on whether their ego is validated, flattered, cared for. This is a material for a whole book so I'll keep it brief, but I wanted to take at least one example of a belief, that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. All beliefs do.

Only people who are oblivious to their own darkness, speak of dark forces (shadow work 101). Only people who are out of touch with themselves and their own energy, fear the outside. In reality, they just fear SELF. Those who feel the outside to be untrustworthy, are the first to completely tarnish your trust. This is in fact the single most valuable cue, that one is dealing with a double-faced person who shows up differently to the outside world and behind the scenes. Those who are obsessed with their security do it because they know what people are capable of...they have the guilty knowledge of what they are capable of. Whilst I do not like to speak of Narcissist-Empath dynamic, because it is simply misunderstood (both sides are equally dysfunctional), there is something to be said about a person who shows you who they are from the start - all my exes were crazy, she was a bitch!, I had it so hard, you should trust me, why are you not trusting me... If someone speaks this way about ex partner, how do you think your relationship will go? Why are you not picking up on this? You should trust me - No trustworthy person ever says that. They are honest so they don't expect to be mistrusted! Untrustworthy people tell you who they are. They tell you about how the world is going to con you and how people at the top control everything.  

In reality, it is those who can't trust themselves that can't be trusted. Such people have no stable rooting in their spirit and are at the mercy of fleeting currents and their own shadow. They tend to need something specific from the outside world which they feel they cannot have. Rather than generating it from within, they feel wronged by the outside. As usual, we are back to entitlement which covers up wounds (self-avoidance). We could deduce that a person who hates the outside, hates self. Yet, that's not the entire truth. No person can hate God which is in one's own soul. Some are simply blind to this and so they go about demanding that God meets them in others. This is impossible, because life is but a mirror. We already are love and we already have God within. Hence, the REAL ISSUE is only IGNORANCE - lack of wisdom and courage to face the wound.

In contrast, people who trust themselves tend to have a sunny outlook on life and look for the best in others. Because they are so calm and steady on the inside, others also feel calm and steady around them. Self-trust inspires trust. It is also a compliment to another human being when we approach them with a belief - hey, I know you will do your best. I can see the best in you. I can see the good in you. When seen as GOOD, people tend to want to do good. However, this happens without any expectation for personal gain. Here the person saying/thinking this phrase feels it deeply and truly sees the best in others. They see it as a human thing. In addition, anyone who comes into contact with them will be inclined to show up in the best way possible. Should they err, they see it as poor judgment on their own part - a lesson learnt - rather than a major cataclysm or ill human nature. In fact, to judge human nature or one's external reality as ill is to judge SELF! Inner = Outer. Whatever beliefs we hold, our reality must deliver.



When it comes to chasing outcomes, there is no better example than seeking attention, fame and recognition for the sake of feeling worthy. On a deeper level, this usually happens in individuals who in some way do not feel lovable. True recognition and career that leaves legacy can only be achieved by those who are driven by joy and desire to share, uplift, help or inspire. Their well is already overflowing. Their mind is exploding with original ideas. All one does is to joyously share with no real attachment to outcome. One's sharing is unconditional. Financial rewards and recognition are but a by-product which such person may not even care about. They would do what they love regardless of whether fame and money come or not. It's about being IT already. People who chase fame and applause as a substitute for self-love tend to end up like those disillusioned celebs: Ah, money and fame don't give you happiness! I wish everyone experienced these things to know this. Well, of course they don't! What were you thinking in the first place? People who are detached from their spirit will continue to feel detached no matter how much material wealth they obtain. People who busy themselves with intense careers as a way of avoiding their inner world, will be smashed by that internal reality at some point down the line. Our subconscious always wins. Truth always comes out. There is no way that one can keep shoving their inner world under the carpet. It is bound to backfire in epic psychological breakdown (which they will then blame on our society or some other vague entity). There is no way one can lock trauma in one's basement without it eating at their foundation. Unless you look at your reality and clean that mess, it's not going to go away. Honesty is the greatest healer. No solid foundation can be built on self-deception. Truth hurts, but you need to feel that hurt so as to be free of it. It may even annihilate your ego, but it will strengthen your spirit.


From there you will build your REAL life. From there, money will bring happiness because you will see it for what it is - an exchange of loving energy. One's work (which is already a reflection of one's dharma) is rewarded by the fruits of other people's work, who say: we value you! We adore your creativity and insight. Thank You! That money can be then accumulated and put to great purpose including both: your well being and that of others. With that money you can create more, see more, have fun, have more free time. Think about it. What does true wealth mean to you on a deepest level? Does it bring an image of a luxury object that's disposable or does it bring a feeling of deep security, stability, infinite free time that you could spend riding your bike, looking at tress, painting, writing books, doing what you love doing?... Unless your life is already fulfilling and you know how to use your day in a way that brings contentment, you won't be happy with extra cash. Happy people are happy in their modest, simple lives, you see. They continue to be happy as they gain more, but financial resources have little impact on their overall sense of joy. Now think deeper..notice how many people went into total disarray during Covid. Whilst some of us transformed our tiny flats into gyms and got on with self-renewal practices, others had no idea what to do with their time! They felt lost with the freedom they suddenly received. They kept moaning..ah, once this madness is over, I will.. What madness? A few months indoors with Internet access is THAT bad? They didn't know how to use their time, how to motivate themselves..Instead of seeing the pandemic as an opportunity, they called it Lockdown, Prison, Hell. Say you have all the money in the world as a result of a gambling win, do you think you will get to keep it and grow it? No, it's going to evaporate because you don't even know how to use your time. People who feel that money is the gatekeeper to their happiness and end of all worry tend to be deeply disappointed when they get it. They destroy their lives by plunging into debauchery which is an imprint of a beggar who now tries to eat all the food there is in the world (that's not wealth - that's a mark of poverty!). Wealth is quiet, it's private, it's secure, it's never flashy. Wealth is tuition fees covered, flights covered, properties paid off, peace, orchards, good quality sweater and a pair of jeans, healthcare, perhaps sports gear, music gear, piano lessons.. FULFILLMENT. Wealth is not what you can show off so that others value you more. Wealth is not equal to money. Money is currency, an exchange of worth, love, creativity, devotion to one's craft. There is no limit to how much you can produce and exchange. You decide. I cannot stress this enough - Until you ARE IT, it's not your match. Find joy in your current reality and your joy will expand. Focus on lack and chasing and this experience will be your status quo. 


What about codependent relationships? Formed between two needy, emotionally starved individuals who seek to feed off one another. These days YouTube sages call them Empath + Narcissist - in reality, they are one and the same - both seeking to meet their needs through something outside of themselves. Both departing from a place of lack. Both drawn to pain and dysfunction in one another. The exciting honeymoon phase gives way to reality where both individuals are confronted with Self. One is chasing, the other evading. One is giving and nurturing, the other is abusive. Yet, is the giving truly unconditional? If it were, the empath would not feel any pain. They would accept the other for who they are and move on. The truth is different, the empath is not a complete person coming from a place of inner wealth and unconditional acceptance of self. They, too, seek to source their happiness via another. The REAL question is: Why is the 'Empath' there and why does he/she intend to change another person? Is their empathy even real? After all they are just trying to make someone on the outside meet their internal needs. The unavailable partner simply mirrors their own lack of intimacy with self, lack of dedication to their own life, lack of self-regulating mechanism, denial and refusal to honor their own intuition in spite of alarm bells going off. Remember, life is very simple and very clear. No situation is 'complicated'. Complicated is a buzz word that substitutes being honest with self. Everything that we need to know is right before our eyes. We only need to honor the knowing rather than twisting reality to our liking (the wounded ego).




Who you were before entering any relationship is who you will be within that relationship. Wherever you go, there you are. The Romantic model of Werther dying of Weltschmerz or American Romance that starts with mad chemistry is truly boring and does not lead to a fulfilling life. It is also based on the premise of instant gratification - the immediate fulfillment of the most primal urges that are based on a dysfunctional relationship with the original caregivers or deeper karmic patterns. Until that relationship is healed within one's own Self where the ego and spirit come into a peaceful union and coordinate with one another, one is likely to experience those inexplicable magnetic pulls toward other people and explain them away as a divine connection, twin flame journey, spiritual union and the like. This is only a projection of one's own need for union with Spirit, with God. One does not see their own divinity and thus they project onto partners, idols, gurus, teachers, deities and even the image of God as depicted on man-made drawings.

In reality, the only union that needs to take place (and, indeed, the only union that is truly possible) is the union within one's own Being. Internally content, radiant, authentic, self-governing people are magnets for their equals just as dysfunction is forever matched with more dysfunction. A healthy person would not entertain toxicity. Their behavior is healthy. Their desires are mature and rooted in reality, not self-avoidance. One simply doesn't enter that timeline. One is unlikely to ruminate about romance, because one's whole life is a journey of love. Starved people NEED and continuously SEEK surrogate parents. Self-governing people spontaneously MEET partners. 

The above example may be applied to any area of life, yet the root cause is always one's relationship with Self. Are you wealthy in spirit and awakened to the idea that your True Self - Atman - is the expression of Brahman or do you sense a strange sense of lack in your life? Do you feel that something is missing? Are you the creator - a radiant generator of your own existence - or are you convinced that someone or something else is a gatekeeper to your happiness? Do you live from a place of gratitude and appreciation or incessant complaint?


The system, your family, your conditioning, your start in life, your childhood, men, women, teachers, nasty others, pharmaceutical companies, polluters, dictators...whom/what have you elected as your obstacle? There really are just two ways of living: 


1. There is a way of grace and appreciation where the individual understands that being alive - in and of itself - is already a great blessing. From this perspective every situation is seen through the lens of growth and evolution. Adversity builds our muscle and is a necessary component of spiritual, physical, mental, intellectual and emotional progress. As such, it ceases to be seen in a pejorative light. It becomes The Way. Building muscle and athletic prowess comes with lots of discipline, pain, effort and resolve. Lifting weights requires more effort than browsing YouTube or Instagram, yet the former leads to increased self-esteem, health and general well-being whilst the latter leads to ...well, nowhere. From this perspective a difficult childhood is seen as a great 'school of life' that made one into an independent, resourceful person. All delay, 'closed doors' and 'failures' are seen as Divine Protection and perhaps a practice for developing virtues such as perseverance, determination, patience, trust in spirit and faith. One is happy in the present moment whether this be at a hospital setting, one's bed, job at a grocery store, highlife, artist studio, financial high, financial low. One welcomes it all.

 2. There is a way of entitlement, complaining resentment, bitterness and lack - the native is incapable of owning his/her karmic load and is detached from his own creative power believing that someone on the outside is supposed to meet their needs, that the outside owes them respect, love, high honors, wealth or whatever else they can't seem to find within. This stance is essentially anti-God because one lives in the world of scarce resources, stolen ideas, competition, envy, hatred and lack. God, Source, Universe is anything but those things. God is infinite, god is within. Thus, one is detached from that truth. One's vision is impaired. Why? Because deep down they have a wound which they do not want to look at. Pain they don't want to face and feel. It's easier to attribute it to something else, but the effects are disastrous. One continues to manifest painful reality. One may be drawn to pain in others believing themselves to be a healer but all they do is to enable dysfunction. All people experience pain, but not all choose to drop their dignity. People who seek pity subconsciously carry the belief that God got it all wrong and that is arrogance and ignorance. Thus by acting like a 'healer' one actually is only matched with equally entitled people. From there they go onto complaining about the ills of the world. 


God helps those who help themselves. No matter where you go, no matter the level at which you live you will find both types of people. Whether you speak to housewives, bankers, homeless, refugees, students, teachers, family members, your school mates - you are bound to see one of the two attitudes. I can easily see all of my clients as falling into one of the two groups, although it rarely happens that any entitled individual books with me. Plus we are all bound to swing toward the 2nd attitude at times. The key is the PREDOMINANT WAY of approaching life.

The only thing that you will ever have control over is SELF. Stop engaging with the outside, shift the inside and the outside will align as you no longer care for it.

That's what all of my consultations focus on. You. All you need to do is to step into your alignment. Answers are there. Heart's truth is there. God is there. Everything is aligned for you to be happy. The only thing that covers it is junk that you accumulated over time. All of that junk masks fear. Under fear is truth. Sure there is past karma, so what? You still only need to work on the lessons at hand. There is a reason why most people don't remember their past lives. You are meant to focus on what's here. One thing at a time, so get excited. Past clients who took things to heart have transformed their lives enormously - from geographical moves and new career paths to a completely different outlook on life and what's possible. Most people simply play it too small. Their vision is too narrow and they don't believe that have the right to shine.

My approach is holistic. It involves Shadow work, emotional processing, Jyotisha nativity analysis (accumulated karma), maintenance of mental hygiene, maintenance of positive emotional state, attention to one's body, healthy diet, solitary contemplation and meditation.


There is NO way you can create the life of your dreams, if you fail to assume responsibility and see yourself as the creator of your karmas. There is also no way you can find true happiness and peace, if you are disconnected from self.

A cynic is just a person who doesn't own his internal reality and is not in charge of his mind. To stay focused and deeply rooted in one's desired energy is a skill. Just try it for yourself. Just like meditation, it requires effort until it has become your second nature.

We are drawn to who we are. We are drawn to our own level. We gravitate to our own wounds and people who will make us feel them. In that, they are our helpers. They will make us feel everything that we have repressed - pain that is older, deeper and not related to the situation at hand. By feeling it, we release it. We become conscious. By focusing on the superfluous manifestation (the person involved) we are missing the point. Making them into a problem is equal to hating the mirror reflection of self. If it wasn't them, someone else would do the job. Attachment is the source of confusion. Understand the lesson and you will be relieved of it. Understand how you got there and why you got there, and your future will take a new course. Continue with blame and your life will be miserable. Growth is ego-annihilating endeavor! In order to heal, we must feel so stop hating the people who are trying to make you FEEL what's suppressed. Difficult emotions are OKAY. It's OKAY to feel them. You will survive and then you will see your life from a different perspective. If you can't hold space for your pain and welcome it, you cannot be matched with people who will accept you unconditionally, who will welcome and understand your pain. That's true EMPATHY. Stop the label mania. Stop calling yourself an Empath, because fixed labels only lock us in judgment. Realise that you too have harshness inside of you which needs to be melted. Realise that you too have been making demands. If you don't have empathy for SELF, what's your empathy worth? It's really just giving to get. It's but a control mechanism - If I give more, then I shall receive! Not true.


As the famous African proverb teaches us: Beware of a naked man offering you his clothes. 



If you don't go with this process I can only compare it to holding onto a rope in a stinky marina filled with radioactive waters. You are insisting on being anchored all the while wishing to be on the other side of the ocean! Drop the freaking rope. Sail onto the open waters, enjoy the ride! Drop your attachment to manifested reality. No matter what it is, root yourself in a state that is a desired state instead of fighting what is tied to your subconscious. You're trying to change yourself on the outside all the while being blind and oblivious to the responsibility which you are not taking. Turn around, dive deep, unhook yourself. The answer is within.

 already Being + already Having

Everything that you wish to have is already yours. Whom you wish to become, you already are. Seeking produces more seeking. Wishing and hoping, produces more wishing and hoping. So many people live in a way that makes their ideal reality entirely elusive. They seek love on the outside. They follow seduction spells and crave to be wanted in an obsessive manner. When we abide in our empowered state, we are calm and secure. We feel deeply loved and cared for by our own spirit. We are there to listen to our inner child. We don't abandon Self when in distress by chasing a random person or distracting ourselves with trivia, addictions, bad habits. We are present like a good parent - a parent many of us never had. Most of this emotional starvation comes directly from childhood and never being given enough attention, recognition, love, affection. I also noticed that not being given the chance to give love is just as important a factor. As children, many of us were laughed at and discarded whenever we tried to do something nice for the parent. Many of us had thoughts to share, joy to co-enjoy and plenty of emotion which we wanted to experience jointly with another, yet that was never allowed. In my own household, I was not a part of the picture. None of my drawings were hanged anywhere, they were thrown away. None of my ideas were validated, I was told to shut up and go away. My mother's only words were directed at my father: Do something with HER! Take her. She wouldn't even breastfeed me. Instead she told me much later -  I just never felt like you loved me. So weird. It's not like a 2 month old baby can really show all that much emotion. This invisibility haunts us until we become our own parent and give attention to our inner child. Until we heal those wounded parts of self, until we see them, validate them, cherish them, give TIME and attention to self and speak to self in the exact same way as we would like to be spoken to, life will dish us a mirror that reflects that inner state of trauma and abandonment. We will be drawn to people with whom we recreate that original, familiar state. Remember, many people's normal is in fact pathological, yet it feels safe because that's all we know. As humans we are drawn to what's familiar by default. We are more likely to choose what we already know, take the same road to work, choose the same soap label. It's normal. The key is to become aware of this tendency. Just say to yourself: I realize that in all of my behaviors and thoughts I'm likely to choose what I already know.  What if that THING/MODE/BELIEF/ATTITUDE is not even true/beneficial?

I see this everywhere. Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. (C.G. Jung) We manifest rejection, betrayal, deception, unavailable companions, lack of attention, criticism [you name it] due to:


1) subconscious expectations which our reality and all people involved MUST meet. A person who expects to be cheated on, will be drawn to partners who will fulfill that subconscious need. A woman who expects to be objectified will live in a reality that constantly makes her into an object. etc...

2) our own internal conduct with regard to Self. A person who does not listen to their intuition will be met with people who don't listen to them/don't see them/don't validate them. A person who is dishonest with self (as a result of not honoring one's intuition), will be met with "fake" people,  dishonesty and disappointment. A person who does not keep personal commitments constantly abandoning their own goals in favor of other people's needs and agendas, will experience lack of commitment from others. In no time they will feel used and resent the fact that others don't abandon their plans for them as well. This is almost always the case with damsels in distress / maidens in waiting mode who orbit around their object of affection whilst completely abandoning their own spirit/life etc... Don't take offense to that epithet - I'm referring to a mode of being - we've all been there at least once in our lives no matter one's gender.

Who we are on the inside is forever matched by our external reality. The only way to shift that reality is by changing Self and one's own Self-Concept. When you are truly in love with yourself, when you live in a way that cherishes who you are, gives value to your own ideas and perceptions, takes care of the environment you're in etc.. the outside will meet you there. You will be drawn to healthy people instead of wishing that someone was 'crazy about you'. You will be drawn to healthy situations where all parties are grounded, secure, confident, fully expressed and open-hearted. By being honest with yourself (rather than falling into the illusion of instant gratification) honesty will be your match. You will show up in life like a completely different person - someone with things to do, places to go, life to enjoy NOT the lonely spinster from the Regency era. By being virtuous, you will attract virtue. By knowing that you are loved, wanted and utterly magnetic to your desires, you will be. Most people are blind to the fact that much of what they see is of their own making. They are so starved that they would eat out of a garbage can. They focus on lack, feel lack, speak lack, think lack, converse about lack and so that's what they get. It's unnecessary!

The only way to get what you truly want is to become it. Focus on the feeling of already being and already having whatever you want. Release the grip - it's always a sign of lack. Take your attention off other people and bring it back to self. 

The Law of Mirroring


Inner is Outer

Life is a MIRROR to Self.

We don't attract.


Non-Striving: Try Less, Be More

It's that simple. Do less. Be more. Your reality reflects your being, not your striving. With time you will have realized that it doesn't matter WHAT you do, it's how you do it and how it makes you feel. DO you think producing 89 Hollywood movies makes much sense? Is there any meaning there? Some people will watch them, many won't hear about them (personally haven't been to the cinema since..2016?)..sure there is wealth, but really one must LOVE their craft. One just loves what they're doing and the people they work with. Same goes for all else. How many musicians were deeply unhappy people? When you realize that you are brilliant at something and everyone applauds you, it still needs to make sense otherwise you may end up feeling infinitely alienated. Why? Because fame may amplify the feeling of alienation from self. It's people who don't have the basics, who haven't yet experienced themselves as conscious creators, that long for certain lifestyles so much, but really there needs to be a deeper rooting, a devotion to one's craft, being happy in the moment regardless of the money, recognition, success, ups and downs in popularity/business. Just liking your life is true happiness. Just wearing your favorite jumper and clean socks. Having a meal. Looking through the window. At some point in life you will no longer be asking, you will be thanking that you no longer have certain desires. All this self-development material that overflows YouTube, I understand it. I get where people are coming from and I completely understand one's desire to have a stable self-generated income. Absolutely. I would like to see all my clients have that. Yes, but it still feels like it's coming from a place of lack and mostly equates happiness with certain level of outwardly accomplishment. We cannot renounce what we never owned or experienced, thus it is the right path for many. Yet, it's only a step forward - NOT a final destination. :)


Nothing can substitute being. Happiness means to have a good day. To see perfection in everything. Happiness is always simple. It needs no embellishment.


The Tao never does anything,

yet through it all things are done.

If powerful men and women

could centre themselves in it,

the whole world would be transformed

by itself, in its natural rhythms.

People would be content

with their simple, everyday lives,

in harmony, and free of desire.

When there is no desire,

all things are at peace.


The Master doesn't try to be powerful;

thus he is truly powerful.

The ordinary man keeps reaching for power;

thus he has never enough.

The Master does nothing,

yet he leaves nothing undone.

The ordinary man is always doing things,

yet many more are left to be done.

The kind man does something,

yet something remains undone.

The just man does something,

and leaves many things to be done.

The moral man does something,

and when no one responds

he rolls up his sleeves and uses force.

When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.

When goodness is lost, there is morality.

When morality is lost, there is ritual.

Ritual is the husk of true faith,

the beginning of chaos.

Therefore the Master concerns himself 

with the depths and not the surface,

with the fruit and not the flower.

He has no will of his own.

He dwells in reality,

and lets all illusions go.



Knowing others is intelligence;

knowing self is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength;

mastering yourself is true power.

If you realize that you have enough,

you are truly rich.

If you stay in the centre

and embrace death with whole heart,

you will endure forever.


The great Tao flows everywhere.

All things are born from it,

yet it doesn't create them.

It pours itself into its work,

yet it makes no claim.

It nourishes infinite worlds,

yet it doesn't hold on to them.

Since it is merged with all things

and hidden in their hearts,

it can be called humble.

Since all things vanish into it

and it alone endures,

it can be called great.

It isn't aware of its greatness;

thus it is truly great.

All Tao Te Ching verses come from Stephen Mitchell's phenomenal translation. It is my favorite. This is the copy that was gifted to me.

Chien Tu (1763-1844), Immortal's Dwelling Among Plum Trees. Ch'ing dynasty, dated 1815. Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk.

Meanwhile in Laos.


Whilst it is common to speak of time as a man-made concept, an illusion that obscures the reality which is eternity...we all must agree that our current incarnation has its limits. A person who has managed to develop deep insight as a result of the experiences they lived through (or perhaps already being born knowing) is likely to feel infinite gratitude and appreciation for life. They see the beauty in everything they went through and are moved to the core of their soul with immense poignancy of their own humanity, the infinite mystery of life that becomes more and more elusive as one grows old. The greater one's understanding, the greater the awareness of one's limitations. Wisdom makes us humble. It makes us realize our pettiness, ignorance and smallness. Wise people know that taking life for granted is a grave error. Wise people understand that taking their current level of awareness and mental faculties for granted would be an error as well. What if next time, awareness was limited. What if one were incapable of finding meaning in their experiences and had to settle for victimhood. What if their limbs were weaker, their eyesight poorer and their overall constitution compromised? Awareness is one's greatest wealth. It liberates one from all constraints and limitations, but one - time. Wise people value their time. By valuing their time, they value their life. Whom are you giving your time to? What are you spending your time on? People who give you no time (whether in business, in love or in friendship) do not value you.

Time = Life

Time = Love

No time = No Love


But that's not where it ends. Why are you around them? Why is your outside responding to you in this way? In what ways are you not valuing self? How are you expecting to be treated by others? Well...your reality tells you volumes about your inner landscape. Apply it to any area of life. Use it to assess your own commitments as well as other people's commitment to you. Where your time goes, is your 'religion' (for better or worse). Only give your time to what matters. It can be a 2h walk each morning or a writing session in a coffee shop; music, travel, whatever.. Your time is limited. Don't allow any herd 'standard' to fog your mind. If you spend 10 years pursuing something that is not aligned with your heart, you will need to live with it. I do believe that we are always on path and no time is ever wasted. It was all meant to be. However, knowing this...make your future choices more conscious. Heal your wounds so that you don't 'waste time' chasing unavailable love and dead-end relationships just because your inner child is still hurting. Take responsibility for your time. People stay in horrible marriages for 20 years and then lament: I wasted all this time on him! How could he do that to me. People... Just own your choices. Plus, out of 20 years surely some where good otherwise it really only speaks of the person who does the lamenting. Our choices speak of US. They are OURS. When are we going to drop this enchantment over Lady Diana, Marylin Monroe and other tragic figures of this sort who got married at 18 or 19 or many times over expecting Castles. We are responsible for our assessment of what we are getting into. No relationship consists of a single person. Well, yes and no. Yes - because all relationships are simply a reflection of who one is. They mirror their inner marriage. No - because by entering a bond we are choosing a specific person. There is no point blaming the other just because we failed to see them and ourselves clearly. Better to take one's power back and try to understand SELF.

Fixed Labels, Character Types, Psycho-Tests, Astrological Placements' Descriptions, Disorders, Gender/Sexuality Tags and other Boxes

Tag yourself and you have just limited your scope of experience. :)


Take 10 homeless people and tell them that they will get a job, if they show up at 5am tomorrow morning in a specific place. Why do you see only three of them? Why did 3 of them make their way to the agreed destination the night before, so that they wouldn't miss it, while other seven failed?

Why do some people show up 15 minutes before the interview cool, calm and collected? Why do others come late? Why do some folks arrive one hour earlier and take a stroll in the park to clear their thoughts, breathe, clam down. Why did they wake up at 4:50 and in a good mood while others overslept and feel stressed? What were they doing the night before and why? What accounts for the difference between the two?

Why do some people feel happy to work as interns for no money in spite of not coming from a privileged background and barely making ends meet? They feel grateful for the opportunity. Why do some people feel grateful for the opportunity to study and have no problem with working for their tuition fees, whilst others scream and moan in spite of coming from privileged background and not even being a student? True revolutionaries. haha Everything has its consequences. One may stir the pot as much as they want to, but that only shows they don't value the learning process and objectify wisdom. They also don't honor the people who teach them. Education is meant to be cashed these days. This approach will lead to failure later in life. One may become popular amongst their yammering peers, but that fame is short lived. Education is already free because all resources are freely available in libraries and online. What prevents them from educating themselves? What does one need a degree for? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk had no university degrees. Where is the logic here. What oppresses the masses? Who the fuck are THE MASSES other than a bunch of lazy-minded half-individuals who can only move in packs? Same taste, same beliefs, same need for approval, same sense of entitlement - Someone do something. Give me! They owe us! Who? Why? What do they owe you? Dignity! That's a free resource. It's a CHOICE.


Mindless charity is usually guilt money coming from those who were born into privilege - who never needed to work hard for their money. Thus, they don't value the process of building oneself from gound up. They, themselves are not particularly empowered. Remember David Gilmour's son protesting? It's that kind of thing. Socially minded, involved. It's but another form of Orientalism but on a local scale. I met a few of such people at Oxford as well. Oh, you don't understand capitalism has its flaws. Some people come from difficult backgrounds! They had no example to follow. is me, landing with £300 on the street of London needing to find job and accommodation within a week and MAKE IT in life and that's after 19 years of living with my psychopathic father. Foreign country, foreign language. How is it so that I can do it and I go through life without moaning, yet the people I meet on each level of my epic 'climb' seem to complain about every single aspect of reality from taxes, to no opportunities, to no jobs, to the system. It's not the Outside that's the problem. The outside is plain lovely! Sunshine, trees. What the heck do you need? You are the problem. Your Outside obediently aligns with your vibration. People who never suffered a day, who never went through any struggle often feel guilty. Driven by their 'compassionate hearts' they wish to enable those who don't feel like putting in the work. They offer a remedy for a false illness. In reality, the issue starts with one's attitude and thought process. Then we hear - Polish builders and cleaners steal our jobs. Mexicans steal our jobs. Asians steal our jobs. Jews control our money. Haha, nope.. they just do the jobs you do poorly and with pleasure and gratitude.

Why do some people get up as soon as they see an elderly person enter the tube while others dig deeper into their phones and newspapers? Why do some people help others carry their groceries and others don't. Why are some people always kind and others aren't? You think this goes unnoticed? Do you think this does not build up or erode one's character? Do you think it has no consequence? DO you think that just because something goes 'unnoticed' it really does not accumulate somewhere? You think God doesn't see this? That your karma doesn't add up? Sincerity is inside one's heart. YES. Even there, you are NOT ALONE. You are not alone when you think. You are not alone inside your mind. Every thought is currency. Wise people are VERY conscious of all thoughts they thing and the energy they ooze, because everything comes back to us 100-fold and always in the least expected ways! Deceit in one area may be met in deceit in one's relationship. Uncaring existence is met with no-one caring about the native. Greed and selfishness are met with struggle, poverty, lack. Sincerity is always cherished because it is entirely unconditional and pure. It doesn't seek anything for itself. It's matched with same type of energy.

How you show up with little things in life translates to all other areas. Don't fall for sob stories. Don't fall for angry 'victimhood' anywhere. Violent people taking the opportunity to rage and project their own inadequacies. These are usually the biggest abusers behind closed doors. They always find their comfort zone in fighting against something or complaining about being wronged, yet they move through life walking over others in daily life, failing to show up with decency and class. They bring this toxic energy of suppressed rage into their family life. They bring it onto their children. There are big consequences for not following your dharma; for not taking risks in life; for not showing up. People chase the quick buck, take short-cuts, sell their souls for money only to complain that no one respects them. How does one not connect the dots? We land, where we belong based on our karmas = ACTIONS. Your self-concept dictates your life experience. If you see yourself as oppressed minority, you have just sealed your 'fate'. The outside must align and you shall live a life of an oppressed person.

We always have a choice. Always. In the most adverse circumstances, incarcerated, sentenced to death - one still has a few choices left. Every single day we are making choices. Rest assured that all good choices are rewarded. nothing goes unnoticed by the universe. Good choices (coming from genuinely pure intention) and good attitude add up and they turn into a character. Character, in turn, becomes one's destiny. 

Watch your thoughts, they become your words;

watch your words, they become your actions;

watch your actions, they become your habits;

watch your habits, they become your character;

watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


Lao Tzu


How you do one thing translates to all other areas of life. Sloppiness in one area leads to neglect in other areas. Messy apartment = messy mind. Poor hygiene and eating habits = poor experience of life. Stagnant body = stagnant energy, imbalanced mind. Our choices matter, even if you think that no one sees them... You're wrong.

Look at a fruit to know about the tree. One's life is a testament of one's choices. Don't blame anyone for having a baby at 15 or 20. Don't blame the outside for your career choice or choice to stay in a marriage that turned out unfulfilling. Blame always takes away from YOUR power. Feel your emotions instead. Honor your karma and love your trajectory. It's perfect as it is. It couldn't go any other way, but the potential for your future is infinite!

A good life is a simple life. 


The supreme good is like water,

which nourishes all things without trying to.

It is content with the low places that people disdain.

Thus it is like the Tao.

In dwelling, live close to the ground.

In thinking, keep to the simple.

In conflict, be fair and generous.

In governing, don't try to control.

In work, do what you enjoy.

In family life, be completely present.

When you are content to be simply yourself

and don't compare or compete,

everybody will respect you.

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu




Now we go deeper


Thank You. Thank you. Thank you!

I am so happy and grateful now that huge amounts of money flow my way quickly and easily from various streams, on constant basis, in increasing amounts, with joy and ease, to the benefit of all and that I get to keep. I am blessed!

DEEP WORK - Personal Growth Consultation

70 Min Power Skype Session

Emergency DEEP WORK - Personal Growth Consultation

70 Min Power Skype Session - appointment within 5 days

This consultation aims to identify key blocks, obstacles and beliefs that seem to prevent your progress toward what you truly want out of life. In fact, it is very common for people to claim that they have no idea what they want. This is NOT TRUE. We all know what we want on a deepest level. Sure, our needs evolve and shift depending on a life phase we are in, but there is never any doubt as to what one truly needs. Whether it's freedom and exploration, creativity, a fulfilling vocation,  finding one's calling, financial stability or romantic commitment with a more settled existence - we always know what we truly need. This knowledge is given. One only needs to listen to their inner voice. What obscures it is FEAR, guilt, misplaced sense of obligation toward people who trespassed our boundaries, self-judgment, self-flagellation through comparisons with illusory standards, deep trauma, pathological upbringing, compulsive love-chasing, obsessive attachment to outcomes... to name but a few.


Life is simple. Please keep this in mind as you go through each day. Life is simple. If it doesn't look this way, that's a sign you got enmeshed in a web of illusion, attachment, consumerism, media, herd-mentality, trends, YouTube self-help mania and the like. Alternatively, you may be living from a place of unhealed trauma seeking to source parental love through others. I'd say, just read Tao Te Ching, but I'm aware that not everyone is capable of stripping their life to bare minimum and finding courage to trust the process. Sometimes we need a third person perspective. That's what this consultation is about.

We are going to work around two foundational premises.

1. You are the sole creator of your destiny.

Your current incarnation is the result of your karmas. It is of your own making. Karma means action. Therefore, all further actions are bound to result in future reality.

2. Your Inner Reality is Mirrored by your Outer Reality.

Your Outside is YOU. As within, so without. Outer reality is you pushed out. The Subconscious runs the show.

We will look at the ways in which your life experiences and early childhood influences created a limiting self-concept and perception of the world, other people, love, money, abundance and success which is now perpetuating the undesired reality.

This session is meant to restore your sense of agency in life. It will require that you put in the work and take full responsibility. Freedom = Responsibility. You cannot be independent at the same time wanting to follow other people's guidance. The minute you realize you are the creative force behind everything, your life will get incredibly EXCITING!

We will mull over The Nitty Gritty of life getting to the Root of your Issue.

* Current situation analysis

* Cause → Effect 

A closer look at the Subconscious Material that brought you to where you are today.

What does your manifested reality say about your inner landscape?

Knowing how you manifested your TODAY allows you to make different choices for TOMORROW.

* Subconscious Expectations + Self-Concept

* Conscious and Unconscious Commitments 

Current 'Commitments' Analysis

Your current reality shows what are you committed to.  

Your habits, inner dialogue, words (choice of language), health, money -  all show your current commitments, beliefs and self-concept. Are you identifying yourself with any particular label? Example: codependent, introvert, loner, shy, avoidant, empath, unsuccessful, always struggling, always having issues with money, traumatized etc.  We must analyze your commitments in order to understand the next point.

* Hidden Benefits 


In order to continue with any habit, you need to benefit from it on some level. No matter how destructive, the habit provides you with some for of quick-fix reward, pleasure, escape. What are you escaping from? I can assure you that ether are benefits to everything: playing the victim, staying on benefits, putting things off, complaining, overeating. Everything we do has some benefit otherwise we wouldn't be doing it. Instead of fighting that habit, judging it as bad, hating ourselves for it - let's understand it. All humans seek security, certainty and satisfaction. You're not stupid, limited or lazy. You're simply doing your best according to your current level of awareness and capacity for dealing with old wounds/pain.

* Shadow Work 

* Emotional Processing 

* Inner Child Healing 

* Childhood Trauma Releasing 

* Family of Origin Dynamic

Parent's Marriage and Your Own Role within the Family System

* Reasons behind your Attachment Tendencies

Also called attachment stylesI am purposefully shifting the emphasis onto a more fluid state. I strongly advice against choosing any fixed label to describe yourself. When brought into consciousness your tendencies may be easily changed. Do NOT speak statements that lock you in any 'style', 'personality type' or some other modern-psychology invention. It does more damage then good. You are voluntarily locking yourself in a box. We simply want to use these methods to gain awareness of your patterns. Patterns are easily changed once your heart is healed; once your inner child is seen, heard, validated and understood. The minute you start growing your confidence, self-love and self-respect and willingly practice opening your heart and risking vulnerability, you will find yourself feeling more secure and at ease. There is never any need to box yourself in any description or fixed label - forget fixed astrological placements, 'disorders', character types. There are all meant to be used as tools not life sentence. Give yourself the freedom. You are limitless.

* Finding Meaning in Your Unique Karmic Trajectory 

* Boundaries

* Intuition (Truth) vs. Ego (Fear)

* Stepping into Responsibility - Individuation Process

Understanding what's within your control and what isn't. Claiming your own path.

* Ownership of your Past, Present and Future 

* Taking hold of your Inner Dialogue (Introjects)

* Balancing of Feminine and Masculine Energies (Family Patterns/Culture of Origin Influences)

* Conscious Manifestation - Alignment with Swadharma (choosing your own direction)

* Manifestation Techniques. Assuming the Consciousness of a Desired State. Claiming your New Reality.

* Identifying and Resolving Subconscious Blocks and Rigid Beliefs

* Development of your Personal Power, Independence and Authority in life and more. 

We will deal with the root cause behind:



Toxic Loneliness and Longing for a Better Reality,

Debilitating Nostalgia,

Financial Issues (Limiting beliefs about Abundance),

Creative Blocks,

Abusive Relationships,

Abusive Family of Origin Dynamic (incl. blackmail, threats, violence, manipulation, gaslighting, severe trauma from childhood)

Mother Wound,

Father Wound,


Terminal Illness/Conditions (I offer heart-felt spiritual support and guidance for people with HIV, STDs, Herpes, cancer etc)

Grieving Process, Mourning

Child Loss,

Compulsive Eating or Purging,


Fear of Judgment,

Fear of Change,

Fear of Success,

Fear of Intimacy,

Fear of Death,

Attachment to Victim Narrative (economic, racial, ethnic, circumstantial, politcal),

Debilitating Powerlessness,

Learnt Hopelessness,



Low Self-Esteem and so on.


This is the consultation to go for if you need help with cleaning up your basement. We will take a torch, mop and a bucket and go to that damp place together. You will see that doing this will make you feel stronger, more capable and secure in who you are as an autonomous being.


Self-knowledge, Autonomy, Inner Strength, Sense of Purpose and Personal All-Rightness  

I alone am ENOUGH. I can rely on myself. I love myself. I respect myself. I am a person of great character who carry herself with dignity.

To become the DESIRED STATE (as aligned with Swadharma and NOT another wounded-Ego grievance)

Ideal State - Mirrored Back by Life

Strong Inner Knowing and Self-Trust

God and Life are On my Side.

I can have anything I want.

I am capable, resourceful, magnetic and beautiful.

DEEP WORK - 5 Personal Growth Consultations

5 x 70 Min To-the-Point Skype Sessions











































People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.


Søren Kierkegaard

The issue is rarely with not knowing.

The issue is always with not believing that one can get to where they want to be. Hence, the bogus obstacles: family obligations, too much work, a dying parent, a relationship that gets in the way, no money, toxic people, wrong geographical location, wrong timing. We are always where we need to be, learning exactly what we need to learn. Life isn't in the way. Life is the way.


All of such 'obstacles' are but a reflection of one's own undisciplined mind and subconsciously held beliefs about what's possible. They are ego-tools of self-deception. We would rather make excuses than face our deepest truth, fears, inadequacies, sorrows and disappointments. Some people believe the society we live in encourages dependency, lethargy, pollution, submission and above all else LAZINESS. This is only an illusion that undiscerning minds fall under. We always have a choice between two modes of existence: consciousness or consumerism. What society provides is a proliferation of inventions, freely available foods, data, information, communication routes, comforts and entertainment. Much of it is toxic when taken in excess. There are plenty of issues that concern mankind as a whole, but these issues needn't stand in the way of one's day-to-day life and personal happiness. Much of what "society" offers can be useful. It's up to each individual to decide how much they wish to ingest what's on offer, but first they need to see themselves as an autonomous entity, indeed. Without autonomy, there can be no true wealth, no creativity, no freedom. All of the above are found within. They need to be sourced within.


No person or thing can take your agency away unless you have willingly submitted your power to them in the first place. This process is entirely internal and most present in people who do not have a strong inner authority/inner-parent/good Shani/sober mind. People whose locus of control is external (as opposed to internal) tend to struggle with moderation, self-restraint and conscious consumption. They struggle to ascertain what's relevant to their path and what isn't. If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. Even when the goal is clear one may still not believe they are good-enough to reach it. One may fail to postpone immediate gratification, go it alone when necessary and stand in their integrity. Most of the time we are slaves to our own primal urges, complexes and insecurities. Instead of relying on one's inner knowing and deep sense of faith and direction, one voluntarily gives legitimacy to external influences which are, in essence, unreliable and forever changing. One lives with society and others in their mind, rather then keeping their focus on the target. In essence one is entirely unfocused and easily permeable. The reason for it is fear - namely fear of judgment which masks fear of rejection. A person who is unable to side with Self and commit to their own heart; who can't go it alone when the external does not match his values, cannot be truly free. A the core of their personality will be deception and self-betrayal - the abandonment of one's own preferences, emotions, values and perception in favor of someone else's point of view. This is the start of a highly corrosive dynamic, whereby an individual discards his own self in exchange for company. Siding with anyone on such basis always leads to tremendous lack of fulfillment and pain. That's also the beginning of projection drama where the individual is no longer capable of seeing that the quality of his interactions is simply a natural outcome of his own actions. Instead of addressing the core issue (whatever the native was unable to generate from within), the individual chose to look for substitutes/magic pill solutions/immediate gratification. Now, instead of dealing with the core issue, they are dealing with a surface-level manifestation which in fact distracts them from it. Now, it is the relationship or friendship that needs to be change - the toxic partner. We are entering the realm of human exchanges, character traits, love language, communication...all the while the deception happened on an internal level years earlier. It's not until we stop seeking acceptance in the external environment that our life can truly shift. The outer only mirrors the inner.

Most people spend their days in front of their laptops rarely moving. Detached from their bodies and intuition many wouldn't even blink at a sight of a predator. When predators come, they, indeed, do nothing - they blame the predator for being who he is. Most do not believe they could fetch their own food - literally and figuratively. They follow directions from others and exchange their most valuable resource (time) for money. They wish for freedom, yet take no responsibility for their own course in life. Freedom is available, yet most people do not wish to take it. Freedom means accountability. Independence means autonomous action based on discernment and self-trust - not seeking guidance from surrogate parents. If you want to step into your autonomy, you will need to get in touch with your raw, unprocessed nature that feels, hears, smells, observes and acts on gut feeling. You will need to be okay with the consequences of your own choices understanding that at times life will be challenging. Adversity is a part of life. Character cannot be shaped in a vacuum. You cannot develop courage without facing your greatest fears. You cannot develop resourcefulness, unless you are pushed to act. Until one understands that their life (incarnation) is of their own making, there can be no talk of autonomy. No matter your life circumstances, you are never a victim. In fact you are creating your world on a daily basis.

I AM (your true self) is not interested in man’s opinion. All its interest lies in your conviction of yourself. What do you say of the I AM within you? Can you answer and say, “I AM Christ”? Your answer or degree of understanding will determine the place you will occupy in life. Do you say or believe yourself to be a man of a certain family, race, nation, etc.? Do you honestly believe this of yourself? Then life, your true self, will cause these conceptions to appear in your world and you will live with them as though they are real.

Neville Goddard


The consultation starts with your email to me where you describe your objective/goal. Please let me know what brings you to me and how would you like me to help you. What is the 'issue' and what do you feel is in your way? Please try to describe your level of awareness around that issue.


I will respond to you within 24h to confirm your payment but may need a little longer to go through your email (extra 1- 3 days). In my next email we will schedule our Skype Session and clarify any issues, if necessary.

Whilst this isn't an astrology reading, I would like to take a look at your charts (if you are comfortable with this). This is entirely optional, but will be of immense benefit to you. Please provide me with your full Date of Birth incl. time (24h clock) and place. Please let me know your time zone for easier scheduling.

I chose 70 Min as desirable duration for a Session because it's long enough to get real work done, but not so long as to exhaust us.

During the consultation I will draw upon all of my knowledge from Gestalt Therapy, Jungian approach, Family Systems Theory, Human Design, Bert Hellinger's work, Past-Life Regressions of Roger Woolger, Neville Goddard's work as well as Jyotisha and my own resources, life experience, knowledge and intuition.

It is my immense pleasure and honor to work with you.

Thank you for choosing me as your companion.


Depending on how far in advance I'm booked.

Currently (SEPTEMBER 2020 bookings) c. 2-3 weeks

Emergency session - always within 5 days

Bundle Clients - first session within a week

From then on, as agreed at the end of each session.

Sessions are spread over the period of two months and are AT LEAST one week apart.

This allows for the optimal accommodation of the coaching material, development of insight via introspection, journaling and assigned exercises. 

♥︎ Sangha - The whole world is your kingdom. It's your home. We are connected. See yourself in another. Be compassionate toward other people's ignorance. There is no need to engage. Leave people where they are. Understand that each day you may need to deal with callousness, cruelty, anger, ignorance - be okay with it. Unless it's a part of you, your mind won't even wonder in that direction. We are only a match to what's already within us. The world is perfect as it is. There is space for everyone. There is space for the 'good' and the 'bad' however we define it. One cannot exist without the other. You don't need to reform anyone. Reform yourself and your own response to the environment you live in. Before looking into another person's plate - look into yours. Let others show up in any way they like. Your sole responsibility is your own conduct.

♥︎ Discipline brings immense fulfillment and feelings of self-respect. We don't ever 'have to' do anything. In fact, each and every one of us can go as low as they want. No one prevents you from spending days in front of a tv, on youtube, over-eating, chasing love, mindlessly scrolling through junk content without even realizing the gravity of consequences that come with such actions. The shift comes with a deep understanding that we can do just about anything. Unbridled passion, over-night marriage, infinite gratification, consumption and the like simply don't bring much joy. They lead to feelings of internal corruption, decadence, cynicism and bitterness about life. In reality, this bitterness and disappointment relate to one's own conduct. Few have the courage to honestly look at self. Most people choose to project all blame onto others. If we want to live a dignified existence we need to devote our time to respect-worthy endeavors and conduct that includes a measure of self-restraint. These days people call intellectual laziness, chasing love and addiction - 'spirituality'. It's not. Whilst, losing yourself in vices may be 'on path' (perhaps leading to a breakthrough moment that triggers change), it's far from conscious spiritual practice.


All spiritual practice assumes cultivation of virtue AND it actually leads to a peaceful and happy life. A 'practice' that leads to sorrow, confusion, ignorance, constant striving and further attachment is not a practice at all. It's entertainment that has a theme of pop-psychology, striving for personal fame (validation from the outside) and money obsession.

♥︎ Clinging onto ideas of how things should be and how others ought to act (expectation) is a recipe for sorrow. Trust in God's ways or The Way (Tao) seems to work much better. Don't get caught up in petty Karma will get them thinking. You created it all! Focus on your own path and seek to understand what is this moment trying to teach you. Everything happens for our greatest benefit, even if uncomfortable. You simply cannot see the full picture yet.

♥︎ Be grateful for all delays in your life. Delay is God's infinite wisdom. It's life's gift to you - a gift of time, an opportunity for clarification.

♥︎ Just because something or someone is readily available to you doesn't mean you should take it. Always choose to live with class. Choose wisdom, highest learning, depth, quality, peaceful practice instead of quick fame, recognition for no merit, popularity - it's a hollow path that eventually leads to great inner emptiness and feelings of disappointment. Just because something comes easily to you, does not mean that this is the thing you are supposed to be doing. Just because there is a demand for certain service; just because many people ask you to do something does not mean that you should honor that request. Often the greatest growth comes from other areas - areas which we are yet to master. Respond to your inner authority - not external influences. Never make other people your master. Follow what feels internally right to you. Only in this way will you have the chance to meet the right companions/audience/colleagues/friends/partner.

♥︎ But HAVE FUN also! When the inspiration feels authentic go all in!

♥︎ When your intuition is telling you NO - honor it. Dismissing intuition always leads to mess. Graceful, kind 'NO' at the outset saves you 'acting out' out of resentment later. We always know whether a person, situation, opportunity is right for us or not. Sometimes we simply do not want to know the truth. The question is: why are you dismissing your gut feeling? Honoring and investigating that why holds a key to your growth, healing and better life ahead.

♥︎ No person, place, post or thing should ever supersede Dao/God/the Divine. Attachment is the root of suffering. Attachment and painful loss that generates feelings of deep grief and suffering are essentially a denial of life's wisdom. Yet, this is not to dismiss our basic humanity and beauty of human emotion. To move through life TRULY feeling on a deep level is usually accompanied with graceful surrender. Moving through life in constant agony (the result of nervous and fearful clinging) shows shallowness of emotion. Here, the heart-shattering feeling seems to reveal the truth about our affection - it acted as a mere drug/fix/remedy to the insufferable void within. Thus, others become our crutch - a means to an end.


In reality, love is NEVER painful. Attachment, ignorance and lack of inner love are. Love has nothing to do with another person. Love is a state of divine grace and it is found within - in the quietude of one's own spirit and abundant heart. Love is unconditional and all-encompassing, it is not directed at one person alone.


Tarot Reading

30 Min Private Video Recording

100 USD


30 Minute Reading

Pre-Recorded Video Format

This is a heart-felt fully intuitive Tarot Reading. You may choose to focus on several themes or explore one area of your life at a greater depth. This is also a good option for a deeper meta-narrative Major Arcana reading.

30 Minute Reading is enough for a Year Ahead/Solar Return Reading OR Love Mirroring Spread. Consult my YouTube Channel for examples. 30 Minute is about my average Pick-a-Card Reading length. We will jump straight into cards - no chit chats.

Please let me know whether you prefer to see the cards on the table or me speaking directly to the camera.

WAITING TIME: up to 10 days

Tarot Reading + Jyotisha References

60 Min Private Video Recording



Pre-Recorded Video Format

This is my classic Marble Table view Tarot Reading that you have seen on the La Flambo YouTube channel. I will look into the areas of your interest using a variety of spreads making references to your Rashi Chart (Vedic Astrology chart). This option gives enough time to incorporate an In-Depth Major Arcana analysis + several shorter thematic readings such as: love, specific relationship dynamic, relocation options, career, ancestral karma etc.

The reading starts with a short Intro Chat where I mention my initial thoughts about your energy and your Birth Chart/Nodal Axis/Mahadasa Timeline/Atmakaraka etc. This is followed by our tarot session. Please let me know whether you prefer to see the cards on the table or me talking directly to the camera. More than happy to accommodate your preferences. 

If you chose this option, please remember to send me your birth details.

Please use the following format:


HH:MM 24 hour clock



21 - FEBRUARY - 1998


London, UK

• Please, don't confuse me with 6.7.1990 - for some folks this is 6th July, for others it's 7th June.

• If you were born at 6 AM write 06:00; if at 6 PM write 18:00.


Thank YOU! I can't begin to explain how tedious this becomes when a whole bunch of people books their readings and I need to double-check such details with every one of them. I appreciate your cooperation.

WAITING TIME: up to 12 days.


Family.... Guess I learnt from the pros. Ashwini + Ashwini + Chitra.

It's Shani Dasha, so I (en)chant.

Jyotisha Consultation - Vedic Astrology Reading                                   

70 Min Skype Session                                                

Currently Closed

A Unique Look 

at Your Nativity


On Judgment in YouTube Vedic Astrology Community

I bring my own insights into my consultations - I do NOT practice generic astrology. What is generic astrology? Well watch any YouTube conjunction video. Example: Saturn means restriction, Mercury means speech and logic ergo these people have retarded speech and logic. NO. I look to examples: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Andrew Carnegie, Edgar Cayce, Ingmar Bergman, Beyonce, Sting, Bill Clinton, Helena Blavatsky, Marvin Gaye, Michael Stipe, Tina Fey, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kurt Cobain, Amma, Paulo Coelho, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Alanis Morisette, Hilary Swank, Pink, Gertrude Stein, Robert Plant....I gather hundreds upon hundreds. I look at house lords. I look at dignities, dasas, Nakshatras, Navamsa positions. I look at people's lives. As most astrologers, I started with my own chart seeking greater self-knowledge. I could find zero interesting information online. None of the descriptions of placement held true for me. Most people found on YouTube have zero understanding of Saturn, reality and non-dualism in the first place. Since I must have read most of the astrology books on the market and have photographic memory, it quickly became apparent that people quote them in full paragraphs. Then they repeat after one another. Same phrases. No understanding. I even saw special Summit discussions between astrologers who discuss the nature of a particular conjunction yet none of them can think of a SINGLE example. Shani + Budha conjunction is one of the aspects that I have  - the single most prominent perhaps - speaking in full sentences was something I learnt off the bat. I speak several foreign languages which I found easy to learn. I acquire skills intuitively. Looking at the crowd above, these ain't no morons either. I don't practice surface-level sandbox astrology that offends one's intelligence and sensitivity. Such practice only alienates the viewer, because it's no different to gaslighting. You are so and so because I say so. The recent marvel I heard: Saturn on the Ascendant people can't be on their own. These are just not great people. // If she is so sad, why doesn't she kill herself? Mixed-Zodiac "Jyotisha Practitioner". Other marvels: Sun in Mesha always brings about a great leader (Hitler, Amber Heard, Chris Brown), Saturn in Libra is always like Krishna (Epstein). Exalted does not equal good moral compass/good person; debilitated does not equal poor moral compass/bad person. For every single placement in every single Nakshatra and Pada there is a villain and a noble person to be found. A good Jyotishi is someone who interprets the findings with their wisdom, insight, intuition and overall ability to see the bigger picture as formed by graha. Cook-book astrology is the very reason why the discipline is regarded as a joke. 


The principle tenet of academic research is to question your sources and investigate the validity of any statement for yourself. I practice TRUE ASTROLOGY that is connected to REAL life. I put in the hours, I follow my curiosity, I gather massive samples of evidence. Then I contemplate my findings. My goal is to uplift you, not beat you down. When it comes to Shani+Budha, the reader will need to wait for the relevant article/video, but the conjunction is perhaps the single most painful in the horoscope. It looks like a dam that blocks an infinite ocean of wisdom, knowledge and understanding...the dam has a tiny hole in it - needle wide. That's how much the native is able to express in comparison to what they know, perceive, feel and see. However, there is a REASON for it. Just an example, but definitely one that strikes close to home for me. THAT'S how I built my knowledge base - out of irritation or annoyance with mediocre emotionally immature generic statements of people who only parrot what they saw elsewhere. People who gravitate toward astrology are often lost and in search of direction; they often feel depressed and confused about their lives. Many come from severe trauma that is beyond comprehension of a business-obsessed clown astrologer. For a Jyotishi to use people's charts as a means to inflate their own ego in some passive-aggressive retaliation against the world is unacceptable. It is usually a mark of just another narcissistic man who found no success elsewhere.  JYOTISHA is an AIDE in elevation of one's own consciousness, one's awareness. It should never be used as a weapon for character assassination, celebrity ridicule, petty judgments or classifications that are based on NO PROOF whatsoever. Before you get suicidal after hearing that you are a horrible person, greedy person, selfish person, stupid person or whatever else...just check the chart of the person you're listening to. Most of the time, they are just describing themselves. Jyotisha reading can be straightforward, one can present their research findings but it should be done with compassion and a clear GOAL to uplift and help, not diminish and bully. In this regard - even though I'm a Jyotishi - my respect and appreciation go mostly to Western Astrologers who are usually driven by compassion, humanity and sincere desire to help the querent. Jyotisha is an amazing tool, if in good hands. Stay tuned for my Ethics of Conduct article under the PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS tab (coming soon). ALSO - don't confuse this with astrology that's meant to be playful and fun like What I love/hate about your Zodiac sign. No one has issues with that. It comes from a kind place.

Have you got the courage to speak up like Martin Luther King Jr?

Have you got the tenacity and resourcefulness of Andrew Carnegie?


This is a Classic Vedic Astrology Chart Reading with extra insight coming from psychological analysis of your patterns as revealed by your email and types of questions asked. My readings are saturated with loads of technical information and intuitive insight. No time wasting chit chats or me looking for your chart for 10 minuets. You're not paying for a conversation with a therapist. This is your 70 Min of time to listen to my research findings and answers to your questions. The reason why I ask my clients to send their questions beforehand is so that I can research them in great depth. I look for patterns, I look at your history. I don't want to waste time searching for an answer during our session - that's my homework. That's what you paid for to begin with. We may leave a few minutes toward the end for a little chat. I don't schedule my sessions back-to-back, so there is no rush. I want my clients to feel happy and satisfied. 

I will look at your chart holistically and give you guidance with regard to current themes or challenges in your life. Please read my Approach to Jyotish page where I spoke of Karma/Determinism vs Free Will as well as more technical aspects of my approach.


I will investigate your Rahu-Ketu Axis, position of house lords, Yogas, Jaimini Karakas, Vimshottari and Chara Dasas + Incurred Karmas, Transits, redistribution of Nakshatras, Moon Rashi/Nakshatra including Lunar Cycle and Tara Chakra, D9, D10, Swamsa, Karakamsa in Rasi, Ashtakvarga, Bhava Bala and the like. We will look at your timing in life and the general unfolding of your Prarabdha Karma (evolution of your consciousness). I always follow my intuition with regard to which pieces of information to include - I focus on what's essential for you to know at this time. 99% of the time answers jump out at me based on the timing of your booking and sheer tone of your inquiry. For each reading I may be drawn to different techniques. In addition to classic Jyotisha I also use insights from Evolutionary Astrology of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Sidereal Arcs and Progressions plus my own techniques. I include asteroids, midpoints (beyond Brighu Bindu) and outer planets. It all depends on the themes you inquire about. I am a huge Astro-Cartography geek (tested first-hand through many travels/relocations), so I will be more than happy to help you with change-of-residence questions as well. 

In my analysis I tend to look at the general direction of my client's life. Life is EASY and straightforward. People complicate it due to their insecurities, lack of courage, inability to be real with Self and overall dishonesty. Sweating the small stuff is a waste of time. People lose too much energy on things that are entirely irrelevant to their path. Their lives are cluttered with material objects, people, foods, polluting information and random influences. Most people live in a very undiscerning way exercising zero control over what they ingest. Cluttered mind = cluttered life. One's own voice is lost in the cacophony of one's hectic milieu. Rather than courageously making the leap in a direction of their true desire, they distract themselves with trivia. It is called avoidance. If your soul is yearning for great accomplishment, being a house-wife may not be up your alley. Yet, how many people waste their time on the pursuit of immediate gratification due to fear, attachment trauma and unhealed childhood wounds? How many people waste their time on random infatuations as a result of daddy/mummy issues throwing their potential out the window? This reading will make it more obvious - what's essential and what isn't. Where are you kidding yourself and not acting on your truth (and why is that the case)? Most importantly, are you in the right period to purse your goals?


Please remember that whilst some answers may stand out in a very stark way, there is a plethora of possible professions for any nativity. Some charts show clear leadership, but even then one may oscillate between Science and Music! Some people are brilliant, versatile and prolific and manage to excel at many things including performance, aviation and maths. The thing about all leaders is that they already KNOW their destiny. They show up as authority in their own lives. If you expect to be told what to do, you don't understand the basic premise of leadership which is based on contribution, not ego-desire for approval and status. While I'll be more than happy to inform you on as many options as possible, it is also useful for the client to reflect a little further on their Soul's Truth, psychological patterns and repetitive cycles in relationships. What are your key blocks and fears? The more prepared the client, the more focused the reading.


Just think of a session with a therapist - if you you're working a mind-numbing job and say something's off but you have never devoted a minute to introspection and you haven't even pondered your family of origin dynamic, you have never taken autonomous action based on your truth but kept on mimicking your environment...well it will take you a while for you to get anywhere. It is thanks to such people that con-therapist types got rich! A 60 minute session requires them to say And how did it make you feel? twiceThe future of this planet lies in personal RESPONSIBILITY. You get out what you give. The deeper you go and the more focused your question, the quicker I get to your answer and the sooner you may start living out your truth. People who are generally vague, who don't ask specific questions are also nowhere near acting on their dharma/inspiration. They don't want specific answers because that would mean they would have to take action. It's better to postpone it into the future...what's my (vague) destiny? As if that destiny were to happen to them. Nope, you will need to build it, because your outside can only mirror your INSIDE. Please read/watch all linked resources.

On the other hand, a self-responsible person who takes healing into their own hands expecting nothing from others will be already in a resourceful mode. No matter what their direction in life, they will be seeking a more focused information. Such people tend to know who they are and what they want, but may struggle with a specific 'blockage' or difficult Mahadasa/Transit. The reading is much more fun because we can then attend to the specifics of life paying attention to one's current needs or what is required of one to do (soul growth). The most boring consultations are when a person has lived their life like a vegetable putting zero effort, looks to gurus/teachers/parents for answers and acts as if they don't even have a mind of their own all the while expecting great accomplishment, success in love, peace of mind, fame and money. (???)

Please keep in mind that 98% of mankind does NOT fall into the category of iconic leaders, inspiring figures or people with clear direction in life. The chart will show that. Dah! Your questions will show that. If you're not reaching for the Stars already, slaying reality like a dragon and following your dharma there is no point asking - When will I get famous? Famous for what? What is it that you're contributing? Let's put you on your feet first - perhaps you need to stand up to your mum first. Let's build a solid foundation. I rarely read for unaware people, but it happens from time to time when a completely misaligned person inquires about things that have nothing to do with their soul and everything to do with pleasing their parents and being 'society-approved'. I don't encourage anyone to be a rebel. No. It's about acting from a place of inner authority (being an adult) rather than living in reaction to external stimuli. Your sense of purpose and self-worth must come from within. The outer can only match the inner.

In my consultations I always strive to align my clients with the highest possible outcome - i.e. I'll make sure to tell you everything you need to know. Most people live way below their potential due to fear and 'security thinking'. They say: I'm a software engineer. Is this the right path for me? Well, what do you think? If it were the right path you would be busy being excited about it. You wouldn't even ask the question. Plus, there is no such thing as "the wrong path" - all paths are good because they lead us somewhere new OR they take us to hell in which case we get the gift of wisdom, self-knowledge and lived experience. Problems begin when people have no idea where they are going, when they don't listen to their own intuition and continuously seek powerful others to guide them. Be mindful that not everyone's chart will show inner clarity. Some people are confused and no amount of guidance will ever help them. That's why we have consumerism, 'blind' unaware masses who make poor decisions at the elections, poor teachers, generic astrologers and perpetual victims and blamers.


In my readings I strive to align you with your own voice - this means taking 100% responsibility for your past, present and future, i.e. the totality of your karma. If you want to make progress, you cannot stay in a place of victimization and dependency. You will need to start exercising discernment and understand that what you allow into your life is entirely your responsibility. You are not only burning karma. You are creating NEW karma. Inaction, cowardice and inclination toward living someone else's life script have major consequences on our destiny. Introspection and meditation provide us with an opportunity to drive such realization home. If you don't act on your life, you will waste your incarnation. Think about it. We don't have a lot of time. Appreciate the uniqueness of your current situation. 

I do not believe in fatalistic fortune telling. Whilst there is a certain amount of karma we all must pay which unfolds according to Mahadasa sequence AND there is, indeed, a certain 'glass ceiling' with regard to one's awareness and ability to take responsibility in life, we all have FREE WILL at our disposal. My reading will push you toward greater accountability toward Self and your Dharma.

I don't read for victims. I read for adults. You will need to leave your parents' expectations aside.

Please consult the approach and how to prepare for a reading sections. Watch the videos below to understand what your chart actually shows. 

Please send me your questions upon booking. Make them well thought through.

My suggestion is to choose a few themes you most wish to focus on.

Example: vocation; love/marriage/spouse's profile; relocation/travel; children/abortions/pregnancies/karma relating to pregnancy; difficult family karma;  etc. You will know what to ask if you have read How to Prepare fro your Reading. These are the pressing issues of your life, most likely relating to your Rahu-Ketu axis or Shani placement. Please provide some background to your questions.

I'm very thorough and always strive to provide my clients with a sense of 'resolution', fulfillment (value for money) and positivity. In case you have never lived from your authentic core, the consultation may be a very raw and sobering experience but that may be exactly the push that you need. Either way, my job is to equip you with information. What you do with it is up to you (free will).

If you chose this option, please remember to send me your birth details.

Please use the following format:


HH:MM 24 hour clock



20 - JAN - 2021

11:34 AM

Kingston, Jamaica

• Please, don't confuse me with 6.7.1990 - for some folks this is 6th July, for others it's 7th June.

• If you were born at 6 AM write 06:00; if at 6 PM write 18:00. You may even write 06:00 AM and 18:00 PM to be super accurate.


Thank YOU! I can't begin to explain how tedious this becomes when a whole bunch of people books their readings and I need to double-check such details with every one of them. I appreciate your cooperation.

 WAITING TIME  circa 2-3 weeks (September 2020 bookings) 

You will hear from me within 24h. In my email I will suggest dates for our consultation.

Please provide me with your current location/time zone upon booking.

Have you got the perseverance and fighting spirit of Nelson Mandela?

Have you got the mind of Maria Sklodowska-Curie? The only double Noble Prize Laureate AND in two different disciplines!

Born in 1867, she sure did put you to shame most of the yammering 2020 women.

Power resides WITHIN. You decide whom you're going to become girl. feel like someone is a gatekeeper in which case you may need to play pretty.

We cannot have anything that we haven't generated of our own accord - love, prosperity, wealth, respect.

Have you got the Shravana ear of David Bowie?

or Nina Simone? Ha, a BLACK WOMAN..decades ago...somehow not disempowered.

Maybe you're swift like water and wise like a sage? ehm.. I mean Bruce Lee.

Or perhaps you just want some peace of mind and a happy retirement or grand travel?


Your chart shows it all! You've got your own special talents, I assure you.

We all do.

Ola La Flambo. Let's see what comes out of me. Life will tell.

Incarnation is evaluated based on how we END, not where we start.

It's a trek, but as Madiba put it It always feels impossible, until it's done.

we groan



In-Depth Jyotisha Consultation - Vedic Astrology Reading                  c. 2-2.5 Hour Pre-Recorded Video Presentation or Skype Session

Currently Closed

This is my most comprehensive service. The approach is the same as in 70 Min Session which you may read about above. 

Both sessions include my talking non-stop about your chart. All important questions need to be well thought through and sent in advance so that I can research patterns/contemplate the answers. Naturally, you will be able to stop me and ask clarifying questions during the session, however be mindful of time constraints. You are welcome to describe your situation in an email preceding the session and I will address it during our consultation. This is not a casual chat. I will bombard you with information about your astrological influences. You may record the session or take notes.

The consultation begins with a quick discussion of your NUMEROLOGY - personal year, larger cycles, life path number etc. I find Numerology to be a great place to start as it provides us with a larger perspective, which I like to link to your Mahadasa timeline and transiting Shani cycle. Then we delve deeper and deeper.

The consultation includes:

• Fully researched chart

• Step-by-step analysis including description of houses, key cusps, house lords, and dipositors (Rashi + D9)

• Rahu-Ketu axis analysis

• Nakshatra analysis

• Nava Tara Chakra analysis 

 Vimshottari Mahadasha (Nakshatra Based) 

   In-depth analysis of accumulated Karmas (Degrees, Dasha Pravesh, Exact Dasa Time + my own techniques)

   Close analysis of Atmakarka Dasa, if applicable/relevant

• Chara Dasha (Rashi Based)

• Significant Gochara - Transits

• Timing of Significant Events incl. Love, Career Opportunities, Travel

• Yogas + Activation Times

• Chara Karakas (especially Atma, Amatya, Dara)

• Atmakaraka in detail (Karakamsa, Swamsa)

• Ashtakvarga

• Arudha Lagna

• Shad Bala + Bhava Bala - Which graha shows your greatest strength? Which bhava is your driving force and focus in life?

• Key Midpoints (incl. Brighu Bindu), Asteroids and Part of Fortune

• Your Psychological Profile + Childhood Conditioning

• Your Emotional Needs - Your Moon in detail 

  (What you absolutely need in order to feel fulfilled and at peace in life)

• Where you're coming from and where you're going 

• Discussion of Key Vargas - depending on client's needs

• Discussion of AstroCartography - if relocation is relevant to my client's needs or jumps out at me as the most obvious 'remedy'.

• I may make share insights from Western Astrology: Progressions + Evolutionary Astrology (adjusted to Sidereal Zodiac)

• Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

• Discussion of key themes such as:



   dharma and karma, 

   vocation and purpose,

   karmic baggage,

   relationships and relationship patterns,

   people you are most likely to attract,

   spouse's profile,

   relationship with children,

   family karma,


   key lessons in life,

   psychological blind-spots,

   relocations and travel

You may wish to read: 

You may send a total of 10-12 questions. Please make them well thought through. You will know what to ask if you have read How to Prepare for your Reading. These are the pressing issues of your life, most likely relating to your Rahu-Ketu axis or Shani placement. Please provide some background to your questions. 


WAITING TIME  circa 2-3 weeks (September 2020 bookings) for Skype Session

3-4 weeks for Pre-Recorded Video

You will hear from me within 24h. In my email I will suggest dates for our consultation.

Please provide me with your current location/time zone.

In addition to your specific questions, please let me know about key 3 areas you would like the reading to focus on. Example: vocation; love/marriage/spouse's profile; relocation/travel; children/abortions/pregnancies/karma relating to pregnancy; difficult family karma. 

Keep in mind that the consultation will cover many facets of your life regardless of what you ask. For example, I am likely to pick up on your relationship patterns anyway. I'm very thorough and always strive to provide my clients with a sense of 'resolution', fulfillment (value for money) and positivity. In case you have never lived from your authentic core, the consultation may be a very raw and sobering experience but that may be exactly the push that you need. Either way, my job is to equip you with information. What you do with it is up to you (free will).


I have come to realize that we are always matched with the exact information / people / teachers / situations that we most need. 

If you chose this option, please remember to send me your birth details.

Please use the following format:


HH:MM 24 hour clock



20 - JAN - 2021

11:34 AM

Kingston, Jamaica

• Please, don't confuse me with 6.7.1990 - for some folks this is 6th July, for others it's 7th June.

• If you were born at 6 AM write 06:00; if at 6 PM write 18:00. You may even write 06:00 AM and 18:00 PM to be super accurate.

Thank YOU! I can't begin to explain how tedious this becomes when a whole bunch of people books

their readings and I need to double-check such details with every one of them. I appreciate your cooperation.



1.   up to 10-12 questions + some background

2.   3 main areas preference

3.   Exact Birth Details



4. Dates from the past. Please provide me with a few dates of significant events in the past, so that I can see your patterns. Examples: the start date of your key relationships, child birth/abortion dates, start of a new job, matriculation/graduation, death of a parent, death of a grandparent, purchase/death of a pet, move to a new home, travel, relocation (This is entirely OPTIONAL, but your consultation will get better because of it + it also helps validate your time of birth).

Winter Sessions

12  7  14

13  11  9

8  15  10

Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.