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Private Clients

Here is what some of my lovely clients had to share about their readings.

Testimonials + Letter Excerpts (published with permission).

Looks like Ikea, but it isn't!

Dear Ola,

Where do I begin?! I took a couple days to re-listen, re-listen, reflect and reflect. This was absolutely beautiful, informational and life-changing. I mean that. First of all, thank you so much for including that extremely informative astrology video that I will cherish forever. The day after listening to your video was full of inspiration for me, as though my whole energy shifted into a more positive light, ready to get going. I had to sit with my thoughts before writing any feedback, mainly because I appreciated the great care with which you made the videos. They were so well done, informative, I could feel your love for this radiating through the screen. The detail and depth that you worked with and reflected in these videos is stunning and just so impressive. 


I actually got my notebook and jotted down three pages worth of notes on your video (LOL!) I'm not kidding!


Ola, the descriptiveness, the diligence and the passion with which you delivered my message is the greatest gift I've gotten in a while. I honestly feel that it was well worth every single penny, seriously. Worth every single penny. The information you left me with, the wisdom you poured out and the love that radiated from within you was just amazing. I can't thank you enough.


I look forward to hearing back from you whenever, as I know you're bombarded with people like me waiting for your amazing gift. But thank you. Thank you thank you.


I started out as a loyal subscriber of Ola's channel, and anxiously waited for her to start personal readings. One thing that stood out to me before I even purchased a reading was that Ola always put out content that was well-made, detailed, and done with lots of care. 


In her private reading with me, she exceeded my expectations. Ola delivered a series of videos for me packed with so much information, delivered in a simple, easy to follow manner. Each video she did for me was elaborately done, all containing descriptions of my astrological placements, commentary on how to understand these placements, and how to apply this to my daily life. Her advice and insight truly changed my life, I walked away with a great, fresh perspective.


I even took a notebook and wrote down notes on all of the information she provided me! It was worth every single penny and Ola makes sure you understand what you're getting, and makes the entire process easy and accessible.


Ola respects her client's time and money, and makes sure to give you an amazing, irreplaceable reading fully worth your while. 


Ola seriously considers her clients — she asks them meaningful questions before proceeding with the reading, and makes sure she understands her client's needs before beginning a reading. To me this shows her full commitment in providing a service that benefits YOU. 


She wants to make the reading straight to the point and tailored to your needs, and she does that ten-fold by providing content full of diagrams, descriptions, advice, and guidance. If you are to go to any reader, any spiritual healer, go with Ola. Ola focuses on helping you, guiding you and understanding you. 

She is also extremely patient and good-natured. She was completely understanding with me, and followed up with me before and after the reading to make sure that I was happy with my reading. She took time to get to know me, she took time to really listen to me and get a sense of who I am. Ola made me feel comfortable, seen and heard, which is why her reading really resonated with me. To me, she went above and beyond to make sure the reading was perfect. Ola has a wealth of knowledge on tarot and astrology, and though she is humble about it, her work speaks for itself. 


I have never been more impressed with a reader than I have been by Ola, and if you want to learn more about yourself and gain insight and the tools to become a better version of yourself, look no further. I am extremely happy with what I got, and am so excited to continue as a loyal customer.


  Private Client, USA

Tarot + Jyotisha References

Ola is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge for all seekers that find her, it really is paramount that YOU seeker tap into that wisdom and use it to transform your life. She has the ability to empower individuals, to look within and break negative patterns and cycles that manifest in our outer reality. Her detailed analysis and enthusiasm for Vedic Astrology truly sets her apart from all others. She has an incredible dedication to her craft and carries messages that resonate deeply and if you've found her and your gut instincts are telling you to follow through, it means she carries the message that is needed for you. Ola can map out your life path, help you heal the wounds from your past and give you the guidance, foundation and grounding to set you forth on your new endeavours! I feel immensely grateful to have found Ola in my journey of self discovery and its my wish that she impacts you as deeply as she has done for me!


Private Client, UK

Vedic Astrology Reading
















Dear Ola, 

I love you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. 

I am so incredibly happy. This was the single best investment into myself I have ever made. [...]

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"Upon receiving my reading I felt SPOILED. I honestly did not think I could be surprised or that my expectations could be exceeded since I have already ordered the top-tier In-Depth Jyotisha Reading. I was wrong. This reading surpassed my wildest expectations. I was stunned upon receiving all this material. Given that I have already spent so much, it was obvious to me that the reading will cover A LOT. What Ola sent me left me shocked. The amount of material I received, the detail… The detail..I mean..if you’re one of those exalted Mercury geeks you will climax at the sight of it all. 

This is not a reading - this is 7 hours of other-worldly education. Ola explains every single technique that she uses making sure that you actually know how to calculate/predict/interpret various aspects of Jyotish nativity in the future. She is essentially a teacher. She doesn’t hold back any ‘astro-tricks’. I have never come across anyone so genuine, honest and humble. I have also never felt so cared for by a random stranger offering online services. Ola is a real humanitarian. Upon receiving my material I realized how special and lucky I am to have had a reading with her. I can completely understand why providing such readings can only come from a place of passion. I feel so content, satisfied and truly respected. 

Ola prepares all charts in her graphic design software. They are all bespoke and filled with lots of detail, arrows, notes. She makes plenty calculations by hand explaining everything as she goes. I now know how to calculate my divisional charts and even Shashtiamsha deities. She gives so much explanation of everything. She even made special charts for specific events that took place in my life in the past showing me ‘the pattern’ and 'triggering factors' and explaining the difference between two types of nodes in predictions. She showed me how one works and the other doesn’t - at least in my own natal chart - which I can now use for my future studies. This reading included so much information. Ola spent 1,5 hour on my nodal axis alone (both True and Mean nodes across Rashi, D9 and D60). I got so many answers. So many of them came as a surprise, yet deep down (upon further reflection) all of it makes perfect sense. I was left inspired and powered up to take action in a completely new direction. This reading had a real impact on my life and how I see myself and what's still possible for me to achieve.

Ola is versed in everything from astro-cartography to mythology to Jungian Psychology (of which I am a student). When you listen to her it doesn’t feel as if it’s ‘knowledge form books’. I feel that Ola is first and foremost a keen observer of human species and life on Earth in general. I am humbled and very grateful to have had a reading with Ola and would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about self-discovery."


Private Client, Switzerland

In-Depth Jyotisha Analysis


Thank you so much for such an in depth reading. I looove your Energy!! Your reading is full of life, integrity and love. It has been two weeks since I received the reading and I must say I feel a huge shift in me, I have been told by a few friends that I have changed. I'm more confident and lighthearted. Your reading woke me up to who I am and who I can be!! I feel a level of trust in myself, my gifts and knowing that I KNOW! So empowering! I keep going back to the videos you sent me: there is always something new to discover. I really appreciate your work ethic. If there is a gift I could give to my friends and family it would ve a reading with you. Keep your light shining! ♥︎


Private Client, South Africa

Tarot + Jyotisha References

Dear Ola,


I am blown away and entirely speechless. I thought I knew myself but this reading has changed my entire perspective on life and how I’ve been approaching it. Honestly, you are an enigma to me and I am in awe of your spirit and deep wisdom. How is it even possible that such a young person knows so much. (Well, now that I have seen your chart, it is really quite obvious.) With Atmakaraka Shani Makara and Mithuna Rahu I thought I had a sound knowledge of who I am. I have been studying my chart for many years, consulted other prominent Vedic astrologers [...]. None of them got to the core of who I am and none of them put so much care, effort, devotion, work and research into my consultation. I am laughing right now because I was simply ripped off in the past (karma!). Not in my wildest dreams have I expected to receive five hours of videos packed with such minute detail. [...] I feel no further need to consult anyone on any other matter as I am completely at peace. You have made a new friend and a huge fan. And just as you said in the video, people with exalted/strong placements will find greatest solace amongst their equals regardless of age difference. You are twenty one years my junior yet l felt like I’m listening to someone who is much older and more experienced. Perhaps that's the greatest gift I got from this entire experience - the knowledge that someone like you exists. [...]


Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading


" Ola may be one of the most helpful people for me at the moment. I had several readings with other astrologers before, none even came close to the amount of information given by her reading. This is top-notch astrology. She goes into great depth and the chart is analyzed in detail. I chose the 2-hour reading because I wanted all the information, which she certainly delivered. She doesn't gloss over anything. It is a complete, whole reading full of information.

   She gave me a lot of real-life examples, whether from her own life, people she knows or prominent people. It is one thing to hear what certain placement means, it is another to actually hear someone talk about their own experience. 

   She is a person of great wisdom, depth and compassion. She will tell you the truth that will either resonate with you, or help you realign with your true self. She possesses an honesty that is rare and is very technical in her approach.

   She even goes into predictive astrology, numerology, telling you what you may expect at certain times of your life. So this is a reading that will be useful all your life. 

Ola is one of the most inspirational person I know and I always look forward to her new content. With this reading and before that with her youtube videos, she has been someone whose words of wisdom, personal stories and great knowledge really helped me find my courage. 

I discovered her youtube channel and was inspired by her approach to life, everything she put on youtube resonated so strongly with me, I had to have a personal reading with her. So I waited for the 2-hour reading, which wasn't yet available at the time, and it was worth it. I still think about this reading a lot. It helps me in this period of transition in my life; it reassures me and gives me a larger perspective. Yet at the same time, because Ola won’t hold anything back, it helps me accept certain realities, and some things I wasn't even aware of. She also answered my questions and helped me focus on key themes in my life. Because she is such an honest person, you'll have to be open yourself, be ready to hear the truth and accept it. It is truly the most helpful form of astrology there is.

So thank you so much Ola for sharing this information with us, putting so much energy in your content, and providing these services!"


Private Client, France

In-depth Jyotisha Analysis

Hello Ola!

Thank you so so much for the reading. I am so blown away by how accurate you are about everything. 


You truly are so gifted. The readings are worth every penny spent. I can't thank you enough. 

With lots of love,


Private Client, Canada

Tarot Reading + Jyotisha References



"I contacted Ola after watching her impressive tarot card readings on Youtube.  She is by far THE BEST tarot card reader on Youtube (and I´ve watched practically all of them).  Her thorough, in-depth, insightful approach made me eager to purchase a personal reading from her as soon as she announced that it was available.

I contacted her at a time when I needed some direction and I got more than that.  Ola goes above and beyond when she reads tarot specifically for you.  It´s obvious how much time and effort she puts into it and it´s also apparent that she wants to make a positive difference in the lives of those who contact her.   I definitely see

Ola´s reading as an investment in oneself.  Thank you Ola, you truly are a gem!"



Private Client, Spain

Tarot Reading + Jyotisha References

Your life is 100% your responsibility, I always believe that. 

Ola’ s reading is rational & logical analysis. It works for me perfectly. I believe tarot and astrology are not tools for future prediction, but tools to reflect ourselves. The sooner we accept the reality, the sooner we can respond to it and make the best out of the situation. Ola’s reading is like looking at yourself in the mirror. We all need to see ourselves clearly because, I believe, what’s inside will always show on the outside.

Own it. Change it. Live it. 


I personally prefer pre-recording video rather than live Skype conversation. As much as I would love to interact with Ola in person, I think her reading provides room for me to reflect, laugh and cry also. The pre-recorded format allows me to “pause” anytime to process the emotions or thoughts and then get back to the analysis.

I can’t be more grateful to be connected with you on YouTube and via private reading.

I like this world more when I get to know people like you do exist. <3


Much love and respect to you.


Private Client, Hong Kong

Vedic Astrology Reading

Hi Ola,


I want to thank you so much for your beautiful inspiring readings.  After viewing everything, I felt as though there was a spiritual explosion within (yes!), a feeling so great, like I could accomplish anything! [...]


What has finally come to the surface with your readings is the realization of being too afraid.  Fear of many people and things has been with me so long I have usually been unaware of it, and with that, I have often gone through life lacking confidence and feeling depressed.  There have been many years of prolonged suffering and numerous traumatic situations, with difficulty processing and even articulating about these things.  Now, as you say, I am finally coming into my own, prior missions accomplished, and it feels like there are no limits.  I believe I did my best in all my past struggles and do not regret having to go through any of them at all, as they have guided and strengthened me into the person I am today.  Magically, everything has come full circle.  Just in the past few months, I feel myself to have been released and catapulted into a happy exhilarating life.  Happiness, what a concept!

And how did you know, despite all my negative experiences, that I do love life and love being like a child? [...] I think you are spot-on that it is best that adults be like children as well as adults at the same time; it is a beautiful belief I already have.  I agree it is what God loves, so this is a divine state of being.  I am in awe of your exquisite statements about the Magha, and I feel it is a worthwhile life’s endeavor to try to become such a great person.

I am so grateful for your information, which I will refer to often during my life’s journey for renewed blessing and inspiration.  Perhaps I may write you in the future to inform something wonderful has happened as result.  Until then, I wish you the greatest life in the world of your dreams.  I am sure I am not the only one who thinks you are one of the most inspiring, dazzling, creative, wise, poetic, beautiful, powerful and transcendent persons who has ever graced this earth!

With love and gratitude always,


Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading

Hello Ola,


Thank you so much for your amazing and insightful reading!!! I viewed all the videos multiple times and reflected on everything you said.  It took me couple of days to get my thoughts in order. [...]

Thank you for saying that my imagination is a gift!!! You definitely opened my eyes. I honestly thought it was a burden and it was hindering my success. I need to explore this area of my life more closely. [...]


You have said everything that I was feeling, but I couldn’t articulate it out aloud.

I really appreciate your time and effort!! 

I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!! You truly have a gift!!


Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading

I had such a great time connecting with Ola. She is a great tarot reader and perhaps one of the most interesting characters you will ever meet. The reading was an overdue wake up call for sure. Parts of it were hard to hear - hard because they were true and I knew right away that she is cutting straight to the chase. For the longest time I kept kidding myself and tried to postpone making a tough decision. The reading made it obvious that there are no options left. I must follow my heart and face “the dragon”. In this regard, the responsibility rests on the querent. The reading will equip you with clarity, but you’re the one who needs to follow through with action.

As a reader, Ola is generous and she really cares. You know this not because of any sugarcoating but because she spends 45minutes on an introduction to a tarot reading! I was touched by her dedication and feel grateful for this unique experience. Thank you, beautiful soul! I'll be back. :)



Private Client, Taiwan

Tarot + Jyotisha References

I became aware of Ola via YouTube and was immediately impressed. She imparts very complex knowledge in the field of Vedic Astrology in an understandable way for everyone. Furthermore, I was also able to use the knowledge for myself and I am very grateful to her! Ola's energy is very pleasant, and this calmness is noticeable in her videos. I guess everyone who lands on this website listens more or less to his/her intuition. Mine told me that her content is trustworthy, and I am always happy about a new upload. Of course, I'm also a big fan of her “pick a card” videos. Therefore, I decided to book one in an important area for me. As expected, I was not disappointed!

I wish Ola only the best and I look forward to her videos!


Private Client, Germany

Tarot + Jyotisha References

*My knowledge

of mythology

is pretty mediocre to be honest,

but I'm doing my best!

My name is Milly. I found Ola through YouTube when her video popped up on my feed. After watching many of her videos I knew that she was the one to give me the quality in depth reading that I desired. I decided on the In-Depth Joytisha Analysis she offered in August & it has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in regard to spiritual consultation as I’ve received quite a few haha. I was blown away when I got about 8 emails of video links to my reading, she broke down every section of my chart with so much care, confidence & detail. She tells it like it is and not in a condescending way. I chose to focus on career, wealth, dharma (you totally can’t tell I am Jyeshta Lagna!:D). She truly cares, something that I very much appreciate. Not only was her reading accurate to the t about what has transpired, it was also enlightening as she encouraged me to do what my heart truly desires, something that I never mentioned to her. If you want someone who truly cares, someone who will not tell you what you want to hear but what you NEED to hear, someone who goes in depth, without question OLA is the one. Thank you Ola it was an honor!


Private Client, USA

In-Depth Jyotisha Analysis

"Ola La Flambo is a phenomenal tarot and astrology reader who brings depth and fascinating power into the divination, uncovering and illuminating issues that have long eluded the querent. I have had several spreads done for me by her and each time was given the tools for better understanding the unseen and suppressed parts of my psyche. Her counseling has helped me develop new personal insights and get to the heart of the problem through by-passing the ego's claw-like defences; to see the reality of the situation without pandering to false hopes or wish-fulfillment. I recommend her skills to anyone seeking a more profound perspective."

Hugh Thomas,

Watkins Books London


I have no words to thank you enough for your videos. I watched all of them many times. You have no idea how much things make sense now, yes you know actually :) Everything you said is exactly like was and is now [...]

I have no words to describe how grateful I am for your words. You have no idea how much you have already helped me. You are a such good energy. I wish all the best for you and loads of love.


Private Client, Brazil

Tarot + Jyotisha References

Ola, I love you so much! I must have listened to your reading probably over 80 times by now.  Yes, I’m that creepy customer who REALLY likes her videos! haha This testimonial is definitely well overdue as I received my reading months ago and you already know how much I loved it from my epic 2000 paragraph email! :) I love your depth and all the insights you shared with me. This reading was a life-changing experience for me and I will cherish it forever. Truly. You’re an amazing person and someone I feel grateful to have in my life. I never really felt like I had anyone to get solid advice from. From therapists, to friends, to elders - I never felt like any of these people get me, see me or have any idea of who I am on a soul-level. This is the greatest gift you have given me. Without my revealing anything you read my energy with accuracy of a Swiss clock. You saw me and this has given me a lot of power, confidence and self-belief. We live in strange times and its very easy to become highly isolated especially if you’re a highly sensitive, introverted person like me. Connecting with you restored my belief in life, humans and my own purpose here on Earth. For this I am eternally thankful. Sending you many blessings!


Private Client, Singapore

Tarot + Jyotisha References

I believe everything happens in divine timing and for a reason.

I chanced upon Ola's Youtube channel whilst finding answers for my love life. In the midst of a crazy saga with a scammer, I discovered Vedic Astrology. One thing lead to the next and I was there watching one of Ola's tarot readings. I decided to do a reading with her because I found her style relative to my approach to life. I needed someone to tell me the cold hard truth because I was ready to face it and move on with the next phase of life. Ola is definitely the right person.


She addressed the questions I raised during the consultation and also added many more bite size knowledge about my chart and Jyotish in general. The thing about Ola is that she do not hide about the good and bad. It is what it is and she does not sugarcoat anything. Which is what sets her apart from other astrologers in the market because you know she is passionate at what she does and not ask you to buy an amulet and consoles you that it will save you from the bad things in the world.... 


(Trust me. I have seen many of these phonies around. The false hope these people give to desperate individuals just because of money...)


You know you can trust that she deliver her work as it is and not be bluffed into believing that good things will come if you 'wish'... which is honestly not what life is.


She also assisted in identifying the traumas and issues I have encountered throughout my childhood and early teens. I believe I had suppressed throughout the years because I just needed to suck it up and move on in life. In addition, Ola's ability to dissect and articulate the process of releasing old wounds and steps in doing it.This is what I have been looking for. It may sound easy and no big deal but trust me, the many 'spiritual teachers' or astrologers I have listened and talked to - none has condensed it as simple as Ola. 


This is also the very reason what makes Ola so magical. 


I have started with the inner work whenever I find time in between my busy schedule. Ordered the list of books I needed to address my mother issue. I also think I found the answer to why my hearing went wrong. The answer was all along there but I chose not to face it. I can say it has brought some peace to me this week. My head is lighter now and I am skipping in between walks now. :D


I kid you not. Sometimes, you just need someone relatable to tell you, "hey ele, you'll be fine. This will all pass." It does not need to be paragraph of words or a treat to the most expensive restaurant... But just few words and a sense of knowing that another being understands what you are going through means the ENTIRE world to you and that is the very reason why Ola's experiences in life sets her apart from others astrologers !


So thank you, Ola. Big hugs to you too. And I hope you continue to do you and inspire many others like me to continue seeking what our real soul's purpose is meant to do.


Private Client, Singapore

In-Depth Jyotisha Analysis



Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sure you already know that you are touching the hearts of many. You have certainly touched mine. I feel so empowered and wonderfully calm now that I know what this whole wild ride was all about. The shifts you described as well as my early-life experiences were spot on. I have never thought that astrology could be this accurate and precise. How comforting it is to know that there is purpose (and the right timing) to everything and that we really do not need to fight against our “fate” but rather align with the unique trajectory that’s of our own karmic making. I believe in God and my faith has always been very strong, yet there is something very reassuring in finding confirmation in the stars. You read my life as if it were a book and I still cannot believe how accurate this reading was when it comes to timing. [...] 

What I loved the most is your attitude to life and your ability to find deeper meaning in everything that ‘happens to us’. I wish I could chat to you on a daily basis as a friend! I think it’s not even the reading itself, but your unique energy, wit and wisdom that make this consultation so special. You could probably mesmerize your audience talking about rotten cabbage! You’re hilarious and immensely creative! :) […]

Thank You and God Bless!

W. H.

Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading



All I can say is WOW!  Thank you so much! These videos were more in depth than I imagined.  I watched all the videos yesterday and I’m going to watch again today.   You were spot-on about so many things.  [...]  My goal is to use this information to grow and transform into an all around better person and this reading will help me do that.   


Thank you again and God bless!  


"The entire process was wonderful!  I  loved the recorded video session.  I’ve had sessions by phone before and the conversation moved so fast I forgot most of the conversation when it was over.  With the taped message, I’ve been able to watch it several times and really let things sink in and take notes.   Ola provides A LOT of information!   You will not be disappointed!    She is kind, compassionate and very generous with her time.  She is incredibly insightful and  a true professional.  I highly recommend a reading with Ola!" 


Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading

Wow, thank you so much!

I am in the process of watching right now, but I had to pause and thank you for your huge effort and detail. Thank you for your positive messages. The chart discussion really helps me "not beat up on myself" and gain insight into myself, many aspects to face and resolve/integrate healthily. […] 

I am feeling grateful for you... for cracking the shell of my shame for shine.  "We all want to shine".  Like really its okay that I want to shine-that doesn't mean I am vain or selfish or conceited. I haven't even brought this up with my coach because I was ashamed to want to shine and its not fake shame its real. […]

I like the way you come across on YouTube - your laughter is infectious and feels authentic and free.  You give many people permission to find their own laughter and freedom...People shouldn't need permission but lost people, oppressed people, the type of people (black people) that I know - well there is generational trauma here, there is shame and pain for generations.[...]

Blacks from the US, who have been here from slavery, truly carry an ancestral trauma... we abuse each other, we abuse ourselves, we break our women, think Tupac ("keep your head up"). Then we had the crack epidemic that destroyed the respect for the Strong Black Earthy Maternal figure in the community. [...] Once crack hit, parents went from caring if their kids did their homework, had manners, had home cooked meals to sucking dick in the staircase and pimping their daughters and having their son's sell drugs to get high. I am not being dramatic Ola! And the consequences of this didn't stop because the crack epidemic stopped, these kids whose parents abandoned and exploited them had babies at 15, 16, 17 and those kids are having babies now and no one got therapy and all the pain is still you walk in blindness, you abuse and objectify your women, the women turn around and objectify themselves, its madness. [...]

Ola..take care of have done some wonderful work truly... you have helped with this journey--one day I will share what I am learning here, maybe just with my students or some single parent group, i don't know but its happening now. I am sending your videos to my sister and my son, they are sending to their friends.  We are all trying to wake up. Thanks for shining for us to see Ola.



Private Client, USA

Tarot + Jyotisha References

Dear Ola,


Thank you so much for the reading, it is amazing and you help me so much. Oh my god you went way beyond what I expected, I would have payed more for all that read. You do so much and I know everyone that booked with you knows it and is willing to wait for your amazing reading and accurate read. I love your engery and I hope you didn't put to much pressure on yourself. [...]

I feel like you're one of my soul tribe because I am so drawn to your video and your read and I was so excited about you offering a read. [...]


Thank you so much. 


Private Client, Cambodia/UK

Vedic Astrology Reading 


You're a legend. I need to process this. :-) It will probably take me a few weeks to get back to you properly. I am stunned. You're a gift and a blessing. Stumbling upon your channel was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Thank you. 


Private Client, USA

Vedic Astrology Reading



Ola is a kind person with great wisdom. Her understanding of life and its challenges is very mature. Her way of communicating is straightforward. She gets to the core of your issue without beating about the bush, so be ready to face your demons. I was changed by this reading and her perspective on adversity, human suffering and grief.

She is genuine, compassionate and delivers beyond the querent’s expectations. I genuinely feel that I can be a happier person taking on her advice and reading the suggested works of literature. Suddenly, I feel at peace with where I am in life. I feel more accepting of myself and my own journey, because I found my own personal meaning behind it. Life isn’t good or bad. It’s neutral, but if you can find an empowering way of looking at all the things that you needed to go through, it gets easier. Much easier! Ola is a ‘high vibration person’, unbothered by the meanness of the world, petty drama, envy and tit-for-tat behaviors of others (sic!) and therefore she can help you ground your energy and step outside that old mindset where other people’s opinions matter. She will help you get out of your own way, out of your own mind. This is especially helpful if your mind has been hijacked by the inner critic.

Getting a reading with Ola was a great decision. I rarely endorse people, but I have already recommended her services to my friends. She’s real, highly professional and very effective at what she does. Thank you, La Flambo!




Private Client,  Thailand

Tarot + Jyotisha References





"Ola is a well of insight on all subjects related to LIFE! I purchased her In-Depth Jyotisha Reading and am simply amazed at the volume of material I was given. The sheer amount of work that must have gone into this session is beyond anything I have seen before. The depth of insight, the accuracy of descriptions and the sheer force of love behind these videos are unquestionable. Ola is an absolute professional. I have never experienced such level of preparation, diligence, wisdom or care in any mental-health professional and I have years of therapy under my belt. Phenomenal preparation and execution. I recommend her services to anyone who is ready to break through illusion, take full responsibility for their incarnation and live a more authentic life."


Private Client, USA

In-Depth Jyotisha Reading