Free Will vs. Fate

On Karma and Determinism


1. Philosophy + Lots of Life Stuff

2. Technical Stuff

With love, respect and kindness.

May all of my readers be blessed with 

wisdom and understanding.

Depending on the practitioner, Jyotisha can be a vehicle toward consciousness or a tool for limiting judgments and character assassination. No intuitive person needs to look to the Stars to know their destiny. In fact, people who follow their soul's guidance tend to naturally align with the requirements of any planetary period or transit. They go within and self-parent during Sade Sati; they go it alone, strip their lives to basics and work toward their goals during Shani Mahadasha; they expand, learn and travel during Guru periods. All of it happens organically. There is a clear understanding of what life requires of them during any given moment. Jyotisha simply confirms what they already know. It provides a heart-warming reassurance that what's happening is, indeed, supposed to be happening.


Problems occur only when we resist what our reality tries to teach us and judge the discomfort that accompanies change as 'bad'. Indeed, the greatest challenge of our times and the key impediment to growth are COMFORT and lack of karmic RESPONSIBILITY. We live in the age of perpetual toddlery and victimhood where "adults" constantly seek guidance in the external world outsourcing their shadow material via projection of blame, hiding behind labels, disorders and the like. Yet, the truth is very simple. The outside must conform to our inner landscape. Our subconscious runs the show. Because graha are aspects of our own consciousness, their energy is never external. Rather, they are facets of our own personality that become activated at a particular time.

At any given moment our TRUE emotional state and perception of Self are seen in the external manifestation. We do not need to look any further than to what's around us to understand the nature of our relationship with Self, the state our inner marriage. Direct experience of reality provides us with best possible guidance. The lesson is right before our eyes.  At all times our Self-Concept dictates our experience. Our karmic load is set in stone, but how we choose to view it is up to us. Whilst the past cannot be altered, we are engaging in the process of creating new karmas on a daily basis. Rest assured that when you take hold of the Inner, the Outer will follow.

Dattātreya had no gurus.

No amount of guidance is ever enough for a person who does not think autonomously. Yet for the one who does, teachings will be found in every single interaction with the world: every person, every situation, every star, every cloud, every beat of one's heart. A fool says: Follow a guru, follow a teacher! A wise person says: Listen to the divine within. All of life is your teacher. Inner = Outer. You are wise. God is within you.

Saturn is not responsible for your suffering. You are.

Sorrow is a product of the mind.

Jyotish means light.

What the hell is water?

The main purpose of Jyotisha is to bring awareness. When misused for personal gain and glory, Vedic Astrology becomes a tool for mediocre judgments, generic descriptions based on one or two examples, assessment of celebrity figures (cheap attempts at character assassination) and stupidity which only reflect the confusion of narrow-minded and uneducated practitioner. All spiritual practice is rooted in VIRTUE, not egotism. Don't judge and you won't need to fear judgment. As within, so without. 

Just look around YouTube...how many times have you seen a video with a title- What they don't tell you? Who is THEY? And why did you expect to be told something in the first place? At what point in your life did you chose someone else to think for you? Childhood perhaps, but why? We are always victims of our own negligence, laziness and cowardice. How many times have you heard about societal or peer pressure? There is no such thing. In reality, there is only a cowardly, approval-seeking YOU who cannot stand rejection and thus you drop your perception, you drop your values, you drop your integrity, your dreams, your individuality and exchange it for validation and belonging to a group you do not even like in the first place. Whom does that group comprise of? Drifting half-people who will never risk autonomous thinking. Lost, approval-seeking, attached to what's familiar. They fill the audiences of inspirational speakers...seeking answers. Seeking, seeking, seeking. They all seek to 'manifest' DESIRES many of which are a by-product of living in a consumerist society to begin with. Thus at times, what one longs for is not even healthy. It's a product of comparison. I will be happy when...thinking.

People are mistaken about others being untrustworthy. In reality, they can't trust themselves. They make decisions that go counter to their OWN intuition, gut feeling and better judgment. We all do that, but there is a difference between those who can calmly scrutinize their past actions and trace them to outcomes and those who can't. If you cannot see the correlation between your attitude, thinking, words and actions AND manifested reality, life will continue to happen to you. You will live a life of a victim who is at the mercy of predators. You will continue to repeat your lessons never learning from anything ultimately drowning in cynicism, bitterness and moral righteousness. The deeper reason for it is one's inability to hold space for painful experience. One pushes all pain, shame, disappointment and frustration with self out. They judge their emotional states as bad. It's a stance of unforgiving judgment of self which is projected onto another. Someone needs to be blamed and held accountable, but it's not going to be me! I am in no way responsible for assessing other people's intentions based on their displayed behavior. I shall continue to project my wishes onto them expecting that they conform. If they disappoint me, I shall deem them evil or narcissistic.

It takes a great deal of courage to sit with self and acknowledge one's poor choices. Why? Because poor choices stem from wounds. In order to understand one's poor choice, one needs to feel the wound and that's uncomfortable. It's painful. It's NOT fun and what did I say in the intro? The greatest obstacle to awareness is COMFORT. A person with deep childhood trauma may 'seek love' in all the wrong places. It's not until they address the original issue that change can happen. Understanding brings about unconditional acceptance. One is capable of looking in a mirror with no self-judgment, no contempt, no frustration and no anger at Self for the choices they made. One does not judge the illusion they were chasing because they acknowledge the fact that they were only wanting to be loved. People speak of 'self-forgiveness' but I don't even think that concept is valid. Once understanding sets in, there is nothing to forgive. We did everything right according to the logic we followed at the time. Now, that logic is replaced with deeper understanding and wisdom. Past actions won't be repeated. When we see causality, we understand that different actions and attitudes MUST bring different outcomes, we are empowered and life is in our own hands. Those who lack courage to feel their wounds will stop at: Ahh this is so painful. I hate this. He/She/They did this to me. They are evil. I'm unlucky.

1. Philosophy

How many times have you seen people striving, pushing and willing themselves into action to absolutely no avail? No matter how much they try, the desired result is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps you experienced it first hand? Periods of time that bring absolutely no progress in the area of your focus. Other times, life seems to align as if by magic. All areas of activity fall into place at once.

Jyotisha provides answers.

These days people like to feel that everything depends on their free will, by which they really mean control and ego-desire. They want to control all the things and people that are outside their control, yet fail to take responsibility for what's within their power - SELF. There seems to be very little understanding of deeper forces at play and by deeper forces I do not mean planetary forces as many astrology enthusiasts like to call them. There really is only karma. Planets don't do anything to us. Planets only circle around the zodiac with the same regularity as they always have. When a soul is ready to incarnate, it comes to this plane at a very specific moment in history, to a very specific mother in a very specific geographical location, social stratum and lineage. That moment is described by the stars. One's Rashi Chart is chosen. It is the Soul that awaits the perfect moment not the other way round. A King is born when karma is ripe, when the world is ready. A king is a king, he is not made by the stars, he is not a product of the moment. He incarnates with a destiny set in stone. Just like the oak tree seed is bound to produce a magnificent tree and not a sunflower, the King is already made through his karmas. The seed's nature cannot be altered. These karmas are bound to fructify and unfold at a specific pace. Whether he is going to be a benevolent leader or a dictator depends on his propensity and choices, which too, are mostly driven by his karmic inheritance. From then on, his life unfolds according to his Prarabdha Karma - a part of Sanchita Karma that is ripe and ready to manifest. The extent of free will, i.e. one's ability to choose one's attitude toward the unfolding lessons, challenges and life's lovelier aspects is seen through the planetary placements. However, at no point do those placements dictate one's reality or make one behave in a certain way. We live according to our self-concept and subconscious expectations. The world aligns accordingly. We are who we are and we act the way we act in the first place - planets provide a map, a description. Maps don't alter the terrain, they don't create mountains or valleys. The terrain is what it is - the map only describes it. You're NOT one way or another because of your Mercury or Saturn placement. You are this way to begin with and the Stars inform us about your ways and tendencies.

Rashi chart will show one's capacity for emotional depth, wisdom, maturity, patience, responsibility, karmic ownership, integrity, ability to bare burdens, ability to experience pleasure and joy; one's stability of mind and psychological baggage, one's default beliefs and self-concept; resourcefulness, inner radiance, energy levels, capacity for deep love and devotion amongst many other things. The chart informs us about all of one's relationships including family, siblings, friends, connection to society at large as well as various aspects of material and spiritual life. Above all else, the chart reveals the way in which one's karma is about to unfold. For that we look to the many Mahadasa timelines - most commonly Vimshottari Mahadasa scheme which is based on the Lunar Nakshatra at birth (Janma Nakshatra).


What's for you, will never pass you by.

What's not for you, was never meant to stay in your life to begin with.

You cannot have anything that does not align with your inner reality.

You cannot have anything that you haven't generated from within in the first place.

In order to have, you need to EMBODY first.


Stop clinging and all suffering will end. There really is no call that you can miss. Keep this in mind as you listen to all this pop-esoterica 'manifestation' material. Much of it is rooted in the neurosis of the context of its creators - the constant striving, action-taking, making it, getting a dream car, manifesting a specific person, becoming an inspirational speaker who then speaks about THEIR story, manifesting a "spirituality-based business", manifesting one's destiny. So long as you are chasing outcomes in the hope of securing the feelings of contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, love and peace, external manifestation is likely to disappoint you once it's here. All of it is just another illusion. Spiritual practice is rooted in virtue, contentment in the present moment, detachment from craving and acceptance of reality as it is. What's owed to you will be granted when the time is right no matter what you do or fail to do. What you owe, you will need to pay for when the time is right no matter how much you wish to avoid it. Some will need to live through many disappointments feeling the weight of their unfulfilled potential. That's their karma. Perhaps in the past they misused their power. Now they need to learn to ground themselves in the basics of life finding joy and fulfillment without external validation; finding self-worth irrespective of what they achieve in the material realm. That's liberation. Instead of pushing life from a place of dictatorial ego, align with the Tao. Allow all experiences in without judgment. Both sorrow and joy shape our souls. All experiences are healing - even the devastating ones. It's our attachment to comfort and having our way that makes life a struggle. Allow things and people be as they are. Flow with life.

Stop throwing karma curses around and realize your own pettiness and nonsense. People whose egos got bruised shout from the rooftops - Karma will get them! Perhaps it just 'got' you? There really is no need to live like a victim. See the value in what's unfolding. Look at your own actions, beliefs, choices, delusions and naivety that led you to where you are today. Stop behaving like a target of oppression. You are simply living through the consequences of your own actions. Own them and your experience will shift. You chose it all. Your incarnation is of your own making. Your body is of your own making. Your mental state is of your own making. Your daily life is of your own making. Shift your attitude toward your reality and your reality will instantly change. Your Prarabdha Karma,  it is set in stone, but be reminded that you are creating new karma (Kriyamana) on a daily basis! This means that you will need to find some humility and swallow the bitter pill. Instead of seeking justice, understand that your life is just. You are exactly where you are meant to be, looking at the world that is of our own making. The only thing that you're lacking is the understanding. Instead of complaining, seek empowering solutions. When you have understood that all complaints work against you and those around you, you will step into a whole new reality in which you assume the role of the sole creator.


Isn't this liberating?

These days, especially in the highly individualistic societies, most people would revolt at the idea that they are not in charge of their destiny. What do you mean? Should I just sit around and allow all things happen to me? They always misunderstand these concepts. They want individual credit for their success, but evade responsibility for anything that's less than ideal (especially bad relationships which they blame on the toxic Other). It's society, the peer pressure, the corporations, bad childhood, narcissistic parents, abusive partners. Life happens to them as if they were a vegetable. In reality - you are, indeed, in charge. Your entire life, as you know it is of your own making. The people you gravitate toward, the landscape you see, the timeline, relocations, marriage ceremony or prolonged singlehood, mental torment, joyful experiences, your parents, your community and the nature of your connections. All of it is of your own making. Your reality is but a mirror to your self-concept, deeper psychological complexes and karmas. 


All events are perfectly timed on your Mahadasa timeline. This includes both: the visible, tangible 3D changes such as geographical moves, relationships, career shifts, death of family members, university degrees, travel, publishing of a book, public recognition, fame, wealth, acquisition of pets but also emotional states: periods of lighthearted joy and good health as well as periods of depression, dejection, confusion and lackluster existence. By looking at a Rashi Chart we can easily tell whether one is entering a period when they will be feeling energized and full of enthusiasm ready to take action, risk everything and go into the unknown with an open heart or whether they will feel a bit more insecure, unsure of their future, retreating and unmotivated. Careful study of one's nativity shows one's current focus in life including their emotional needs at any given time. In this regard, all human beings are work in progress. We are dynamic and forever changing and our lives reflect that.

When it comes to one's destiny, there really isn't all that much to fret about. For instance, a person who is meant to become a great spiritual leader will become one regardless of what they do or don't do. No conscious striving, worry or trying to manipulate the outcome is going to work. They will reach their full potential when the karma is ripe. Thus, one may choose to bum around for a decade, looking into the sky and trees, living a regular life, playing video games, perhaps even losing themselves in the illusion of superficial pursuits and addictions. No matter what they do, they will still arrive at profound insights about the nature of human experience and every single person who comes their way will feel their depth and healing power. By being a great person at the core, they are already doing the job. There is no need for striving, advertising oneself, seeking recognition - all of which actually point to ego imbalances and impurity of intention. The native will become elevated into their role on a greater scale usually as if by magic. They may not even want it. Life itself and people who come into contact with them will simply push them into such role. At some point the native will become a true inspiration for their coworkers, neighbors and community; all homeless people around the block will look forward to seeing him each day just because he radiates so much love, friendliness and compassion; someone may invite them to give a speech or the native will suddenly feel inspired to write a book. Their destiny will naturally find them regardless of the profession they choose to take. You can be an inspirational performer, politician or a kindergarten teacher. It's about the energy that you exude and what your presence stirs in others. Egotistical people seek prominence and thus attract mindless groupies with ego issues. True leaders inspire confidence and autonomy NOT follow-ship. The outer always matches the inner.

No amount of action can ever replace one's vibration. This is the essence of doing nothing and achieving everything. Such mode of being is called flow. We allow life to happen showing up each day to the best of our ability with the optimal attitude, patience and humility. When spirit prompts us, we take inspired action. When all we feel is confusion, we wait for the mud to settle. There is no need to push, strive, achieve, 'make it' - life needn't feel like Wall Street and you needn't play the role of a toddler adult who is still proving their worth to parents and society at age 45. I'll say this again: there is NO call that you can miss. There is NO opportunity that can slip through your fingers. You were simply not ready at the time and it wasn't your timeline. What's for you CANNOT pass you by. Opportunities are infinite and they come in abundance when our vibration is high. At all times our reality matches the Inner. No great opportunity can be a match to depression, despondency, cowardice, reluctance to inner work and sorrow. The minute you take your power back, opportunities flood your life as if by magic. What's NOT your match, will be removed - sometimes because your own vibration is much higher; sometimes because it is lower than the presented situation. Thus, remain detached from the outcome and committed to cultivating a healthy inner garden. 


This knowledge alone should bring immense peace into your life. No amount of wishing, hoping, obsessing and longing will ever give you the relationship that you need. Worry and lack only keep you in a state of spiritual poverty. It's much wiser to align with your trajectory, accept your karmas and trust the Divine (= Self). There is no need to put all faith in the Stars or expect certain transits to do something to you. Every single person deals with life in a different way. There are people who make careers on YouTube out of breaking down each Mercury Retrograde lamenting about how everything is going haywire... It's a matter of perception. See, in Jyotish all Retrogrades are considered extremely potent and positive! Having a different belief instantly shifts one's expectation, doesn't it?There are people who see everything through the lenses of fear and those who couldn't care less about the most intense Shani-Pluto square to their Moon. The latter channel the energy toward something productive and don't involve the world in their turmoil. Discomfort does not equal poor outcomes! Discomfort is a sign of growth. Everything in life is a matter of approach. To one person a broken phone is the end of the world, to another dealing with the consequences of anal rape, a sibling dying in a car crash and no food on the table is just life. People with limited life experience tend to have a very low threshold of what they can endure. They are stuck in this boring sensationalism and intensity, as if anything mattered all that much. They take themselves way too seriously. Every little thing throws them off. They attach a lot of importance to their image, status and petty work as if these were that significant. Well, they are significant to the people who attached their feeling of self-worth to such surface-level manifestations. 


The most interesting life scripts involve a lot of lived experience as provided by Shani. It is only through lived experience that we may acquire wisdom. So welcome your destiny and the results of your past actions. Each event is an opportunity to become deeper, wiser, more skilled at life. Be open to learning about the law of cause and effect and know that you actually don't need to push so hard. All that striving is but a product of your upbringing and culture of origin. Jyotish is a powerful guiding system that helps us align with the most optimal path in life - it helps us make peace with who we are. The Stars are not responsible for what's going on in your life - you are. The stars only describe your patterns. If you earned great merit and your soul is wise and old, you will get to incarnate during the time when planets transit strong Rashi. But that's about it. They only show what is ALREADY there. This doesn't mean that your life will be easy - far from it. It may feel like hell at times, but you will have the capacity to churn it. In spite of everything that you needed to endure, you will see it as a gift and an opportunity for growth. In contrast, a person with poor awareness will incarnate with poor placements lacking the capacity to appreciate the bounty that's on offer. Their life will look like a cruise to someone who was thrown into the school of hard knocks right of the bat, yet the native will behave as if life owes them, they were wronged by mean narcissists and everyone is out there to get them. Such folks will have no intellectual capacity to even fathom the correlation between their actions/attitudes/choices and the reality they get to experience. The chart will show this. There are people and people.

From the ancient times the sages observed the movements of planetary bodies and looked for correlations. Each event would correspond to some planetary alignment. Each person's character is described by graha position in the sky at the time of their birth. As we gather large samples of evidence, we begin to speak of patterns. Jyotish is based on observation of reality. That's all. Who you are and where you're going is based on what you choose to do and how you choose to think. You're creating new karmas every day. Your chart simply shows whether your awareness is high enough to understand that you are, indeed, a master of your destiny.

Whilst filled with a myriad of possibilities which depend on one's attitude, life is also a deal done. Seemingly paradoxical, but true.

It is a DEAL DONE. Your karma is ripe, your timeline is pre-determined. There is no way out. You can't chose a different mother, father, childhood, body, mind, offspring. You simply can't. Neither can you change your trajectory. All revelations, epiphanies, awakenings, transformations and growth are seen in your natal chart at the outset and they are perfectly timed. So are our successes and failures, 'tragedies' and sorrows. Everything that's happening is supposed to be happening and you are always right on time. As much as we may not like to hear it, there is a glass ceiling to our growth in this lifetime. Not everyone will reach the level of awareness that allows for freedom. Most will remain stuck in reactivity, victimhood and blame and that's okay. We can't escape the experiences we are meant to live through, neither should we! In fact, the single most productive attitude toward life is to take it by the horns, go all in, face the music, jump into deep waters.  From a karmic perspective suicide is the single worst idea ever. It's a conscious rejection of the gift of life which is the only way to burn karma. One departs from a premise that 'opting out' from the lessons that need to be faced squarely equals liberation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since when avoidance brought rewards and applause? 


Think of your situation today and realize that it may be 100 times worse, way longer and more painful. On top of mental torment you may also be blind, crippled or not even a human. Yet, before you are even given the chance to burn more karma, you will need to live through all of your lessons without an opportunity to influence events in any way, without any opportunity to accumulate positive karma. You will live without a body. You will feel, hear and observe the rest of your journey locked in torment which you cannot escape. Any person who traveled places knows that consciousness may get stuck in an object or spirit realm which feels like eternity. How you choose to align with your experiences is up to you. Awareness permitting, you will flow with life and face it with courage. No awareness = constant battle + resistance. The only way forward is THROUGH. Knowing this, all there is to do is to take hold of your attitude.

All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. You need no helper to give it to you; it is yours now. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled. As the end is accepted, you become totally indifferent as to possible failure, for acceptance of the end wills the means to that end. When you emerge from the moment of prayer, it is as though you were shown the happy and successful end of a play although you were not shown how that end was achieved. However, having witnessed the end, regardless of any anticlimactic sequence, you remain calm and secure in the knowledge that the end has been perfectly defined.


Neville Goddard

To sum up

1. Karma is fixed. We incarnate with a specific body (including Ayurvedic Dosha), gender, skin color. We incarnate into specific location, family, social stratum, family and time. Our soul chose the OPTIMAL situation for its growth. Our chart depicts that situation. It is perfect. There is no need to obsess about astrology - focus on LIFE. 


2. Karma means ACTION. Our Incarnation is a product of our own past actions, non-actions, omissions, failures, good deeds, merit, demerit and so on. There is no need to see it as punishment or judge any condition as positive or negative. Yes, certain aspects of life are more pleasant than others, but ultimately every situation provides us with EXPERIENCE. The essence of life is to EXPERIENCE and to live through whatever lessons one needs to live through. It is often the case that we develop our greatest strengths through suffering and facing challenges. There can be no talk of courage if one was never pushed to face their fears. No burdens, no mental toughness. No weights, no muscle. Suffering is the shaping force behind all beautiful and compassionate beings.

3. Your chart only shows your karma. Stars don't do anything to you. They don't dictate your reality. They simply orbit around the zodiac. People with different karmas enter this plane when the appropriate planetary alignment is seen. Jyotisha is rooted in OBSERVATION of planetary patterns. Your chart is like a map. It describes your character, patterns, body type, relationships and trajectory just like a map describes the terrain. Your chart does not dictate your reality just like a map does not alter the terrain.

4. Your chart describes your entire karmic trajectory. We often hear YouTube astrologers saying that astrology simply describes influences at birth which may be transcended. Well, that's not true. The chart actually shows your entire evolution. It INCLUDES the ways in which you will be changing. It shows the evolution of your consciousness, your emotional states and your physical body. If you are likely to start experimenting with your gender, it will be seen in the chart. If you are to become cynical, disgruntled and dejected toward the end of your life - this will also be seen. We can see a plethora of possible scripts. Some people walk toward profound awareness and peace, others live shallow lives arrogantly preaching but not walking the talk. Certain nakshatras are destined to lose it all so that the native is finally pushed to look at SELF. We can see your trajectory through your various Mahadasa timelines, Rahu-Ketu axis, Lagna, Chandra Nakshatra, Atmakaraka including Swamsha and Karakamsha in Rashi, D60. It's all seen in the nativity. There is absolutely NO need for you to seek to transcend your chart because it includes your evolution. Your chart is but a doodle - a sketch of the sky made for your convenience. It doesn't DO anything to you. Just imagine a Chinese doctor sitting with you and making a sketch of your body to visually show you what's going on in different energy centers of your body. The sketch doesn't DO anything to you. He is just trying to explain what's already happening. Transcending the chart really means growth, so who is responsible for your growth? You are. Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't, you're right. Henry Ford

5. Just as you made your past, you are making your present and your future. Whilst all of us need to face the music and live through the results of our past actions (which btw, I encourage you to see in a more positive light!) we have FREE WILL. Think of any situation that makes some people stressed out and others completely unbothered. A delayed flight, an earthquake, a fire that destroys all of one's belongings, an illness, amputation, relationship breakup, civil war etc.

Some people respond with Meh, haha let's roll with it! (health) or

Ok, that's not very pleasant but it is for the better. I'm meant to put less emphasis on the material. (earthquake etc) or

It's a spiritual challenge. I'm going to learn something here. (war) or

Ah, man...I saw this coming...I knew it! haha I really need to start listening to my intuition. I knew it all along. Oh well, lesson learnt. (shitty breakup with a con artist) or

Cool, I'll read a book. (delayed flight)

Others jump into that stressed-out, self-absorbed I am the centre of the universe and everyone needs to hear about my discomfort victim stance.

This should not be happening! Someone needs to pay for this. Someone needs to take responsibility! 

The government, the media, the corporations - it's their fault!

Why, why, why me??!!!!! Why is this happening to me? It's not fair.

Karma will get him. He was a narcissist. He deceived me. Bad people deceive good people.

All I do is give give give and no one gives back to me! bla bla

I can't even be bothered with giving more examples. We know them all too well.

How you respond to anything that's happening in your life is your choice. (Dah, what's happening in your life is a mirror to your subconscious!) This choice is really dependent on one's awareness, humility and willingness to drop self-absorption, victimhood and entitlement. Whilst, I'd like to say that all of us have such choice, we all know that some people simply won't ever rise out of the prison of their own mind. This too is seen in one's chart. Certain positions of Shani and Rahu-Ketu quickly point to one's capacity for wisdom, integrity and HUMILITY. There is no wisdom without humility and you will see this by listening to what people say, their approach to life, their behavior. In Jyotisha community - simply listen to the descriptions people give. Listen to how they speak about life. Notice how many people speak of materialism, greed, erosion of values in current society etc.  That's a reflection of self. Always. Any person who studied history knows that human nature is constant. There is no difference between what we are going through today and what people needed to contend with in the past: from public executions which provided entertainment, to corruption, greed, stupidity, general lack of education, cowardice...just read Marcus Aurelius or even Tao Te Ching. The latter was written in times of upheaval. Read about the interwar period and the general sense of malaise, decadence and apathy. Read modernists, read existentialists. At all times in history, there were only people who observed reality - don't make them into saints. You will see the same propensity of dark folk to glorify compassionate human beings in this way. Look how many people call John Paul II or Amma - saints. This is a human invention, a projection of dark folk. In reality, these are only human beings and it's not even the case that they are beyond reproach or entirely 'selfless' or accurate in their description of reality. All public gurus need to be needed. In reality, no intermediary is needed between you are your SOUL. God is within. Praying to anything external is but a psychological process of externalization of one's own power and potential. If all is ONE, if God created man according to his image, if Universe is all encompassing - you are IT. Most people, however, are still looking for surrogate parents, guides and external authority because taking responsibility for one's incarnation reveals the imminence of death and solitary experience. It makes us safe that someone else knows better. 

How you respond to your reality is your CHOICE. Strong charts tend to show people whose consciousness is such that they instantly understand the nature of reality, assume control over what's within their control (self), release control where there is none (outside, people) and put in the work to create internal shifts. You will notice that people who instantly grasp the essence behind most profound teachings have great charts - strong Guru, Rahu-Ketu, Shani, Surya, Budha.. It's just the case! Don't be fooled by external appearances. One may have a massive 'spirituality-focused' business, i.e. they blab about "spiritual" subjects, they are entertaining and their work sells, but it's just a way of making a living. Look how many astrologers are impressed with celebrity, "saints" etc. In some cases it's genuine and truly valuable vocation in other cases it isn't. One may lack integrity, depth and virtue in their findings and daily life/behind the scenes and is not focused on helping anyone but rather chasing after status/position of influence/income. You will need to make those assessments for yourself as you go about life - it applies to any area of human endeavor. 

When you have understood how reality works, you will waste no time on the outside and spend all of your energy on creating the desired state on the INSIDE.

Your present moment is uncomfortable to the extent you judge it as such. Nothing is good or bad. It's our evaluation that makes it difficult. Resistance creates friction and sorrow. Allowing creates flow. The more you resist life judging it as 'wrong' or 'inadequate', the more stuck you will feel. It's never good to suppress your feelings. To the contrary, feel them deeply. Feel the disappointment, grief, sorrow, pain, anger. People who resist reality also resist feeling their emotions. Those who accept reality for what it is are able to make space for all facets of human condition. They expand and hold space for all human states and emotions. They are enriched and deepened by the experience rather than feeling held back by it. In most cases, they ultimately realize that this was the best thing that ever happened to them. They were made to grow. 

Our reality is but a mirror to our internal landscape, our self-concept, our subconscious expectations and our world-view. It has to conform to our command! Shift your inner reality by claiming your new reality and the outside will follow. You may do this amidst of the most challenging Mahadasa, transit or life-situation. In fact, stop judging things as difficult or intense. Friction creates sculptures and diamonds! We get the juice by squeezing or pressing. We give birth by pushing, yelling, contracting, crying, sweating and shitting all over the place.



Say: HELL YEAH, give me more! Is this all you've got? I want more! Yo God, I see what you're doing. You're a Devil, indeed! :D

instead of I'm so scared. I'm so weak. This is too much! 

Stop babying yourself all the time. Affirm to yourself that you are strong, wise and powerful and you will start acting the part. Speak in present tense (I AM). And don't do this with the external world in mind. Bring all of your attention to Self. Spiritual practice is rooted in virtue. Focus and patience are virtues. Not everyone has the capacity to live from within. Many rely on other people for self-esteem. Without others, they don't exist. That's not a good life. 

Change your conception of Self and you will automatically change the world you live in. Do not try to change people, they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will conform to the change.


Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.


Neville Goddard

If Atman = Brahman... whom are you praying to?


How many times have you seen people acting on their free will producing disastrous outcomes - outcomes that further enslave them? We see it on micro and macro levels. In private life it usually involves acting on one's sudden desire and pursuing a magnetic attraction that ends badly. On a global scale examples are ample: from War in Vietnam or Iraq and multiple proxy wars, through Brexit and various bloody revolutions to poor choice of a president in the hope that this time something will change. Yes, we are free to act, but are we truly free? Are our choices well informed? Most people are entirely limited by their ignorance, and the more desperate the base of any society the more disastrous the outcome. These days people are quick to call themselves Spiritual Teachers and Leaders all the while being mere slaves to their megalomania and ego. They spread mediocrity, hate, judgment, erroneous "knowledge", they make mistakes but call themselves experts, they fail to account for the very fact that their perspective is entirely limited, hence they act from a place of poor understanding. They speak 'spirituality' but encourage fighting villains, narcissists and 'evil' failing to understand non-dualism, shadow and mirroring. Remember, most people act from a place of good intention. No one embarks upon any journey with the hope of failure. Most people feel that they are speaking TRUTH, but what if their perspective is extremely limited? They are but a product of their context. If that context is narrow, so is their understanding. Remember David Foster Wallace's Commencement Speech to Kenyon College class of 2005? If you listen to the first 40 seconds, you may get enlightened...but do stick around until the end.

There is a glass ceiling to free will. It can be a completely illusory assumption that one actually has all this power. Hence, the principle tenet of Taoism - leave the world as it is. It's perfect. Stop interfering because by inserting yourself you're doing more damage than good. Spiritual practice, at its core, has to do with constant Ego work. It is rooted in VIRTUE, not fame seeking.

If graha are aspects of consciousness, how can one pray to Lord Shani or try to 'appease' him? Whilst it's perfectly alright to use various methods to connect with Self, be conscious of what you're actually doing. You don't want to end up begging random deities for help. For instance, Gestalt therapy utilizes an empty chair method where we may talk to people with whom we have unfinished business as well as aspects of our own consciousness. We externalize the issue to SEE it more clearly. In a similar fashion we may speak to graha, however the idea that Divine Consciousness, God or Awareness is external to us is simply an error, poor comprehension and lack of logical thinking (lack of basic ability to read with understanding the very texts that one professes to cherish). Similarly the act of making other people into saints, gurus (or villains)  simply shows one's inability to conceive of the Divine as part of self and the reality that surrounds one. 

For instance, chanting Beej Mantras ought NOT to be done from a place of desire or petition - Shani/Ketu/Kuja.. Give me, make it easier, reward me...why why why is this happening to ME? Where is God? How could he do this to me? You are the sole maker of your reality, so all that is required is that you take ownership of your energy and stop resisting life. In essence the practitioner is meant to approach chanting with humility and observe what the very process does to them, how it makes them peaceful, how one's thinking becomes clear. Mantra sounds activate specific frequencies within our chakras. Repetitive chanting 108 times develops perspective and patience. It changes the person who undergoes the practice - one activates a specific frequency and aspect of consciousness that is already within them. Having said all of the above, if your perception of Shani is limited to sorrows and sombre/dull aspects of life, that's exactly what you're about to manifest. If you see Shani (reality) as the most amazing play-mate - that aspect of self that helps you channel all of your creative ideas and give them a tangible form, your experience of this graha will be rooted in happiness!

Everything is a matter of perception. 

Stop looking to the Stars... you are the Stars.

The Divine is not out there, but right here. There is no Outside. An image of a Deity is just a man-made picture no different to an image of a cloud made by a child. A drawing of a cloud is NOT the cloud. As humans we use allegory, myths and parables to learn about ourselves. We use personification as a tool to infuse imagery with meaning. In reality, all we are doing is to project our own qualities onto the divine. Just as talking to a therapist is an act of outsourcing of a conversation with your inner being, treating the Divine as if they were a separate entity is an error.

When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.

When goodness is lost, there is morality.

When morality is lost, there is ritual.

Ritual is the husk of true faith,

the beginning of chaos.


This scenario is happening everywhere
And you ain't going to nirvana or far-vana
You're coming right back here to live out your karma
With even more drama than previously, seriously
Just how many centuries have we been
Waiting for someone else to make us free?

And we refuse to see
That people overseas suffer just like we:
Bad leadership and ego's unfettered and free
Who feed on the people they're supposed to lead
I don't need good people to pray and wait
For the lord to make it all straight
There's only now, do it right
'Cause I don't want your daddy, leaving home tonight'

Faithless, Mass Destruction

Do not dwell on the imperfection of self or others. To do so is to impress the subconscious with these limitations. What you do not want done onto you, do not feel that it is done unto you or another. [...] Every feeling makes a subconscious impression and, unless it is counteracted by a more powerful feeling of an opposite nature, must be expressed. The dominant of the two is the one expressed. I AM HEALTHY is a stronger feeling than I WILL BE HEALTHY. To feel 'I will be' is to confess I am not; I am is stronger than I am not. What you feel you are always dominates what you feel you would like to be; therefore to be realized, the wish must be felt as a state that is rather than a state that is not. [...] The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. [...] Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern. [...] To impress the subconscious with the desirable state, you must assume the feeling that would be yours had you already realized your wish.


All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted.

Neville Goddard

The single most stupidly limiting act people do these days is to VOLUNTARILY close themselves in labels, categories and identifications: I'm a woman! I'm bi-polar. I'm a Taurus. I'm gay. I'm an introvert. I'm an extrovert. I'm an INFP. I'm an empath. I'm codependent. I'm American! Keep going and see how your world shrinks. You will surely find matching others with whom you will form groups based on the same FALSE identity that sets you apart from everything that you believe you are NOT. This will limit your understanding of the world as it truly is and will surely lead to victimization. For if you hold an extremely strong emotional charge around being A WOMAN! that means you consider men a whole other species. You do not see people through their souls but gender tags. Perhaps you hold a subconscious expectation of being victimized, oppressed and unequal, and so you will be acting the part. You will be fighting an imaginary obstacle instead of showing up - acting, thinking, speaking - as an equal person would. You will subconsciously conform to the role at your own volition instead of simply living a life of a free person who follows their passions, develops merit and so on.


A person who holds a self-concept of being wise, intelligent and valued for who they are as a person, does not expect to be treated differently based on their gender. They also show up in a different way - their time does NOT go toward thinking about what others think of them. They don't perceive a random person acting like a dick to be the agent of oppression. They are just a dick and don't deserve much attention. An oppressed person will make them into something hugely significant thus instilling them with a great sense of power. I speak from my own experience here, for gender is one area that I never even acknowledged (a big thank you to my parents!). Most women spend an obscene amount of time on their looks, gossip, romantic ideations, nails, seduction, personal and other people's psychology and so their reality is filled with those things. Even if that's not the case and one lives out the script of an over-achiever, one's poor self-concept may still make them vulnerable. How common it is to see those aggressive CEO-type women who are completely detached from their feminine intuition. They rule and shout at work and succumb to dysfunction at home. So long as we live in reaction to some deeply held belief, our reality must conform. To continue with our example, many women see men as gatekeepers to something they should be able to generate on their own: LOVE, finances, accomplishment. Ironically enough, this is especially true for women who were 'made' by their fathers or who received a lot of support by their families. Those who needed to build everything from scratch with zero support simply know that gender is entirely irrelevant. They didn't have the luxury to make it into an issue. They didn't have the luxury to risk trusting a random person. They trust self and know it's their responsibility to honor their intuition because if they fuck up, no daddy manager is coming. They had to kick every door wide open not caring about their humble beginnings, lack of money, lack of examples to follow, lack of emotional support, love etc.

Many women who seek men's approval, are quick to react to any comment feeling triggered. Most importantly they generalize. Instead of seeing a male predator or a criminal as such, they make it into something systemic and for this reason it's perpetuated. So long as women need to fight against men instead of showing up as equals and claiming their destiny, this internal inequality will be seen on the outside. Even in Arab countries, nothing can change until more women take action like countless bold girls who risked their lives in daring escapes. There needs to be an internal knowing - a vision that says: there is a different life and I'm destined for it. My reality is different and so life must align. Women who are driven by passion and a desire to create/help/alleviate suffering/bring solutions don't have the time to sit around and wonder - how does the world see me? How do I overcome this male establishment. They kick the door open, yet without anger or hate. They just show up as professionals. In order for any 'supremacy' to exist, one needs to acknowledge it first. You need to acknowledge someone else as the boss and then let them wreck havoc. In order for supremacy to exists, one side must VOLUNTARILY succumb to it. One side must relinquish their power. One side must sit in denial refusing to act..this happens everywhere and we have plenty of examples throughout human history. All conquests, the rise of Nazism, white people with their guns and boats, the Chinese in Tibet...what's going on with the conquered side? What do we do as humans when bullies come along? Why do they come in the first place? Why do we have Brexit or Trump? Those things don't start in a vacuum. The fact that there are so many armchair-analysts + night live TV hosts acting surprised is very telling of one's state of awareness and ability to see what's going on in one's country. Why do some succumb to conquest and others don't? Why do some people deteriorate in prison while others reach the highest level of spiritual mastery? What happened after independent African states were formed? Once the 'common enemy' is gone, we fight each other. Instead of focusing on education + building unity and strength, we weaken our communities/economies thus making ourselves vulnerable once again. We fight about who did what in the past. We seek JUSTICE! Justice for what? Our own negligence? Human nature is constant...greed, desire to conquer and dominate will never leave us. It's a part of us. Why judge it. Be realistic. If you enter a random car with a random guy, he may rape you. He may even slit your throat. Not because he is a MAN, but because he is a twisted individual. Who is doing the thinking in that moment? Whose responsibility it is to take care of SELF?  

Once the submissive side has acknowledged the oppressor as such, they will enter a bargaining dialogue which is entirely pointless. Same thing happens everywhere: from dysfunctional relationships, through race, through economic inequality. FREEDOM is unavailable to people who do not take full responsibility for their conduct, maintenance of boundaries, education, protection. FREEDOM and WISDOM go hand in hand. You cannot be free, if you lack understanding. Without wisdom, your OWN interpretation of reality will inevitably beat you down. You may be stabbed in a dangerous part of the world not because you're unlucky or because someone else is a bad person, but because they are hungry. All inequality is a mirror to inner inequality. Highly unequal societies are made of highly imbalanced individuals with strong attachment to good-bad, right-wrong, us-vs-them, god-vs-evil psychology + the entitled someone ought to do something about this attitude. Such societies will seek God's justification. Look at American history, for instance. A country that has its roots in conquest. All conquest tends to be justified/rationalized as 'enlightening' act of bringing progress and civilization. How different was that from the multiple direct and proxy wars? Inserting puppet governments around the world? How different is it from seeing Self as a special nation chosen by God the Almighty...why was it matched with an attack on a religious/fundamentalist basis? Arrogance can only be met with arrogance. Ignorance and lack of basic education, with ignorance and lack of basic education. Us-vs-them thinking MUST create someone to fight against. If you don't help out that elderly lady in the subway this translates to selfishness on a macro level. All societies comprise of INDIVIDUALS. What's going on in one's own backyard? Why are there rows upon rows of homeless people in a country with so much land and money? Why are there people with no access to healthcare who are sent home even when in need of surgery?

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart

Lao Tzu

A megalomaniac who wishes to be glorified, who wants to be seen as the Master or a Guru will always encourage you to follow gurus and listen to teachers, because they are enlightened beings with SPECIAL powers - powers that are beyond our comprehension. In that, they are effectively saying: you are limited, you are imperfect, you are less than that other human who CHOSE to assume authority. It has nothing to do with wisdom and everything to do with personal greed. Aren't we past that? Wisdom is gained HANDS ON. What is a guru's MIRROR? Herds of "seekers" who never arrive. What's a good Teacher's MIRROR? Thinking, intelligent, responsible audience that does not expect to be saved or guided. What's a good mother's MIRROR? An independent cub; a self-sufficient autonomous kid, not a 50 year old toddler. PEOPLE WHO NEED TO BE NEEDED are matched with PEOPLE WHO NEED TO FOLLOW. Independent thinkers are a match to other independent thinkers. The latter can't stand people who refuse to engage their brain cells and seek to be told, guided and hand-held through life. There is a reason why all universities have entry requirements. There is a reason one doesn't get a black belt in karate overnight. One needs to meet certain criteria to be able to even engage in tuition or else, they won't understand what's going on. The less you understand, the more prone you will be to the influence of magic men, charlatans, pseudo-gurus, "spiritual teachers" and the like. The more desperate you are the more prone you become to cons. That's why people vote for Trump, Hitler and the like. Capacity to DISCERN is the single most important faculty at one's disposal. 

Shani MD will make you look DULL af! I'll return to my coffin in a minute. Btw, I had those nails done right before Covid. I wasn't sure about the color and then said I want sth dark coz I'm feeling morbid. A few days later we were in quarantine. The mind knows! Have you read Gavin DeBecker's book " The Gift of Fear" ? That part when someone in the office says at the sight of a strange parcel: I'll better get out of here before it explodes. Obviously it goes off. Hope everyone is well including your families and that the quarantine brought your many opportunities for introspection and re-evaluation of your path.



As per Jyotisha technicalities, I use Chitrapaksha Ayanamsa also known as Lahiri, Placidus House Cusps and 'True' Nodes.

I include Outer Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and some Asteroids into chart analysis and (especially Chiron, Juno, Vesta and Pallas). I also  pay close attention to the Moon Cycle (Tithi). I use sidereal Arcs, Progressions, Lunar/Solar Returns + Vedic Varshphal Charts and various other techniques that I find useful. I appreciate insights from Evolutionary Astrology of Jeffrey Wolf Green as well as Liz Green's approach which combines Astrology with Jungian Psychology. Otherwise, I just do my own research following my curiosity and intuition.


On Judgment in YouTube Vedic Astrology Community

I bring my own insights into my consultations - I do NOT practice generic astrology. What is generic astrology? Look to any conjunction video on YouTube. Example: Saturn means restriction, Mercury means speech and logic ergo these people have retarded speech and logic. NO. I look to examples: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela, Maria Curie-Sklodowska, Andrew Carnegie, Edgar Cayce, Ingmar Bergman, Beyonce, Sting, Bill Clinton, Helena Blavatsky, Marvin Gaye, Michael Stipe, Tina Fey, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kurt Cobain, Amma, Paulo Coelho, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Alanis Morisette, Hilary Swank, Pink, Gertrude Stein, Robert Plant....I gather hundreds upon hundreds. I look at house lords. I look at dignities, dasas, Nakshatras, Navamsa positions. I look at people's lives. As most astrologers, I started with my own chart seeking greater self-knowledge. I couldn't find a lot of interesting information online (with some exceptions). None of the generic descriptions of my placements held true for me. Most people found on YouTube have zero understanding of Saturn, reality and non-dualism in the first place. Placements are evaluated based on how much "success" one obtains in the outer world (and this is done through the same community that deems the world of success - materialistic). Attachment to victimhood is strong. Since I must have read most of the astrology books on the market and have a good memory, it quickly became apparent that people quote them in full paragraphs. Then they repeat after one another. Same phrases. No understanding. I even saw special Summits by astrologers who discuss the nature of a particular conjunction yet none of them can think of a SINGLE example. So what is it that they are discussing? Shani + Budha conjunction is one of the aspects that I have  - the single most prominent perhaps - speaking in full sentences was something I learnt off the bat. I speak several foreign languages which I found easy to learn. I acquire skills intuitively. Looking at the crowd above, these ain't no morons either. I don't practice surface-level sandbox astrology that offends one's intelligence and sensitivity. Such practice only alienates the viewer, because it's no different to gaslighting. You are so and so because I say so. The recent marvel I heard: Saturn on the Ascendant people can't be on their own. These are just not great people. // If she is so sad, why doesn't she kill herself? / This chart is trashed. That Saturn is trashed.  Well.. if chart is but a description of one's karma and character that means This person is trash. Direct quotes by a Mixed Zodiac "guru". This is what happens when astrology is practiced by people who didn't get over their childhood issues relating to self-importance. Logic without WISDOM leads to useless cerebralism detached from real-life experience.


Other marvels: Sun in Mesha brings about a great leader (Hitler, Amber Heard, Chris Brown), Saturn in Libra is like Krishna (Epstein). Exalted does not equal good moral compass/good person; debilitated does not equal poor moral compass/bad person. It means that that aspect of consciousness is empowered, but we must look to what else is going on in the chart. So what if your Surya is in Mesha if it sits with Rahu? Empowered Sun may lead to wisdom of Marcus Aurelius or Krishnamurti or dictatorial mentality of Hitler. For every single placement in every single Nakshatra and Pada there is a villain and a noble person to be found. A good Jyotishi is someone who interprets the findings with their wisdom, insight, intuition and overall ability to see the bigger picture as formed by graha. Interpretation is only as good as one's own level of comprehension. No wisdom, poor astrology. Jyotish is light - light of consciousness and heart's truth. 


The principle tenet of academic research is to question your sources and investigate the validity of any statement for yourself. I practice TRUE ASTROLOGY that is connected to REAL life. I put in the hours, I follow my curiosity, I gather massive samples of evidence. Then I contemplate my findings. My goal is to uplift you, not beat you down. When it comes to Shani+Budha, the reader will need to wait for the relevant article/video, but the conjunction is perhaps the single most painful in the horoscope. It looks like a dam that blocks an infinite ocean of wisdom, knowledge and understanding...the dam has a tiny hole in it - needle wide. That's how much the native is able to express in comparison to what they know, perceive, feel and see. However, there is a REASON for it. Just an example, but definitely one that strikes close to home. THAT'S how I built my knowledge base - out of irritation or annoyance with mediocre emotionally immature generic statements of people who only parrot what they saw elsewhere. People who gravitate toward astrology are often lost and in search of direction; they often feel depressed and confused about their lives. For an astrologer to use them as a means to inflate their own ego as a way of passive-aggressive retaliation against the world is unacceptable. It is usually a mark of just another narcissistic man who found no success elsewhere.  JYOTISHA is an AIDE in elevation of one's own consciousness, one's awareness. It should never be used as a weapon for character assassination, celebrity ridicule, petty judgments or classifications that are based on NO PROOF whatsoever. Before you get suicidal after hearing that you are a horrible person, greedy person, selfish person, stupid person or whatever else...just check the chart of the person you're listening to. Most of the time, they are just describing themselves. Jyotisha reading can be straightforward, one can present their research findings but it should be done with compassion and a clear GOAL to uplift and help, not diminish and bully. In this regard - even though I'm a Jyotishi - my respect and appreciation go mostly to Western Astrologers who are usually driven by compassion, humanity and sincere desire to help the querent. I needed to take a good look at myself and whom I listen to, because exposure to constant judgment reflected something about myself as well. I made a conscious decision to take a different path. Jyotisha is an amazing tool, if in good hands. Stay tuned for my Ethics of Conduct article under the PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS tab (coming soon).

For females out there - Girls, heal your daddy issues and do your own research before you start drooling at a male astrologer, "guru", guide. There are some good ones out there, but there are also plenty of cons.


None of my parameters of choice are the Only Correct ones to use. If there is anything I would like my reader to take from this site, it would be the attitude of openness, curiosity and exploration. Above all else,  THINK AUTONOMOUSLY.

The Nodes

The subject of Rahu/Ketu is entirely beyond the scope of this intro, so I'll leave it for later. For all the beginning Jyotishi, I would like to advise against jumping into any conclusions without testing different calculation methods for yourself. In fact, most astrologers use Mean Nodes that are arrived at statistically. My choice is entirely personal and it is based on the accuracy of prediction. In my own practice, I get more accurate results with True Nodes while Mean Nodes tend to be off even by 3 to 4 weeks. In some cases True and Mean Nodes fall in different signs, Nakshatras and Navamsa. When that's the case, I noticed that my clients tend to align with mates whose charts mirror True Node axis in Navamsa rather than Mean Node. More than that, Nodal axis in Navamsa is of profound significance with regard to one's own soul's path (Swamsha Chart).


Our Navamsa is active from the start and it provides profound insight into the workings of our deepest self and the subconscious. I do not subscribe to the belief that D9 becomes active only in the second part of life or after marriage. This really depends on the individual - if the native is not particularly aware of their inner landscape, they may be oblivious to their D9. The first part of this article provides ample examples of people acting from a place of limited awareness - some issues may stem from Rashi Chart, but such natives may also struggle to reconcile their Outer Reality with the Inner. We all work hard on bringing our truest nature to the surface, but some people are more authentic than others. The idea that Navamsa becomes active only in mid-life is less valid in case of people with rich inner life. There is no doubt, however, that Navamsa does become more and more important as we age. This is because we become more in tune with who we truly are and more relaxed about expressing it in the outside world. Knowing your Rahu-Ketu axis in D9 is essential for good astrology work. The Navamsa Nakshatras provide great insight into your deepest core (especially Ketu, Atmakaraka, Moon and Lagna Nakshatras). However, let me be very clear. You do not need to know your astrology to be in tune with your spirit! When a person is deeply aligned with their Swadharma, astrology will only confirm what they already know. That's the best way to work with astrology - fun exploration with zero expectations. You already ARE IT. Astrology is only a 'revelation' to people who are completely detached from their truth and spirit.

I have seen over and over in my practice that True Nodes give the most accurate results in Navamsa especially when it comes to relationship timing or birth chart rectification. Oftentimes, on the day the native started a serious romantic commitment, True Nodes activated certain Navamsa placements to the degree and minute. Mean Nodes are often wildly off. Correlation is only there when True and Mean Nodes are close which is the case at times. Hence, I simply don't use Mean Node, but if you were able to see patterns in your own practice and it works for you - by all means use it! In my view it's less accurate and I have also been given an entirely flopped timing by people who use Mean Nodes, even though in my own case the difference between True and Mean is minute (it only changes Navamsa Nakshatras from Magha/Dhanishta to P.Phalguni/Shatabishak). Still, the meaning behind Rahu/Ketu shifts. To stay on the safe side, you may always incorporate insight from both calculations if you are only after the meaning rather than timing.

Chara Karakas

do not include Rahu in Chara Karakas (Ketu is never included). Again, this is because Rahu is not a planetary body, but a point. This approach stems form Jaimini Sutras. Parashara makes suggestion of Rahu as AK only if there are two planets with equal longitudes (which is EXTREMELY rare - the longitude would have to align to the minute or even seconds). Such situation would disturb the entire Karaka scheme and thus we need an additional karaka. Otherwise, in my understanding Rahu is NOT included as per classical scriptures. As usual, test everything via your own research. If you find it useful to include Rahu, then do. My approach is to stay open-minded and to keep any additional information at the back of my head, especially if including Rahu changes one's Atma or Darakaraka. For example, as shown in my own chart Rahu does become my Atmakaraka followed by Shani Amatya. If you choose this approach, remember to deduct Rahu's degree from 30 (Nodes move backwards. Here, Rahu has already traveled 26:05 degrees via Vrishabha Rashi). Naturally this changes my Swamsha, Ishta Devata, Karakamsa in Rashi and so on. Having said that, Rahu is NOT a graha! Thus, I follow the traditional approach. My Atma is Shani of which I have no doubt. Rahu is empowered and I'm definitely nothing short of a full-on person. Best to never close yourself in any structure, keep all information available so that it enriches your understanding. We are NOT our charts. We are people. The chart is only a map.

Zodiac Mixing

I do NOT mix zodiacs (Tropical zodiac with Sidereal Nakshatras). My approach is aligned with classical scriptures and astronomical positions, I do my own research and continue to educate myself to the best of my ability. Sidereal Nakshatras have nothing in common with Western Zodiac signs. I have no problem utilizing one approach or another, but I find mixing zodiacs intellectually flawed. 

Astronomical planetary positions are not a matter of debate. The planet falls exactly into a particular point, nakshatra, pada, and rashi. Exact degrees of exaltation and debilitation, Pushkara Navamsas, Pushkara Bhaga and Gandanta degrees all relate to particular Nakshatras, padasVargas and so on.  In addition all Nakshatras have a relationship with a particular Rashi. Some Nakshatras always fall into a hostile rashi and in such case switching the zodiac destroys this relationship altogether. 

A Jyotisha Reading

A Jyotisha Reading ought to provide a deep sense of validation on a soul-level. Naturally, people who are detached from their higher self and completely lost in the surface level drama of daily-life may not respond well to any form of spiritual insight or invitation to introspection. Personally, I don't read for superstitious ego driven clients who have no capacity for deeper probing and express entitled attitude (When will I get famous? When is my promotion coming? etc). That aside, if you have been looking to find true alignment in life and genuinely wish to live from a pure, honest place, a Jyotisha consultation will feel like a loving confirmation from spirit. The findings may invite you to work through your fears. Your astrologer should be able to validate 'where you're at' basing on the planetary periods and transits you're going through. When that doesn't happen, you may start feeling awful about yourself. For instance, someone tells you: achieve achieve achieve! when you're in the middle of the worst depression ever, crashing on someone's couch, jobless, uninspired and dealing with flashbacks of childhood rape..A good Jyotishi ought to be able to see and validate your EMOTIONAL STATE (Moon or Chandra Perspective). It's essential because our state of mind at any given moment dictates our experience of reality. When we feel dejected it's hard to summon the enthusiasm for any work. Trying to do so would mean we are coming from an inauthentic place. It would be no different to responding to a voice of an abusive, pushy parent who tells you to shove your feelings under the carped and DELIVER RESULTS! A good Jyotishi will honor where you are. It doesn't mean they will be cuddly and tell you to wallow in toxic emotion which is pointless, but they will point you toward the necessary psychological work that needs to take place at that time. 

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
 a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
  a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
   a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
     a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

In my own case, I found that the worst consultations had one thing in common - the fact that I was NOT seen. I felt like my entire character was not validated. In my own case all disappointments constituted guidance in and of itself. They all took place in my 6th house lord Mahadasa. I was pushed to trust self and NEVER to seek guidance externally but rather to follow my own knowing. I was also disappointed by the sloppiness and lack of attention. If there is ONE thing that is the most important resource on this planet - it's TIME. People who give you no time (whether in business, in love or in friendship) do not respect you. Whomever you choose to approach, always look at people's actions. We are always drawn to the experience we most need so there is wisdom even in disappointment. However, if you pay for your consultation, the astrologer ought to prepare rather than just 'ride the wave' because they've been doing the damn thing for ages. Being a good researcher does not equal being a good teacher or a good 'counselor' - not in Jyotish, not in the academic world. If you pay, you need to be met with honest preparation.


You shouldn't expect anyone to fix your life (it's your job) or to be perfect (we are all human, we make mistakes), but you should expect that the person reading your chart puts in the heart-felt effort. You may apply this to any aspect of your life btw.

Time = Life

When someone gives you their time, they give you their life.

Time = Love, Respect, Appreciation

No time = No love, No Respect, No Appreciation

Do your own RESEARCH

Whatever system, calculation method or approach you're using, USE it because you got there through your own research and understanding and NOT because a teacher says so. Nothing more off-putting than lack of autonomous thinking in life. God gave you brain, USE IT.

How you behave in one area of life bleeds into everything else. You would be surprised how this affects your ability to think critically in many other situations. The biggest crisis in the world these days is just that - overwhelming toddler-dom and lack of discernment. People want independence, yet they constantly seek to be told. They lack the faculty to even discern whether whom they listen to has ANY merit whatsoever. They listen to charm-spells and fail to observe the behavior. 

Don't allow anyone to shame you because of your curiosity or tell you ah..you're just a skeptic. No. Maybe they are just limited. Thinking is COOL, you know...it leads to freedom and an autonomous life. It takes people out of the ghetto of mediocrity.




Where to seek advice?


Number 1

Follow your Heart and Intuition.

We are always drawn to who we are vibrationally aligned with. Problems begin when we rationalize our intuition away and choose astrologer based on their prominence. Don't be fooled by 'seniority' and experience. Just like in the academic world, the high-flyer Super Stars may not be the best tutors. Top surgeons and researchers may not be crazy about teaching and 1-1 guidance. There is NO guarantee that such person will give you the most optimal reading. They may come completely unprepared (see my story below).

Always follow your intuition and you will make the right choice. Your heart needs to feel open. It needs to feel like a big YES. As you are paying for your consultation, it should feel GOOD. You should be very excited and also calm. There ought to be this deep inner knowing and certainty that you will get great guidance. It should feel like a great investment in self and you should feel TRUST (which is but a reflection of your own inner trust and happiness with regard to your decision).

Notice who comes across as sincere, helpful, devoted to service/helping you out and 'aligned' with where you are. Whose outlook on life seems to match yours. Trust your heart.

If your lagna or Moon is in Tula or Karka choose a FEMALE astrologer. Male astrologers and teachers will prove to be disappointing. You may be deceived - especially in Guru Mahadasa.

Number 2

Consider younger/less established astrologers.

Why? Because they care. They will put lots and lots of effort into your consultation. They don't ride the wave of fame (usually). Younger people will have better placements than their 'teachers', they are more humble, have better Shani (integrity). They work hard for their money and respect your money. Naturally it depends on a person but I just sense it from the general attitude and wish less young people looked up to their teachers and start owning their power. When looking for an astrologer go toward someone who feels deeply sincere and truly committed to helping you out. There are people out there who strike me as very honest, loving and devotional. Go to them. Superstars often charge idiotic amounts of money and show up unprepared. It's OKAY to charge for real research. By all means! I would be super happy to pay, but to charge for Skype time where you hardly say anything meaningful? I paid 350 USD and the astrologer spent the first 10 minutes looking for my birth details! He DID NOT look at my chart before. He cruised improvising. I was asked whether I used to take a lot of selfies in the past, whether my tap is leaking and whether I own golden shoes. Who the fuck cares for such stuff? It's this mentality of wooing the client with one's 'magic' tricks which are entirely irrelevant. I paid for the consultation which was supposed to be an In-Depth Nakshatra Analysis but looked like an interview which informed this person's research. He did no analysis whatsoever. To me this is theft. I could never do that to another person. I can be late, I can be wrong about something but to actually fail to honor another person by preparing is theft. Money is another person's TIME - the time they spent working for it. Time is the most valuable resource in life. In not honoring another person's money, you are not honoring their life. If you are an astrologer yourself, take this to heart and make sure your practice comes from the purity of heart. Karma always finds us in the area of life that's most precious to us. Naturally, this is a good example of my failing to use my intuition. I booked that consultation impulsively and from a low emotional state. I was looking for an escape and someone to speak to. It turned out disappointing. It was also my own karma! I learnt to honor my own guidance and NOT to seek it outside of myself.


Be mindful of astrologers who DO NOT reveal their charts, especially if they publicly analyze other people's nativity. It's this false humility - Oh, it's not about me. It's all about YOU, my clients! 


Above all else, use your intuition. It's about the perfect moment. We align with certain people at one time, other times we no longer like their energy. It's all cool. Honor your own knowing. You will be always matched with what you most need, even if it's a fail!

Life mirrors back to you your own energy. Rejection on the outside = lack of relationship with self. Harshness on the outside = your own harshness with self/others..perhaps a Shani transit/Saturn Return, a need to toughen up. Deeply sensitive readers/astrologers may mirror your energy back to you. We are sensitive people. It's not that easy to deal with someone with a massive ego. It takes practice. Astrologers learn as much as you do from each interaction. The timing of each client is also synchronistic.

All in all, everything is as it should be. :)

Learn to distinguish between emotional COMFORT and truly excellent LIFE ADVICE. A person who provides the former may not be able to provide the latter. Do some introspecting and really ask yourself whether you are just lonely, seeking company/connection OR you really want a good piece of advice.

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Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.