I am love.



I'm Aleksandra Wasylkow. 

On this website I write about Jyotisha and life. 

I intend to plaster my FACE all over this page coz I need to overcompensate for my childhood.

Chitra the Tiger. Self made. No benefits or easy tarif based on my background..ah those brilliant kids from random Central Asian states or Glasgow...  Payed my tuition fees in full. Read History and Politics at London and Oxford Universities. Worked double shifts in a smelly restaurant. Traveled the world. Met some nice people. Got muscle. Had to fight my psychotic father. Everything in life is FOR US. Be happy with your incarnation because it's perfect.

I am everyone and everyone is me. I'm my own person, but there is no me. Alas!

Feel the POWER, girl. Be strong. It does something beautiful to one's spirit.

All conceptions are limitations of the conceiver.

 things changed 

Guru Mahadasa

Yellow is my favorite.

Shani Mahadasa

 but I like it!  

If 'God created you in his own image', you are God too. There is no external Source, Divine Consciousness or Universe. And all those Deities? They are a human invention too.

A mere externalization of human potential. This split between the Inner and Outer is a product of the human mind that resists taking responsibility.

It's all one and the same.


Stop asking.

Stop praying.

Stop tattooing symbols on your forehead.

The power that you are seeking is WITHIN. 

All prayer is a conversation with Self.


Simply claim, appropriate and embody.

There is no Outside. You are the Outside.

At all times the Outside is but an extension of SELF.

I read History + Politics

BA London '09

MPhil Oxford '11

True Freedom costs REPUTATION.

The minute you drop all concern with the outside world, you are bound to find peace. All praise and popularity must go first. Authenticity lives on the other side of the world from diplomacy and praise. When all of that junk is gone, you will get to see your real likes and dislikes, the real you. Make yourself hated and you will fall in love with your own heart. All those people you never wanted to talk to. Social graces. All of them say the same darn thing. Repetitive and boring. Past certain age it's a Groundhog Day.

Transcend the winds and waves. Currents, fashions, trending topics, moods, social media, content...it's giant pile of nonsense that constitutes Essence to so many. They will go to any length to obtain those things and on the other side, it still won't be enough. Then they will join forces to moan about depression, disorders and other evils of the world which are all of their own making. After that they will go through the same epiphany, all at once..shouting I'm Awakened! I've got no Ego...


Spiritual practice is rooted in virtue, not immediate gratification, constant sensual stimulation and blind pursuit of all things irrelevant (popularity, validation, partnership, status, wealth to name but a few). NO state in the entire spectrum of human experience can even approximate detachment.. Detachment brings peace. True contentment is achieved autonomously. It cannot be linked to anything or anyone outside of Self. It cannot be linked to achievement or wealth. It happens regardless. It happens in poverty, solitude and rejection. That's where the most 'stable', real and enduring type of freedom is found. From there, you will be matched with a mirror to your subconscious. A mirror that you actually like.

There is no such thing as societal or peer pressure. There is only cowardly individuals seeking approval, more pats on the shoulder, validation from the tribe. No-one holds power over our individual will and integrity. Self-honesty and a willingness to look within are the cornerstone to good life, without them we are puppets to our subconscious.

La Flambo is a hobby.

 I do Hocus Pocus, Tarot, Vedic Astro and other magick-al stuff.

Read through my Approach Pages to find out more about my take on life,

Jyotisha, thoughts on karma and free will and the like.

I'm usually busy.





People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.


Søren Kierkegaard

Change your conception of Self and you will automatically change the world you live in. Do not try to change people, they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will conform to the change.


Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself.


Your present level of consciousness will only be transcended as you drop the present state and rise to a higher level. You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be. Do not attempt this in day-dreaming or wishful thinking but in a positive manner. Claim yourself to be the thing desired. I AM that; no sacrifice, no diet, no human tricks. All that is asked of you is to accept your desire. If you dare claim it, you will express it.


Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal. Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired.

Neville Goddard

Outside is Inside

Inside is Outside

No external entity is pulling your strings. There is no outside authority. There is no external Source or God that is separate from you. God, Tao, the Universe are in every particle including yourself. Stop waiting, wishing, hoping, seeking surrogate parents, looking up to gurus or other intermediaries. Intermediaries to what? To your connection with Self? Brahman is Atman. Assume responsibility. Claim your destiny. Claim your mental state. Claim your body. Claim your conduct. Claim your integrity. Claim your karma. You are the SOLE creator of your experience. Roll with it. Stop wasting time on distractions. Your current incarnation is of your own making and each day you are adding to your future experience. The only way forward is to own it.

Your level of consciousness is the result of past actions and conduct. Your lived experience mirrors your subconscious expectations and self-concept.


God is not doing anything to you - you are God, so is everything and everyone around you. Death, sickness and rejection are all parts of life. We gather wisdom as a result of going through various experiences, many of which will be heartbreaking. It's okay. They are a part of life. They teach us about Self. They show us our limited mindset. Don't take it as an attack from the Universe. We all say good bye to our relatives, we all go through health issues. Instead of judging aspects of life as "bad", allow yourself to FEEL them. Shift your perception and your lived experience will follow. Everything and everyone is created in the mind.


Damn! I was hoping to throw blame from the rooftops until the day I die. 

Rolling through my Shani Mahadasa, burning karmas.

S L O W L Y. 

Tropical Zodiac




I don't have much to say. I am what I see. 

I'm made of others. There is no me.

you can't live in heaven unless you're a child.

I am everything and everything is me.

They say that eyes are the window to the soul, but they also make us RICH. I devour life with my eyeballs and am never tired of what I see. Every single thing has it's texture, hue, opacity. Every single creature behaves in a unique way. To enter the kingdom of heaven is to see, to smell, to taste, to touch, to hear.

To experience, to just be.

All that's valuable is right in front of us.

Don't waste time on 'manifesting' THINGS. 

Just stop talking and SEE.

Life is art. What you see IS HEAVEN. There is no 'better', 'more', 'later', 'finally'.

THIS is THE KINGDOM. If you can't see it now, you won't be able to see it later.

If you can't find peace today, you won't find it in the afterlife.

Care Bears have many responsibilities.

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Love wins. I am loved, so are you. May there be peace.

May there be abundance, joy and prosperity.